No Reserve Hilux: 1980 Toyota SR5 Pickup

This 1980 Toyota Hilux pickup is a desirable short-box survivor with a refreshed interior, strong-running 20R paired to a manual transmission, and original paint, all offered with no reserve. The body has some age-related patina that has been permanently baked in courtesy of the seller clear-coating the finish, which should help those cool period graphics live on in perpetuity. While their values tend to be all over the map, the 4WD/SWB combination is definitely the most desirable configuration, so if you want to buy one you won’t lose money on, this is it. Find the Toyota here on eBay with bidding to $4,250 at the moment and located in sunny, dry New Mexico.

The Toyota isn’t perfect, but it sure seems like a nice driver. The new tires and wheels give it a more aggressive stance and certainly freshen up the looks quite a bit. The body reflects its years in New Mexico, with not a spot of rust to be found. The “Toyota” graphics on the bed gate are as clear as day, and the chrome bumpers look quite fresh as well. I’m not sure where I stand on spraying clearcoat over the original, aged exterior, but it’s a much preferred option over a repaint if you’re looking for a way to make it present better for auction purposes without completely distorting its original character. Originality is a theme here, including the factory cassette deck still in the dash.

The interior has been redone to an extent, with the seller noting the “…carpet, dash, and seat” have been redone. The photos in the gallery show a bench seat in nice shape, and a dash that appears to have a new vinyl cover on top. The carpets look clean, though those rubber floormats look like overkill for the compact interior. The seller notes that while the truck is equipped with A/C, it is not working at the moment. Closer photos show carpeting that doesn’t appear to be spotless, and the steering wheel has plenty of cracks. Overall, however, there’s not much to complain about for an unrestored truck that has 70,000 desert miles on it, and I imagine the interior can be tightened up with an afternoon of detailing.

The engine bay looks cleaner than the interior, and the 20R is a venerable mill that won’t cost much to run and will outlast the body around it. Though not particularly fast, they get a lot of respect in the Toyota community (and beyond) for being such prodigious workhorses. The 20R is motivated by a four-speed manual gearbox, which is the transmission of choice for a truck like this (i.e., a slow one.) The paint under the hood matches well with the exterior, suggesting the paint on the outside is as original as the seller claims. I wouldn’t do much to this one, other than add a brush guard and some KC off-road lamps – and maybe some new floor mats.

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  1. D Moss

    I’d paint it white with orange doors to remind of all the BOLO’s and good times I had overseas. Lol

  2. Evan

    Just a heads up for anyone who might be seriously interested: NM has a shelter in place order effective as of 8AM this morning. I doubt you’d have an issue picking up the truck, but it’s worth being aware of.

  3. Gaspumpchas

    These trucks are still in wide use in seattle area, the climate is kind to them unlike here in the rust belt. Son in law had one he put 200k on and the only thing he did to it was a new clutch. Tough little truck and it aint 60,000.

  4. Charles Mann

    “A/C is not currently working. Compressor and all other components are present but did not have the time to figure the issue out.”

    How long has seller had this truck?
    One Summer in New Mexico and I would pay the professionals!

  5. Jack Quantrill

    These are popular in third world countries like Somalia, and the near east. They put machine guns in the bed and call them “ technicals”. Ride around, causing trouble.

  6. Mark C

    Zero to 60 sometime in October, but the 20r is sure one tough motor! I like this truck.

  7. GCS Member

    I’m used to seeing these long gone due to rust here in the Northeast so this one is beautiful. To see the door jams clean like this is so nice. I have no idea what prices should be.

  8. Mountainwoodie

    One word: BAKED………..more there than meets the eye…..and its up to 7 K!

    Gonna need a lot of work based on the undercarriage. But I like these trucks

    So says he :)

  9. chrlsful

    “…I wouldn’t do much to this one…”
    to have back east – wanna 5 speed & if no discs up frnt, do, finally a cap for the bed…
    Great truck, hope the price don’t rise too much (gosh 70Kmi?) and the 4WD excursions did not rip up the mechanicals…
    Thanks Jeff – see any wagon sisters or brothers to this one (not grandfathers aahahaa).

  10. suprarossa

    @Mark C even longer is this particular truck. The 1980 model had the misfortune to be the only year Toyota decided to put a 3.90 rear – I can only guess to boost gas mileage? That and the oversized tires would make it a sloth accelerating. Back to 4.10 the following year, thank goodness. Either a previous owner added the factory tach and didn’t bother with the under A/C vent double gauge pod that went with it, or (more likely) this is an SR5 option model that has lost that pod but retained the tach.

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