No Room to Finish: 1955 Citroën 2CV AZ

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If you compiled a list of the attributes a buyer might seek in a classic car, it could be extensive. It might range from excellent performance to a wide selection of options to tailor the motoring experience to their personal preference. The 1955 Citroën 2CV offered buyers approximately two. The first was the paint color, with the second being whether to spend their money to park one in their driveway. The 2CV represents motoring at its most basic, but that was the secret to its success. It is easy to repair, maintain, and restore. The seller was well down the road of returning this 1955 model to its former glory when they relocated. They don’t have room to finish the job and want to send it to a new home. It is listed here on Craigslist in Monument, Colorado. For those seeking an affordable project, this Citroën 2CV delivers at $3,500. I must say a big thank you to Barn Finder Huff for spotting this quirky French classic.

Some classic cars are undeniably beautiful, with the original Jaguar E-Type Roadster being a firm favorite of mine. Vehicles like the Third Generation Plymouth Barracuda possess muscular good looks. Let’s be honest; the 1955 Citroën 2CV is no oil painting. However, it is unerringly practical. Its designers focused on ease of construction and maintenance during development, meaning restorations can be some of the easiest within the classic world. The seller started their process using a frame-off approach. They discovered hidden rust in the floors and braces, repairing the issues to a high standard before applying a fresh coat of Black paint. This aspect of the car is in as-new condition, needing nothing before the buyer drops the body back into place. The panels are relatively straight and rust-free but will require stripping to bare metal before the buyer applies a fresh coat of paint. They might elect its original shade of Fern Mist Green, although the world is their oyster if they seek something vibrant or unique. Some trim pieces and the fabric sunroof require replacement, although parts are plentiful and relatively cheap. The glass looks nice, and the initial impression is that it won’t cost a fortune to have this French classic presenting at its best once again.

Post-war European cars often featured modest drivetrains, and the 1955 Citroën 2CV was no exception. Powering this classic is an air-cooled twin-cylinder engine. Because this is the “AZ” version, it features the “big-block” 424cc powerplant churning out a whole 12hp. Those ponies feed the front wheels via a four-speed manual transmission. The car tips the scales at 1,113 lbs, but the modest power makes the ¼-mile ET of 32.6 seconds unsurprising. Citroën quotes a top speed of 50mph, although these cars are more comfortable cruising at 40. We receive no information on the car’s mechanical health, but the tidy nature of the drivetrain suggests it may have received a refurbishment. It appears complete, meaning it might take little effort to coax it back to life. The interior is an unknown quantity. Some shots reveal glimpses of the seats, but the upholstery condition is unclear. Replacement parts are affordable, making this part of the restoration relatively straightforward and inexpensive.

It is challenging to explain precisely how elegantly simple the engineering of a Citroën 2CV is, but an episode of Mythbusters exposed the truth. Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman drove one of these classics to a remote location to test the myth that a stranded owner converted one of these cars into a functioning two-wheeled motorcycle using nothing but the basic tools found in an average toolbox. They took a selection of spanners, screwdrivers, pliers, and a hammer and almost entirely dismantled the vehicle without outside assistance or extra tools. That makes the 2CV an excellent first restoration project for enthusiasts looking to enter the classic work. The plentiful supply of new and reproduction parts and the asking price make this Citroën a tempting proposition. Would you consider yielding to that temptation?

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  1. alphasudMember

    That was a really nice write up Adam. It looks like the seller has done most of the heavy lifting and you are right this would make the perfect first time project for someone. $3500 seems like a lot of car for so little. They may not be the prettiest car but they do have charm and charisma. Much like a classic Beetle only they ride better.

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  2. Michelle RandStaff

    I couldn’t figure out why this car sits so high in the rear, and no clue from the listing. Odd.

    I am dying to know: can you make a motorcycle out of a 2CV?!

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    • alphasudMember

      I saw that as well. Thought it was a combination of being on dollys and the fact it’s just the body set on the chassis. Suspension is unloaded.

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    • Derek

      The suspension is adjustable for height; the springs sit horizontally in a can under the floor (attached to the chassis) with a plate behind each and a threaded tie rod thatscrews into an eye that’s connected to the suspension arm. Everything’s on bearings, so they’re very talkative! The only rubber is the tyres and the steering rack anti-rattle thingmy.

      Look at a manual; it’s much easier to understand them then.

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  3. Greg GustafsonMember

    I would really be interested if this was in California.

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    • Tim

      If it were in California, sell the notion that Curt Henderson drove it up to the broadcast station in Modesto to tap The Wolfman for life advice. 🎶X-E-R-B🎶

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  4. Malcolm Boyes

    The “Big Block” 2CV motor ws the later 602.I’d be tempted yo upgrade this “mouse” with that and then leave the rest alone..The bigger motor will let you get up to about 70.

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  5. HUFF

    I have a 1970’s era 602cc and 2) late model disk brake transaxles that I can sell with the 2cv.


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  6. Mikey P

    I stayed a week in Bouzigues in the south of France with some friends. He had a sweet 2CV they called The “Deux Chevaux” As I was driving down a dirt road toward a speed hump I slowed. He said WTF are you doin? Hit it! The suspension on these things is like no other car I ever drove. Fun memory!

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  7. Richard Barrette

    Huff, I fully appreciate your feelings about selling. I gave up my ‘66 2CV when I couldn’t move it to a new house. Completely stripped down with all new metal and engine components. Sold to a church group that made it an after school auto class. Although living in NC I would have to short circuit it to Roswell NM first 7 hours from you an warehouse it until I can move it to NC. What kind of services are available fo enclosed trailering ? Richard

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