Citroen 2CV

Potential Bargain: 1976 Citroen 2CV

The owner of this 1976 Citroén 2CV must relocate for work, and as a result, he needs to part with this project car. It is a clean and tidy classic that runs and drives. All it needs is for… more»

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No Reserve French Find: 1960 Citroen 2CV

Parlez-vous Francais? You won’t need to know it to drive this Citroen though it may help you when perusing the service manual. This French farmer special has called the Pacific Northwest its home for 60 years with the current… more»

Clean Charleston: 1980 Citroen 2CV

The notion of dressing up a car that’s grown long in the tooth is a phenomenon not limited to domestic automakers. Enter the venerable Citroen 2CV, which had a VW Beetle-like tenacity as it related to its refusal to… more»

Quirky Daily Driver: 1988 Citroen 2CV

This 1988 Citroen 2CV has found its way from France to the USA by way of Japan, and given the fact that the car is being used 3-4 time per week, the owner touts it as a viable daily… more»

Sacré-Bleu! Survivor 1980 Citroën 2CV

This 1980 Citroën 2CV was found in a basement in Europe, having been kept and maintained since new by its original owner. Its current owner purchased it from that individual in 2006 and legally imported it to the United… more»

Missing Peter Egan: 1978 Citroen 2CV Acadiane

Like many of our writers here at Barn Finds, I have Peter Egan to blame for part of my automotive obsession.  Egan, who recently retired from both Road and Track and Cycle World, was capable of spinning the most… more»

Runs and Drives: 1963 Citroen 2CV

When you are looking at purchasing a classic car, you can sometimes tell from the advertisement that you are dealing with an enthusiast with a sense of humor. When I looked at the ad for this 2CV and saw… more»

French Vacation: 1958 Citroen 2CV

Recently I wrote an article on a Citroen 2CV, and now another one has appeared on our desks here at Barn Finds. The seller has listed this car as an AX model, but I believe that this is a… more»

European Bargain: 1970 Citroen 2CV

The first production Citroen 2CV was delivered in 1949, and the car quickly became the butt of joke by comedians, politicians and motoring journalists. The joke turned out to be on them as during its life-time Citroen built and… more»