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Not Quite 7 Litres, But Close!


A lot of you folks liked the 1966 7 Litre we featured recently, but some of you thought it might be a bit expensive for their budgets. Since that applies to me too, I looked for how we could get part of the way there without the expense, and found this 1966 Galaxie LTD here on eBay, where it’s being auctioned at no reserve and opens at only $200! Now that fits even my depleted budget! It’s located in Bedford, Ohio but was last on the road in Nebraska in 1993 according to the license plates.


Ironically, this car was purchased to originally be used as a parts car for a 7 Litre restoration! Thankfully, the only parts the seller ended up using were the radiator and the “F O R D” letters from the trunk. That missing front trim is with the car. The seller says that they purchased the car from a barn with a dozen red Galaxies in it–I’d like to see that barn!


The seller mentions only surface rust under the car, although I’m a little suspect of this front fender fit I’m betting that can be corrected. There’s no telling from the pictures what quality the red repaint is, but if it’s kept the rust at bay I’m all in favor of it! I really don’t see anything major to worry about in the body and the seller says the frame only has surface rust as well. They also mention surface rust underneath, but remember, this car is 50 years old!


think someone made some top of seat half covers to either cover wear or protect (I hope) what I think is the original upholstery. Interesting, regardless. That steering wheel can be restored at home and I can live with the dash for the time being. A good cleaning will carry this a long way. Yes, it’s an automatic. Hopefully it’s a C6–that varied depending on how early in the model year the car was manufactured.


No, it’s not a 428 or 427, but it’s not the price of one either. A 390 can offer plenty of horsepower, thank you! And that all important air conditioning compressor is there for us Southern folk. And that radiator can be found easily. I’m guessing that underhood color is either Wimbledon White or Tan; I’d settle for the white but would actually prefer a red. Since the fender wells are satin black, it’s not too hard to get the underhood looking nice. All in all, I’m liking this as  7 Litre alternative. Maybe it’s only 6.38 litres, but that would do for me. How about you?


  1. Fred W.

    I have a ’66 T Bird and it’s exactly the same situation- crazy money for a 428, nothing for a 390. Got news for you folks- they ain’t that different! Neither reaches the level of the 427, and none of them could come close to my 2013 Toyota Avalon daily driver in a drag race (the figures I found said 8.8 seconds for the 7 litre and 6 seconds for the Avalon from 0-60). I like the look and sound of muscle cars as much as the next guy, but can’t understand the prices.

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    • Cody

      Your boring 3 year old car that cost 40 thousand dollars brand new is slightly faster than a muscle car, so all muscle cars are over priced. Got it.

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    • Gary Merly

      LOL!!! A friend of mine was in from out of town recently and borrowed his Moms Avallon. He visits me and tells me how fast his Moms car is. Wouldn’t believe him, so out we went. I couldn’t believe how that car pulled. 50 year old guys out beating the snot out of Mom’s car!! :)

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  2. Martin

    I own a 66 Galaxie, a real nice car with a worked over 390–lots of torque, and with some minor suspension tweaks, this thing is a blast to power through some local S-turns. Remeber, Galaxies and their suspensions were what was dominating the mundane circles of NASCAR back in the day.

    My Galaxie was originally a bench seat car, but last year I sourced a nice interior out of a 7-Litre car. The guy was yanking the 428 and trans for another project–I purchased the interior on the cheap. Car was a mess, but restore-able–I couldn’t believe he was parting it out. But the interior lives on in my car.

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  3. redwagon

    390 is plenty for this cruiser. doesnt look all that bad and it would be a fun a-b car. no twisties though not designed for it.

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  4. mat

    Anyone else notice the six way power seat in this car?

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  5. Old geezer

    Very little horsepower difference between 390 and 428. I had a 390 s code in a 69 torino -a complete blast to drive. Now, my 66 galaxie has the 428, more torque, but not much. A lot more bragging rights if you ask me.

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  6. WaltB31

    Rear power windows with front hand crank windows? Odd combination for this car.

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    • Chebby

      Good eyes man, I’ve never seen that before.

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      • Rocco

        It also has the power front disc brakes that comes on the 7 Litre.
        Noticed the disc brake master cyl. & power booster.

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  7. Chebby

    This car would look 100% better with a wash and vacuum and the hubcaps back on. Come on, guy.

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  8. steve

    The 390 heads are somewhat restrictve but there are aftermarket ones available that will really wake up a 390 if you feel the need.

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  9. boxdin

    My fav is the 65 galaxie, seems to have a little less rear overhang and looks a little more sporty as they grew for 66.
    Although Jay Lenos 66 7 Litre Galaxie has got the be the best out there !

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  10. DorsoDoug

    When did we start referring to the displacement of classic American cars in liters? Seriously…

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    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

      We don’t. But Ford did in 1965 and 1966. See the post on the 7 Litre. Heck, as far as I’m concerned, they didn’t even spell it right!

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      • Glen

        Here in Canada, we spell it litre, same with centre. It could be of French origin. I would like to know why they decided to go with metric for the 427/428, but nothing else ( that I know of) back then. We didn’t start using metric in Canada until the seventies.,I believe when the first Trudeau was Prime Minister. Justins’ Dad.

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    • Jay

      Some cars were referred to that way from the factory such as the 7 litre Galaxie and GTOs.

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      • Rocco

        Don’t forget the 6.6 Litre Trans Am Firebird.

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    • P38 Bill

      “64” GTO had fender badge in litre!

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  11. Dan h

    Ain’t nothing wrong with a 390!!

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    • ninja3000

      Amen, especially when you can easily bore it out to 406! Back in the early ’90s, my father-in-law took an old T-Bird 390, did all the work, and dropped it into my ’77 F-150. To this day, I claim at least half the rubber left on Sunrise Highway!

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  12. JagManBill

    Back in the late 70’s, I had a 66 four door. I too sourced a 7 litre coupe in a local junk yard and after crying about why it was there and the guy not wanting to sell the whole car (with the 427 4 spd). I stripped the entire interior (except door panels – car was the same blue as my 4 dr) – dash, seats, console, column, everything…$50. I found out later the guy was rebuilding a Thunderbolt and bought the car for the engine/tranny. Four door with bucket fronts and console shift was fun…

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  13. Rotag999

    You say Litre i say Liter…..

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  14. Kent Pearson

    Long as were on this metric crap, anyone know why there is one lonely single metric speed sign on I 15 between Barstow and Vegas?

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