Not Quite Original: Low-Mileage 1975 Pontiac Trans Am

The ad for this 1975 Pontiac claims that it only has 4,280 miles on it, and based on the cosmetic condition it is certainly believable! If this car hasn’t been restored, then it is truly in exceptional condition. Inside in out, this car looks nearly new. Listed as a classified here on eBay, $29,500 isn’t an unreasonable price for what looks like a mint condition Trans Am. I know I would drive it! The only catch is that the engine isn’t the original. This Trans Am can also be found here on the website for the seller’s dealership in Kentucky, where the car is located.

As previously mentioned, this is claimed to be a 4,280 actual mile vehicle. The cosmetic condition of this car doesn’t lead me to believe otherwise, but what is throwing me off is that the 455 cubic inch V8 is not the matching engine for this car. I am not a person who would turn my nose up at a car because of non-matching parts, but what I’m most interested in is the story! If this really is a low-mileage car, what chain of events lead to a replacement engine? It certainly isn’t unheard of for cars to have had a replacement engine early in life due to a manufacturing defect or an abusive owner.

The interior looks original to me, but I’m not a Pontiac expert. Everything looks nice, but it doesn’t look reproduction nice. Then again, this isn’t the best lighting for an interior picture. Regardless of mileage and originality, the asking price for a nice, 4-speed 455 1975 Trans Am isn’t unreasonable. This Pontiac has the Formula steering wheel as well as the rally gauges, though they can’t be seen in this picture.

Whether you classify this as a survivor, driver, or just a regular old muscle car, there is no denying that it is a clean example of an American classic! No matter what the history is on this Pontiac, it would certainly turn heads in most towns. The silver paint isn’t too flashy, which is perfect if you’re planning on using this car to its full potential! Since the drivetrain isn’t original, unless there’s a really neat story behind it, I feel that the mileage is less important and this car should be driven and enjoyed. What would you do with it?


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  1. 86 Vette Convertible

    Looks good, a bit pricey for my pocket though. Early engine failure is not unknown especially during that time frame, or could have blown it up dragging but who knows.

    I certainly wouldn’t park it on the street. I’d drive it just as it sits.

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  2. Rock On Member

    I have always preferred the round headlight Trans Ams, Formulas and Firebirds over the rectangular headlight versions. Same holds true for Camaros.

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  3. Troy s

    Could be many explanations for the different engine. Failure, a more potent powerplant, sitting so long not running, who knows? Obviously the seller is not making it clear either. The 4 speed is a Richmond, which doesn’t sound stock either. Nice looking car, like the color a whole bunch more than the typical black or red.

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    • Blyndgesser

      The Richmond is basically a BW Super T-10, somewhat re-engineered. Since the Muncie M22 was discontinued by 1975, a Super T-10 might well have been the factory default.

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      • Redwagon

        455-HO in 1975 was a package option. Included the engine and the Borg-Warner T-10 4 speed.

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  4. Rob

    Owned 3 T/A’s in my younger days, so naturally I love it. But, alas, I am a poor boy and it’s way out of my financial league.

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  5. dirtyharry

    Wow, where have you been all my life? I have been searching for you and you show up in Kentucky. As pretty as she is, it looks like new paint and decals. The underside is a whole different story. Silver paint on the leaf springs and axle? The front end looks more like 100k. The exhaust was replaced with a flowmaster unit. I see a nice car, but the mileage claim leaves me with that bitter taste in my mouth.

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  6. mario

    Thats what i thought when i saw all that over spray and flowmasters!!!!

    • Ronald Reagans Grandson

      I’m with you. This is at least one repaint and looking at ALL the components including the overspray on the exhaust manifold, I’d say this is 104k miles. Hood alignment,valance corners are off, itnerior is well armoralled but has much more mileage than 4k. Something smells and I’m not buying it.. the story that is.

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  7. george

    way too high ,and its been for sale for a long time.

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  8. ccrvtt

    Time to buy a lottery ticket.

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  9. Joe

    All that glitters is not gold

    • Pappy

      Looks like someone spray painted the axles and leaf springs… you can see the paint marks on the inside of the tires and on suspension bushings. Probably just trying to hide the surface rust/scale you see on several of the exposed metal parts. Sloppy job though.

  10. jw454

    A lot of very amateur work on the undercarriage to try to make it look better. When it done this poorly, they would have been better off leaving it as is. I don’t think this is the “low mile cherry” they would like you believe it is.

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    • Nrg8

      Bigexactly! Headliner looks reglued, the rattle can bottom side, pretty color palate on the bottom. 15k car all day long with pedigree it shows. In fairness it is a nice car just not 30k nice.

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  11. Daleone3

    I would call BS on this one….too much rattle can activity, the cross member looks more like 104k, someone sprayed paint in places it did not belong, undercarriage does not line up with the mileage… Easy enough to freshen up the inside but the underside does not lie. I would expect less scale and certainly no need to spray the rear end silver….does it say one owner car at all?

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    • Luv BRUCE

      Look close at front fitment and semetry way to many issues to trust statements made.let alone the other issues noticed by the rest of the experts,even if they might have only known about this site for a month and half. And their experience,amounts to inheriting a “77”ta from uncle that passed. They know, ,but not what or where a cowl tag is or its significance , they just know its worth more money, GREAT, huh tegue?

  12. Mavel124

    The 455 engine was not available in 1975. only engine that year was 400 cubic inch

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    • Thad

      The L75 455 was available in 1975 and 76.

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  13. Rob79Malibu

    Who the heck paints a rear diff? Anyone else see the recent brake lines on the back. Very poorly that is. I know that it probably needed to be. But that is terrible. On top of that. Who paints leaf springs and sway links!!!!???? The amount of oil on the from engine crossmember! Holy crap. That odometer has 104,000 miles at least. Lots of rust spots that have been painted over under the rockers and rear bumper. This car has been worked over. I would say its a nice car to drive around and worth about $10,000 What else is hiding under that silver paint that hides lots of sins well. Don’t get me wrong. I would drive it , but would repaint the diff black or maybe sand blast it along with the springs. Also the interior is done wonderfully. So, I guess I am being harsh. It is nicer than my Trans Am.

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  14. Henry Drake

    Why? Why would there be no explanation? I’ll be skeptical until proven otherwise.

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  15. Rustytech Member

    It’s not like 104k is not low mileage, but 4K on this I don’t think so! The underside tells the story. $30k? Who’s he kidding?

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  16. Tonyf

    Like putting lipstick on a pig

  17. Tonyf

    Don’t get me wrong it’s a nice car, i remember when they were new . Don’t miss represent something as orignal was the original engine blown early in it or ? lStop the bs and tell the truth I hate when people claim originality but stuff has been changed. Does the body and interior show low miles and vehicle driven hard during its early time.Then it would be understandable

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  18. Tom Member

    as Randy Jackson would say….”Yeah man…..I don’t know dog…..??? I just don’t know dog….” Too many things in contradiction BUT neither proving either way, this is a tough one. my bigger concern is the Engine & Trans …..IF they are not original, with this low of mileage suggested,…..someone got some splaining to do….and it ain’t Lucy !! I don’t know enough about this year. I have to go back to the listing to see if the VIN has been scrutinized.

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  19. Van

    The silver paint on 75 trans am was terrible. Three years max before you needed a re-spray.

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  20. Andy

    As others have said, there should be at the least a 1 preceding this mileage claim. As this odometer only goes to 99,999, I would venture it’s been turned at least once. Nice paint job (?) on the top side, but the underside tells a whole nother story. Overspray everywhere, including on the tires. Also, you can see in the one picture (rocker? Sill?) where they painted over the rust, and you can actually see the rust to the left. Those exhaust hangers are looking pretty rusty as well…

    My offer would be – well you dropped the first two leading digits, I’ll drop the first two leading digits on your price!

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  21. Classix Steel

    The price is to high for NOM and that is unfortunate .
    While I understand the horse power was reduced during these years due to oil embargo games but one saves the orig engine if they are playing games on a low mileage car!
    The mileage looks reasonable but again the engine removed at 29K.

    This removes at least ten grand or more in my book.

  22. blackduc1

    Cars like this were always cool to me, but out of my budget in my early driving years.
    Can you educate a rookie? 1. The cable that runs across the exhaust and driveshaft; was the how it was assembled from the factory? 2. What is a “Radial Tuned Suspension”? 3. Although big displacement, did the 455 put out decent horsepower or was it strangled by emissions?
    Thanks all! Trying to learn and there seems to be a lot of well informed readers here! Thanks!

  23. Rob

    I was always under the impression that the Trans Am package had different bucket seats, with more wrap around, a different cushion arrangement as well.
    My 73 Firebird seats were reupholstered, and while not a Trans Am, I know I wanted to upgrade to the Trans Am seat, which would have needed all new foam. The Year One website shows 2 different interiors, and the picture for the Trans Am interior ( they call Custom Interior ) does not match this Trans Am.
    Just questioning. I did install the steering wheel from a Trans Am, no brainer job. Left the wood grain dash, I always liked them better than the “engine turned” dashes.

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    • Mike Jenkins

      I don’t believe these are original Trans Am seats either. I have a totally original 75 TA sitting in my garage and my seats don’t look like these. It was the first new car I ever bought, so I know my seats have never been changed in any way. But I guess they could have put more than one style seat in the 75 TAs.

  24. Comet

    4200 original miles, 29.5K? I think not. Nice car, but how can the seller dismiss the tons of chassis over-spray, the paint covered corrosion on the rear valance and the beat up fender bottom at the rocker panel? An optimistic seller indeed.

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    I would not touch this thing, too much monkey business going on for me. WAY TOO MUCH MONEY at half the price.

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  26. Jose

    go to the site from where it is being sold and it is looks more like 104,280 miles

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