Not Your Father’s…1991 Oldsmobile Delta 88

Jokes about consumer grade bland box-shaped cars filling office building parking lots back in the day… is this what they were talking about? Oldsmobile was always ahead of there time, whether a little feature or industry-leading innovations. As large sedans from GM divisions were getting smaller because of fuel economy and safety, many thought that would sacrifice style and comfort, but Oldsmobile still found a way. This very original 1991 Oldsmobile Delta 88 is currently for sale here on Craigslist in Huntley, Illinois for $1,650.

For this Delta 88 to show its age, it might take a few more years. Very little rust and virtually no damage inside or out…barely broken in with just over 81,000 miles. Owned by the original owner’s family according to the ad, and stands true based on the overall condition.

A very professional yet stylish interior, smooth lines and neutral color scheme..all very well preserved. A fine amount of passenger space, anyone would be quite pleased during a long drive in this Olds.

Powered with one of General Motors more reliable engines, the legendary 3800 series. Front-wheel-drive and quite a bit of take-off for this Olds make for great driving pleasure. Downsizing large sedans by the end of the 1980’s, Oldsmobile still built quite a sharp car that could comply to fuel standards…and the 88 got big again by the next model year. As time has passed, less and less of these nifty Olds are rolling down American roads, this low mile 1991 surely has a lot of lifeless to spend on those open roads.

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  1. Party pooper

    I have been looking high and low for the two door coupe version of this to buy.

    • Yasha

      My old one which was turned into a lemons car, and the new one i found a year later to restore, both 1986.

  2. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Should be sold!

  3. David P. Reeves

    As with the caprice a few days ago, as an 18 year old, this is the nicest one of these I’ve seen. I kind of mark either these or the comparable Buick (Skylark?) as the sign you’re entering a shady part of town, since they’re always in someone’s front yard or barely running. I also am surprised these came in gray colors, the surviving ones I always see are either powder blue or red.
    I’d buy it if I had the money or space to preserve it as a “bland, normal” car of the ‘90s that are all beaters now.

    • Sonic R

      The Buick Lesabre was the counterpart to the Oldsmobile 88, and the Bonneville was Pontiac’s H-body model.

      The Buick Somerset/Skylark was on the N-body, built in Lansing, along with the Oldsmobile Calais and Pontiac Grand Am

  4. jw454

    If I were near by, and needed a winter driver, I’d put this one on the list. The price seems reasonable and the car isn’t beat to death.

  5. Southbound

    Bought one with low miles for my daughters first car at 16.
    It had a crank seal leak so bad the rubber disintegrated on the crankshaft balancer and it sounded like the main bearings were shot.
    New balancer, oil pan gasket and seal, it ran great.

    Crude but reliable “waste spark” ignition and simple fuel injection. The 3.8 proved to be a great engine. Overall it was a comfortable and easy to maintain car once all the oil leaks were fixed.

  6. Boatman Member

    Nice write-up John!

  7. Howard A

    You can say that again, my old man wouldn’t be seen in a FWD Olds, or any FWD car, for that matter. I don’t think he trusted them.Front wheels were for steering, back wheels for go. He did however eventually succumb to a Windstar van, only because he couldn’t get RWD cars anymore. For a beater to get around, be ok.

  8. PatrickM

    I had an ’86, 98 Brougham with the same engine. I moved from Wyoming to Maryland to help take care of my mother who was dying and need a car quickly. Bought the ’98. Good for a while. But, the dealer messed me over, too, on the transaction. Charged me an extra 10%. If I hadn’t need it so badly, I would have demanded my money back and walked out. Was unemployed at the time. The car was good for a year then started giving me more trouble that I could handle financially. A few of my friends had similar cars and really liked them. This is what I call a very practical car. Would take one again if I had the money. Good write-up.

  9. Daved

    “Little rust” means difffent things depending on what part of the country you’re in but this looks really decent and nothing is immediately alarming. It is worth noting that this appears to be a touring version of some sort as evidenced by the body color grille, tinted tails, black greenhouse trim and aluminum wheels.

    If rust is in fact minimal, this is too nice to be used as a winter beater! Bring it out of the rust belt to life out it’s golden years in a better climate!

    • J. Newkirk

      Olds did a very mild refresh of this body style for ’90, replacing much of the chrome with body color and black trim that this ’91 shows off. Whether you got the base Royale or Royale Brougham, they came this way.

      It looked good unless ordered (or customized) with a vinyl or fake ragtop roof.

  10. John

    I hate those GM door mounted seat belts. They are awful. Would never buy a car with them.

  11. Rick Rothermel

    Had four of these over the years including a couple of coupes in California. Great iron! watch the Vacuum Modulator for the transaxle, lest you be ticketed for impersonating a crop-duster.

  12. Bob C.

    Last line in ad, a lot of life less to spend on those open roads? Type o. Surprised no one has scooped this up yet.

  13. YooperMike

    I owned one of these, same color too. I bought it used after moving to the UP of Michigan some 20 years ago. I was surprised how well the car did in snow. Good car, finally sold it and got my money back. No rust, good heater.

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