Notchback Project: 1968 Plymouth Barracuda

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I’ve been obsessed with notchbacks for a few years now, and might be on the cusp of adding one to my stable. No, it’s not a Fox Body, but think of it as the Japanese Mustang and you’ll get the picture. It’s likely too rusty to save, but that hasn’t stopped me before. Anyway, here’s another notchback for all you fans of upright coupes out there: a 1968 Plymouth Barracuda, which we see far less frequently compared to its fastback sibling. Find it here on eBay with bidding at $3K with less than a day left.

Do you prefer a fastback or a notchback coupe? I like hatchbacks and can appreciate the functionality, but it seems like fastbacks are in abundant supply and always have that huge expanse of glass to worry about breaking. The notchback body is a classic coupe design, and looks oh-so-good on any number of cars, from actual Mustangs to Type 3 Volkswagens. This Barracuda may look sharp in pictures, but the seller says it will need full restoration.

The floors are rough, like the body, but the seats and dash look save-able. The seller doesn’t go into specifics about condition, but it’s pretty easy to see rust is a formidable opponent. The V8-equipped Barracuda coupe does run and move under its own power, but that’s really secondary to addressing the substantial floor rot in the cabin and in the trunk. The Barracuda is in New Hampshire, so no surprise that it’s so rusty.

The engine bay looks fairly clean, and a later MSD ignition suggests someone showed it at least a little love not too long ago. There aren’t too many notchback Barracudas on eBay right now, and one of the few that is listed confirms these cars look gnarly with a set of wide tires out back, sticking out ever-so-slightly from the rear arches. Bidders don’t seem scared by the rust, at least not enough to stop themselves from spending some real money on this notchback. Would you?

Auctions Ending Soon


  1. stillrunners

    Had a few….prefer a Fastback….passed on a S car 4sp NB coupe a week or so ago….just not into the notchback…do have a stock one with slant 6 and three on the tree….guess what color ? And same color on the S coupe I passed on.

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  2. stillrunners

    Oh and at three grand this one’s not a real steal….more on the labor….of love.

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  3. Speedy Gonzalez

    They always add the car I find right before I email them about it, if I had the money I would buy it.

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  4. Redragula

    The dash looks amazing. Hard to find ones that haven’t been hacked up for aftermarket radios. That and the console are pretty hot items in the A-body community

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  5. OhU8one2

    I had a chance to buy a notchback back in early 80’s for $800.00. Rust free Arizona car. It had a V-8, believe 318 but not sure. Belonged to a woman I worked with. She was really picky about who she would sell it to. Bone stock green on green, with automatic transmission and factory A/C. I think now I shouldn’t have passed on it.

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    • glen

      $800.00 in 1980, is equal to almost $2500.00 today, so it sounds like it was a good deal.

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  6. cold340t

    There used to be a Maroon 68′ 383/auto S Barracuda Notchback near my house. Parked near my bus stop. Saw it everyday for 10yrs plus. Starting @1980. Saw it daily driving all over the place. Guy would have 4/5 people in it most times it moved. Then one day it was gone. This was @1990.
    Few years go by. I’m getting on the freeway and it’s raining like crazy. Merge on and, what do I see? A flat bed truck with the very same 383 S Barracuda on the back. How disappointing it was to see. It had been in roll over and the roof was crushed in. Must have been too much muscle for last driver.
    Wonder where it is now?

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  7. Del

    Is there a reserve ?

    Looks like a decent deal if you can get it for 4 grand.

    Cannot tell but pans look like just surface rust.

    This could be repainted with new rugs and be rolling again pretty quickly

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  8. PRA4SNW

    I had to laugh: About 20 years ago, there was one of these in about the same condition parked in an empty wooded lot in a town about 20 minutes away from this one. This car reminded me of that one, but I doubt it’s the same one.

    Since the lot was empty, there was no one to ask about it, and I’m glad for that because my 20 year younger self loved these cars (still do), but lacked the experience or $$ to have done anything good with it.

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  9. Tricky

    That’s got to be the least words I have seen in an ad in a long time – talk about lack of information….!

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  10. Chris

    Wonder if Cool Joe Machado will have something interesting to share on this old Mopar. Let’s wait and see if he shows up. He’s probably busy being super cool somewhere.

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