Number 403: 1969 Hurst Oldsmobile 442

There were just 922 Hurst Oldsmobile 442s built in 1969 and this one is number 403. It’s a Texas car that has been parked for a number of years, so there is some rust to be dealt with and it currently doesn’t run. That being said, there aren’t too many of these out there and surely someone would love to have it. The asking price seems high given the condition, but Hagerty values a #4 at $32k and a #1 at an incredible $114k, so perhaps the price isn’t all that unrealistic. You can take a look at this Hurst/Olds here on eBay in Romeo, Michigan with a $26k asking price.

The seller offers a ton of information about this particular car, as well as a lot of info on the history of the Hurst/Olds 442. It’s well worth looking over, but be warned they used question marks instead of periods and it gets rather annoying by the time you finish reading the entire ad. Even then, it’s worth reading, as these are really interesting cars! Now if only I could afford to own one.

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  1. flmikey

    He calls it rust free, explains what rust free is, but then says there are the typical rust holes on the bottom of the fenders…and also says the engine is not numbers matching but can be very easily.. what in the world does that mean? And, you are so right, those ? marks are super annoying…that being said, it is super rare, and might be worth it….very nice find…

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    • Steve R

      It means the seller is a snake. Someone down the road will get fleeced if his suggestion is followed. The seller was smart not to include the VIN in his ad.

      Steve R

    • Sam

      Meant to say “free rust”. These are super cool. Maybe the seller has a Linda Vaughn “sling shot” to include with the sale

  2. ccrvtt

    The front fender stripes are so obviously wrong, the motor isn’t original, the front end looks like it’s going to fall apart. Smells like a bad clone attempt or the real deal shamefully butchered over the years. Seller tries to magnify his credibility with a list of H/O factoids.

    Ain’t the internet great?

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    • Jeffro

      Copy and paste.

  3. jw454

    Saying that it’s not numbers matching and then saying “It could be quite easily” was a very poor statement to make. I wouldn’t do business with this person.

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  4. sparkster

    Numbers matching with no question marks

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    • A.J.

      Nice car but not the same thing.

  5. Mlaw

    Snake oil seller????

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  6. 421HO

    –Hagerty would never list this car at a #4, more like 7 or 8, for maybe 9K. Buyer beware.

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    • Eivind Sæves

      Hagerty har dårlig kunnskap om priser så det er sagt (Google translate says this is “Hagerty has poor knowledge of prices so that is said”)

  7. Jay M

    Where is the proof that it’s #403?
    Why are the H/O specific parts extra?
    What’s the point of an NOS trans tag?

    It’s just a non numbers matching partial clone without documentation.
    Huge leap of faith for the asking price.

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  8. Moxman

    I also noticed that the grille is not the correct one for the car, so this one is a total fake. Steer clear of this car!

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    • J. Ortmeier

      Actually it is. The Hurst Olds uses the same grille as the 442. This is the correct grille, but the black paint is faded a lot.

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    • Mike Pung

      Sure it is

  9. stillrunners lawrence Member

    From Texas ?

  10. NotchNut

    Vin number is 344879M371894 per copy of title. Olds (3), 442 (44), 2dr sport coupe (87), Lansing,Michigan (M) 371894 (sequential serial). The number on the firewall indicates a 1969 2dr Holiday Coupe Cutlass with a v8. I don’t know why it has two different numbers. I can’t read the number on the window tag.

  11. Michael thomas

    this guy is a case. he says .” I have restored cars so I can “fix them up” yeah “fix it up dude. suggesting fraud with the motor serial number so he is used to and not afraid to Fix it up to be what ever he wants. Run , run away.

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  12. sparkster

    336879Z133576 is the vin on my 1969 Cutlass please decode .

  13. sparkster

    Thanks Gerry

  14. Mike Pung

    Wow you guys are rough. Kinda why I got away from Olds collecting. I’d LOVE to have this H/O, with or without the right engine. This ain’t your average Cutlass orbe442. I suppose you want a numbers matching car in #1 condition for that amount?

  15. Steve

    My late brother had a 72 H/O coupe back in the early 90’s. I believe he paid around $4k for it. (His 69 Camaro Pace Car Replica was featured here on BFs a year or so ago. My oldest brother has the Camaro now.) The HO he had was missing the original engine, but he bought it with a date correct 455. We rebuilt it, and had the car painted. Someone before him dyed the gold vinyl top white, which although incorrect, looked a little less gaudy, IMO. He also did not install the full tape stripe package. It had the Hurst dual gate shifter in the console and the Hurst badge on the dash. It sold for around $12k, to help finance his wedding. He was divorced less than 5 years later(!) Less than 300 of the hardtop were produced in 72. I sure wish I had it now!

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    • Steve

      I believe I have seen it mention that only around 400 cars had the landau top. Not positive that the top was originally gold, that’s just what we were told.

      On a related note, a few years back I picked up an 8.5″ rear axle for my 1979 Malibu. It came out of an 84 Hurst Olds. Supposedly, the 83’s only had a 7.5″. The 8.5″ I have has factory 3.73 gears, but was an open, non posi. Posi was optional. I added one. Also, through research, I have found that the Bucik GN got an 8.5″ as well, but with a posi and 3.42 gears.

      • Steve

        “Bucik”, aka “Buick”. LOL

  16. erikj

    check out those side mirrors!! I don’t believe there factory. Just a note to say -is this the real deal?

  17. TD

    Did the seller drop the description, or am I missing something?

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  18. makoman

    I see so much wrong with this 442 , its clearly not all original as a H/O , mirrors incorrect , side stripe incorrect , hood stripe incorrect color ,H/O fender badges placement is incorrect , I am pretty sure its a clone

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