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Numbers Matching: 1965 Ford Mustang Fastback 2+2

This 1965 Mustang Fastback 2+2 is a rust-free Californian car that would have been a tough looking car is its original black on black color scheme. It is in need of restoration but would appear to be a solid candidate. It is located in Bakersfield, California, and is listed for sale here on Craigslist. The asking price for the Mustang has been set at $20,000.

The owner says that the Mustang is largely complete, with the exception of the front and rear bumpers. The only rust that is said to be in the car is some surface corrosion in the trunk, but this should be an easy fix. The rest of the body looks quite good from what we can see, and he also has all of the trim pieces, both for the exterior and interior of the car. While we don’t get a look at the interior, we do know that it is black and that the Mustang features air conditioning and the rather cool Rally Pac.

This Mustang is not only solid, but it is a numbers-matching car. The A-Code 289, which is good for 225hp, is backed by a 4-speed manual transmission. The owner says that the engine runs perfectly, so hopefully, it won’t take a lot of work before the car is ready for the road. The car also comes with a new gas tank, but this currently isn’t fitted to the car.

It’s always nice to find a solid Mustang project car, and this does appear to be a good one. If it is returned to its original color combination, it will be a nice looking car and one that the next owner will rightfully be proud of. I wonder if the next owner is going to be one of our Barn Finds readers.


  1. OhU8one2

    Years ago I had a 65′ GT fastback. Although it was an automatic, it was a nice car to drive. My rolling restoration. Except I never got to drive it all completed. It was in primer, after painted then needing interior work. But once it was finished, I sold it to a police officer from Prescott,Az. I thought it was strange that the whole time I drove it, I was always on the lookout for the cop’s. You might say I was spirited in my driving. There are days I do miss that car. Silver Blue metallic with white-blue interior. Exactly as it came from Ford.

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  2. Tom Member

    Terrible pictures ESPECIALLY for asking 20K. In that condition ….with that low of miles……something tells me that 2 + 2 does NOT equal 4 in this case!

    In what little you can see in the few photos are….this car is not a disaster BUT plenty of issues. Again, 5 digit speedo…..that condition, poor photos, 55 years later…..I going with 123,500 miles….and there is nothing wrong with that…at that it would still only be an average of 2245 miles per year, not the suggested 427 mile per year……just sayin.

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    • Steve R

      You might be generous at 123,000, I wouldn’t be surprised if it has traveled 223,000. I’m really glad the author didn’t parrot the sellers claim of 23,000 miles. Most of the low mileage claims are obviously ridiculous and should never be brought up, they are only meant to drive the asking price higher. You are right, a 5 digit speedometer can’t be trusted on cars approaching 50 years old. If more people did like you and make a quick calculation it shows how opportunistic many of these sellers are, they are preying on the gullible.

      Steve R

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    • TimM

      289 with a four speed is a great setup!! I had that setup in a coupe!! California car should be fairly free of rust but primed cars always scare me!! I also agree if I’m going to drop 20 large it should have some better pictures

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  3. Stuart

    65 engine color was a black block and gold valve covers and air cleaner,
    Numbers matching…Maybe.

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    • Brad

      Only “numbers matching” was a K code hi-po …. not sure why we keep calling these ’65’s numbers matching

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  4. Gaspumpchas

    pictures please for petes sake, pic of the rally pac also. Good inspection a must. with the 289 4 speed me like. Primer hides a multitude of sins. Does seem pricey, maybe he would take less if it is indeed a rust free rustang.
    Good luck to the new owner. This has the potential to be a fun to drive screamer!!


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    Hey Stuart thanks for info on 65 block,valve covers, air cleaner
    Had a 65 Mustang with gold valve covers and air cleaner. I read somewhere that only K code 289 had them in gold.

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    • Brad

      I think all V8’s had them painted that way

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  6. Mikey8

    A little Rust in the trunk area? Mine had a little rust-in the trunk area too and it was the frame supports mount to the trunk. Took a professional welder to put back in shape. Mustangs don’t have just a little rust in those areas

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  7. Johnmloghry Johnmloghry

    These are to Mustang collectors the crown jewel. I never really thought they were all that attractive, I’d take a vert over these anytime. California special being my favorite, 289 4 speed.
    God bless America

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  8. Last 1LE

    The only 1965 Mustangs that had the VIN (or part of it) stamped on the engines were the K-code, 271-hp high performance 289s.

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  9. MrMustang

    No way that car has 23K miles on it. One thing I cannot stand is someone who misrepresents what they are selling. Some unknowing person will buy the thing though at that price. You cannot put a price on sentiment, well some people cannot. I’m not one of those people as I have looked for an Aqua Frost 67 Mustang and found a few with 6 bangers and 289s but the prices were too high for the coupes.

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  10. don

    20K for a one owner car thats in pieces. I know these bring good money, but that is way high for a car in this shape , plus anyone who buys this to restore is going to want to replace every bit of trim and seal for the car and rebuild the engine , all of which costs more money. You wouldn’t pay to have a great paint job on the car and then put used, pitted and dinged up trim parts on it ! All those used extra bits included will end up in a swap meet

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