Numbers Matching: 1970 Dodge Charger R/T 440

This 1970 Dodge Charger R/T 440 is a two-owner vehicle that is in excellent condition. It is a rust-free classic, and it retains its original drivetrain. It currently rubs shoulders with a few other desirable cars, but it could just as easily call your garage its new home. Located in Mims, Florida, you will find the Charger listed for sale here on eBay. Bidding has reached $50,100, and with the reserve now met, it seems that the new home is mere days away.

This Charger seems to have a lot of points in its favor. It has received a repaint in its original Dark Burnt Orange, and when combined with the Black stripes and Black vinyl top, it gives the car a tough but classy appearance. That paint holds a beautiful gloss, and there are no signs of any significant flaws in either the panels or paint. The owner says that most of the steel in this classic is original and that the only rust repair that has been performed is the professional replacement of the trunk pan. The rest of the R/T remains rust-free and remarkably well preserved. The Charger features the distinctive grille with the concealed headlights, and the covers for these work perfectly. The trim and chrome are immaculate, while the same is true of the glass.

While many enthusiasts will focus on the Hemi-equipped Chargers, there was nothing wrong with those with the 440ci V8 slotted into the engine bay. That is what we find with this R/T, while the original owner also chose to equip the car with a 3-speed TorqueFlite transmission, power steering, and power brakes. With that mighty V8 under the hood, this Dodge should be capable of blitzing the ¼ mile in 14.4 seconds. That’s not slow by any measure, and it still left scope for the Charger to top 130mph. This R/T is a numbers-matching classic, and the presentation of the engine bay is superb. The owner has recently treated the vehicle to a new master cylinder and booster, and he also holds a significant collection of documentation for the car. This includes receipts for any work performed, as well as registration papers. The engine bay doesn’t flatter to deceive because not only does the Charger run and drive perfectly, but the owner says that everything works as it should.

When you open the doors and take a peek inside the Charger, you face an interior that presents almost as nicely as the exterior. There are a couple of faults, but fixing these might not be that difficult. The vinyl on the door trims is wrinkled, but I suspect these could be successfully stretched back into place. It looks like there are also a couple of faded spots on the console’s woodgrain finish, although this could also be a trick of the light. If there is fading, replacement woodgrain pieces are readily available if the buyer is seeking perfection. Otherwise, the upholstery on the seats is spotless, the headliner is free from flaws and stains, while the dash and pad are just as clean. As well as the console with a shifter for the TorqueFlite, the Charger features Rally gauges with a Tic-Toc-Tach.

This 1970 Charger R/T has a lot to commend it, and it is easy to see why it has attracted plenty of bidding for a car in this price bracket. There have already been 19 bids submitted, and with more than three days left on the listing, I suspect that there will be plenty of action to come. Given its overall condition, I wouldn’t be surprised if the price exceeded $60,000, but just how far it does go will depend on how badly people want to own it. With the right two (or more) people in the mix, there is a chance that it could even threaten $70,000. Regardless of where the bidding finally does go, someone will potentially be parking a muscular classic in their garage in a few short days. Do you envy that person as much as I do?

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  1. Fred

    50K? People like these are the reason I can’t get a ’69 charger like my Grandpa.

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    • Aaron

      Maybe it’s your fault you don’t make enough money, not the people fault who do and are will to pay high prices for good cars. Stoping blaming other because you can’t afford things you want.

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  2. Moparman Member

    The heck with the Charger (I already have one) I want the GTX, LOL!! This one’s a beauty and should make the new owner very happy! :-)

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    • Joel

      I’m with you on that one. A GTX or Hemi Cuda and I know I’ll never get my hands on the Cuda.

  3. Miguelito Loveless

    Low Rider

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  4. JOHN SZUGDA Member

    This would look nice next to my 71…..same color and engine. Now to win the lottery!


    I just want it so once I find a 72 Granville, I can recreate the chase scene from the Seven Ups. RIP Roy Schieder.

    • Moparman Member

      The chase in the “Seven-Ups” had Roy Schieder in a Pontiac Ventura chasing the Gan Ville, not a Charger. :-)

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  6. Gary Rhodes

    Nice car

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  7. Super Glide

    Orange interior should be changed to black. Although, how can anyone fault
    the color choices. it’s a R/T 440 Charger.

    In 1970 this engine/trans combination would chirp the tires when it (automatically not hand) shifted into second. Later on (95,000 miles) second gear would be listed as missing in action. It’s an easy fix and while you’re at it just rebuild it with better parts. If these cars weren’t Drag Raced the trans would soldier on, without repairs, for the life of the car.

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  8. Harold

    I had a similar car and I seem to remember the gear selector lever being on the column.

  9. OhioLou

    This is why Ebay is a Fool’s Game. Three retractions, one guy doing two of them. Running up proxy bid then dipping out. Love the car, hate the game.

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  10. JoeBob

    Nice car. Now I just need to win the lottery so I can put in a bid on the shop and all its contents. I’m not even a MoPar guy, but I could be happy there.

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