Numbers-Matching 425! 1967 Oldsmobile Delta 88 Custom

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Oldsmobile introduced the 88 in 1949, and for nearly half of its lifespan, it was the most profitable line of vehicles the company produced.  The full-size car had a successful 50-year run, finally ceasing production in 1999, and during its final 10 years became known as the “Eighty-Eight”.  Throughout the years, the 88 had some different terminology added to distinguish the models, such as the Super 88, Dynamic 88, Holiday 88, and others, with the name Delta 88 first appearing in 1965 to signify an upscale trim line for the Dynamic 88.  If you’ve been in the market for a really solid and well-preserved sixth-generation example, this 1967 Oldsmobile Delta 88 Custom 2-Door Hardtop might be right up your alley.  Located in Riverside, California, it can be spotted here on Craigslist with an asking price of $11,500.

Barn Finds would like to thank reader Matt R. for the great tip on this one!  The seller says that this has been a California car since it was new, although he doesn’t really go beyond that in telling us about the history of the Delta 88, or even how long the car has been in his possession.  But it is said to be fully original and has not been involved in any accidents, and that the body and paint are in really good condition.  He goes on to say the body is fantastically straight, and that the car does not have one speck of rust, but it could use a new vinyl top.

Things inside are looking nicely preserved overall as well, and original, as the seller says that it has never been replaced.  He specifically mentions that the headliner could use some attention, and there is at least one crack on the dashboard, but to be 55 years old this Olds is still looking pretty good in there.  The split seats, console, and floor shifter are also nice touches.

Under the hood is the original numbers-matching 425 cubic inch Starfire V8 with a 4-Barrel carburetor. Even though the car has been sitting for a year, the engine is said to start right up.  The car is also still equipped with the original automatic transmission, but no word on whether or not the motor or trans has ever had a rebuild.  The odometer reading is listed as 77,000 miles.

It’s hard to beat how things look on the bottom side of most California cars, and this Delta 88 is no exception.  There is one additional photo provided from underneath, and it seems safe to say that there are no glaring causes for concern from the south side and that everything seems really solid down there.  What are your thoughts on this 1967 Oldsmobile Delta 88 Custom 2-Door Hardtop?

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  1. Harvey HarveyMember

    Two thumbs up:-)

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  2. Howard A. Howard AMember

    Fooof ( blowing dust off yet another memory) When I worked for the auto body shop supply biz, Miedtke Paint in Milwaukee, circa, ’75, ’76 maybe, I was a delivery driver, and the other driver, was a really cool guy named Dennis. He had this exact car, only I think it was a Delmont, but equipped the same way, same color and roof, bucket seats, console, motor. It was the beginning of the CB craze, and we would drive around, yakking on the CB. He had twin gutter mount antennas, and the 425 really had some steam. It was a beautiful car.

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    • BoatmanMember

      Had a Delmont with the 425. “Steam” is an understatement! Had a posi rear. Spent a lot of time sideways.

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  3. wuzjeepnowsaab

    What a beautiful yacht. Oldsmobile and Buick were both hitting it out of the park with styling and power in the early-mid 60’s…GM in general were top shelf in looks

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  4. Allen L

    Only a two door, so even more difficult to get out of under water, right Ted Kennedy?
    (Ted forever tarnished Olds with his.)

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    • 8banger 8bangerMember

      Chappaquiddick! RIP Mary Jo!

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      • Little_Cars Little_Cars

        I thought that incident took place in a 71-72 Ford sedan?

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    • Bob C.

      My first thought when I saw this car, good ol’ Ted!

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      • Stan

        Lol not sure how much ” good” there was Bob.

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      • Bob C.

        Just a little sarcasm, Stan.

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    • angliagt angliagtMember

      “We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it” (or maybe not).

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      • Howard A. Howard AMember

        Ha! That was a low blow, but pretty funny none the less. Besides, Teds car was a 4 door, and I think that incident dogged his entire career.

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      • gearjammer

        #Little_Cars, the incident took place in July of 1969.
        The car was a ’67 Delmont 88 4-door sedan.

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    • fordor

      Only 2 doors?? 2 thumbs down!

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    • gearjammer

      Oldsmobile can’t be blamed for Teddy’s stupidity.

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  5. Poncho

    I was going to say that the car is so long they couldn’t get a side view of it in one picture, but there is one in the CL Listing. haha

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  6. joenywf64

    I’m counting 4 separate !!! drive belts under the hood – for a/c, p/s, air pump, & alternator …
    Not sure if i ever seen that before.
    Are those wipers supposed to park that high? Or could the refills be too long, or just a simple adjustment is needed? Could never understand that design(also on ’82 & older vettes, etc.) – leaving an unwiped section in the middle of the windshield, tho hopefully this beauty of a car will never seen rain again.

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    • Alan J OdzeMember

      I had the exact same car that was given to me when I was 15 years old. Mine was a NY car and no air pump. Guess that was a CA thing?
      I did swing my first engine on that car.
      Loved the car.
      Got laid a lot in the back seat:)

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      • Johnny

        Main thing I like about the full size cars any time. Plus a person never knows when he might have to sleep in it. In case of a break down,hiding from the law after you out ran them. Done that many of time.

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  7. Jerry Bramlett

    This is a neat ride.

    Talk about optioned out: 425/375hp engine, 3-speed automatic, AC, PS, PB, PW, PDL, vinyl roof, leather seats, AM-FM radio, rear speaker, remote driver’s mirror, tilt steering wheel, wire wheel covers, whitewall tires, front discs, and CA smog kit. Also, it has good chrome and no rust or old wreck damage.

    I think you get a lot (other than gross tonnage) for your money with this one.

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  8. Poppy

    Love the color, love the lines, love that snout, and love that it’s an Olds! Contrary to the seller’s statement, I suspect that the seats have been reupholstered. Seat vinyl doesn’t match the color of the door panels or rear side panel vinyl as well as it should and looks too fresh for a 55-year-old car. Frankly, that’s a plus in my book.

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  9. Stan

    Beautiful Delta.. gorgeous cars, highway Kings.. Torque monster, automatic turbo 400, 3.08 geared perfect.

    * these were available with a manual.
    3 by the knee 🦵 imagine revving up the 425ci and dropping the clutch 🙌

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  10. PaulG

    The Olds 425 is indeed a special engine. Lots of great memories growing up with these cars…brother had a 66 ninety eight and I had a Delmont 88
    Nice car here, wish I had room in the garage!

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  11. Snotty

    Gone! First day

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    • Jerry Bramlett

      His Craig’s List ad is still up at 10 pm Central on Thursday. Did you call and find out it’s been sold?

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      • Snotty

        This Delta 88 Custom, was an unmolested driver. That had all the right options. I called him Thursday night 7:45. He mentioned he had issues taking it off craigslist.

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      • Jeff58

        My dad bought a new Delmont 88 it was a 4 door , automatic on the column. If my memory is correct the air cleaner cover said 455 Rocket anyway it sure was fast for a big car. Alas was T-boned by a mustang.

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  12. Joe Padavano

    Nice looking car, but there are no numbers that “match” on a 1967 Oldsmobile. Olds didn’t start stamping the VIN derivative on the block and trans until the 1968 model year. The engine and trans have unit number that will be stamped on the Protect-O-Plate if the seller has that, but there is no mention of it in the ad. The engine unit number is stamped on the passenger side head. The whole “numbers matching” claim is spurious anyway. My 1967 Delta is “numbers matching” in that the engine unit number on the RH head matches the P-O-P. That’s the only part of the original engine still on the car – the short block is a later 455. Be an informed buyer.

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  13. S

    Talk about a rare bird! This is nice.

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    • Joe Padavano

      12,192 Delta Custom Holiday Coupes built in the 1967 model year, out of 54,148 Delta/Delmont 2dr hardtops built that year. Not that rare.

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      • BrianH

        How many do you think are still kicking around? Highly optioned survivor. Rare indeed!

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      • Joe Padavano

        Most half-century-old cars are “rare” today. Average survival rates after 20 years are only 0.5%-1% of original production. Don’t confuse survival with production numbers.

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  14. john hershkowitz

    That is the first car I ever owned. Mine was a 67 Delmont 88 with a 425 also.

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  15. Fran

    Car condition is nice.
    Car looks is absolutely ugly.
    But it is part of American automotive history back when GM made cars.

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    • Gerard Frederick

      Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, as everyone knows. In my world, the 1960´s GM cars were from good looking to gorgeous. This Olds is a great looking example of what Americana was capable of, in fact, who needs the overprized and excessivly admired styling houses of Turin or Modena when you could walk into your friendly GM dealer´s show room and buy something like this?

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      • MLM

        Very true.

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  16. Alan J OdzeMember

    Thanks for posting this car. I want it and reached out to the owner.

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  17. Keith D.

    Just one word containing four syllables SPECTACULAR!

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  18. Keith D.

    I dubbed the car SPECTACULAR but after quick observation is that the original steering wheel?? Help please…

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  19. Dale S

    When my mom bought a used 1968 Delta 88 4 door sedan from my aunt in 1972, an auto mechanic told my dad that the ’67, ’68, and ’69 Delta 88’s were very reliable cars.

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  20. FOG

    This was my mother’s business car. Covered the tri-state area for her wholesale grocery routes. I had to wash it every month. The full-service Gulf gas station did the maintenance, including tires.

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  21. jeff

    I had a 67 Delmont 88 same set up but no starfire engine just a 425 2 brrl , but that 425 was a good engine and fast ,,if they would have just put them in 442’s probably been the fastest muscle car out there ,,when I got mine I thought maybe somebody ordered it like a starfire cause they didn’t build them anymore cause the toronado was suppose to fill that spot,, but boy is that beautiful I’d but it but right now have too many bills seeing as how we are trying to help Jr rebuild his house,,but still want it

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