Numbers Matching Big Block: 1966 Chevrolet Caprice

This 1966 Chevrolet Caprice is a car that is not only fitted with a few nice optional extras, but it also runs and drives. While it will need some restoration work, the result could be a pretty impressive car. Located in Portsmouth, Ohio, you will find the Caprice listed for sale here on eBay. The owner has set the BIN price at $7,500, but the option is available to make an offer.

This Caprice has most of the typical rust issues that seem to plague cars of this era. This includes areas such as the lower sections of the fenders, doors, and quarter panels. There is also rust present around the trunk opening and in the trunk lid. The rockers are an unknown quantity due to the chrome trim that covers them, while we have no information on the state of the floors. However, the trunk floor looks like it is solid so we might be lucky in that area. It’s interesting that the Caprice doesn’t appear to have ever been fitted with a vinyl top. This was an extra-cost option, but the vast majority of new cars were ordered with it. The lack of vinyl makes this one that little bit more unusual. One real positive is that it appears that the full set of original Caprice hubcaps are sitting in the trunk, and they seem to be in good condition. These were of a specific design for the ’66 Caprice and underwent some subtle appearance changes in subsequent years.

When you delve inside the Caprice you find that there is some work to do, but there is still some pretty good news when you scout around. The carpet will need to be replaced, as will the cover on the driver’s seat. The factory radio is missing, and it looks like the kick panels have been cut to fit aftermarket speakers. The good news is that apart from the radio, the interior does look to be complete, and in pretty decent condition. The dash is clean, the pad is free of cracks, and the floor console looks like it has survived quite well. Speaking of the console, it is encouraging to see that not only has the gauge cluster remained at the front of the console but that it seems to be in good condition.

There is still more good news with the Caprice when you lift the hood. Not only do you find the 325hp version of the 396ci V8, and Turbo 400 transmission, but the owner claims that this is a full, numbers-matching car from front to back. There is one area where this claim does fall down though, and that is the fact that not only isn’t the air cleaner original, but neither is the carburetor. If I was buying the car, I would really be hoping that the owner had the original items, because it would be nice to try to have the carburetor restored and to be able to really make the car completely numbers-matching. The car does run and drive, so at least you are starting from a reasonable base there.

Once it has been restored, this 1966 Caprice will be a pretty stunning car. With the panels resplendent in a fresh and shiny coat of Cardinal Red paint, the chrome nicely polished, and the interior brought back to its best, this would be a car that couldn’t help but to turn heads.


  1. local_sheriff

    For some reason I’ve always found the 66 Chevy to be an uninteresting, neutral design. It’s kinda strange ’cause I love full size Chevies in general. There’s nothing WRONG with it, it just doesn’t appeal to me.

    The body itself seems fully doable, but I’d believe most bolted panels will need attention or better bits located. There might seem to be more surprises lurking under the lower quarter window trim too. As there’s no AC present, it may suggest it spent its whole life in the Ohio area, which would explain the typical winter beater rust.

    PERSONALLY I wouldn’t pay 7.5 grand for it, but in today’s market with someone looking for a #s matching 66 BB Caprice it might work?

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  2. Arfwoof

    This is almost exactly my first car. The only difference was that mine was white with a black vinyl top. Same interior ( the center of the steering wheel pops off for a handy stash site) I paid $350 for it in 1970 and drove it all through high school. WAY too much car for a teenager. Will fit 4 in the trunk for the drive in movies! Fun car, but only got 8 to 9 MPG.

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  3. Jack M.

    I’m sure that you will be in for a big let down when you go to inspect this car in person. Aĺl of the sellers pictures are with the car soaking wet. The only thing that pegs my B.S. meter higher are pictures at night!

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    • Bluetec320 Bluetec 320 Member

      You’re right. And the flipper couldn’t have made it anymore obvious either. Clear blue skies and half wet/half dry concrete driveway! This is the most common trick in the flipper book of deception.

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    • Big_Fun Member

      He had this listed before with the pictures featuring a “dry” car. And a $10,000.00 starting price. Seller has no feedback either. Wouldn’t the hubcaps in the trunk be better mounted in the rims?

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  4. Pookie Jamie

    Where are the night pics? I don’t see darkness?

  5. Big_Fun Member

    Those bucket seats are not the original ones. Almost look like…Mustang? Cougar? Lever on the side of the seat gives it away. Maybe they were re skinned with fancy material and patterns.

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  6. John S

    Having spent 40+ years in the mid-west, I would never buy an older car that lived it’s life there. The damp environment coupled with winter road salt usually take quite a toll on cars. The body will rust out for sure, but carefully inspect the underside! Frames are often rusted thin or through and it’s not uncommon for bolts to snap off when trying to remove them due to rust. Brake lines and fuel lines suffer the same fate.
    Though at one time this was an incredibly cool car, it’s time has likely passed… that’s what I’d do; pass! In my experience, rust is more expensive than pristine steel!

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  7. scottymac

    Always loved the gauge package Chevy put in this 1966 Caprice. Wish Ford had done something similar with the XL and 7 Litre.

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  8. karl

    Did anyone notice the back window is shattered ? I don’t think you’d be driving it far before it fell in a million pieces on the back seat !

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  9. Jay

    Oh great

    A trailer hitch…….

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  10. Little_Cars Little Cars Member

    No rear shots at all on the eBay listing, other than the horror-movie we’ll call the trunk floor. Back bumper, taillights, condition of lower valance must be pretty bad. Maybe the seller shouldn’t have used the garden hose so liberally on this car to sell it. Puddles will still be there when you go to inspect the car, along with the back seat and floor from water coming in the back window opening.

  11. Ritchie T

    In 66 had a gold caprice with black vinyl top and cloth interior 396/325 w/auto. Had always put some marvel in the crankcase and fuel. Blew off many a mustang 289 hi po. My car was stock and a pure sleeper.

  12. ACZ

    My b-i-l’s first car. Except his was white and had power steering, power brakes and A/C. I bought it for him for $40.00 and had to put a LF lower control arm on it and an exhaust system. He had a ball with it.

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  13. Gaspumpchas

    As John S said, check the frame real good as they rusted out fast in the rust belt. Lots of work with this one. Had a 66 that the wife drove until the late 80’s, great reliable car. Frame finally got ‘er. Good luck and inspect well!!

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  14. Ric Parrish

    The first one of these I ever saw was at the “Race Riot” at the June Sprints at Elkhart Lake Race Way. This guy kept blasting through the crowd with a brand new one and the cops kept smashing the lights and glass out of it with there billy clubs. Still had dealer plates on it.

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  15. TimM

    I have a 67 caprice with a 396 and a three speed auto!! Great car!!! I’m sure this one could be saved!!!

  16. Miguel

    Why does the seller think this car is worth $7500? Would that be because it has a big block?

    We all know it is not the same as the Chevelle 396 so I don’t see where the value is.

    I might pay that if it was in great condition all around, but it is missing some very important options.

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