Numbers Matching Project: 1969 Dodge Coronet Super Bee

There’s no doubt that the muscle cars from the 1960s hold a special place in the hearts of many an enthusiast, and the performance of some of those would still hold up well in today’s world of high-tech fuel injection and engine management systems. The Dodge Super Bee is just such a car, and while this one might look a bit rough, beneath the surface beats a heart of pure gold. The Super Bee is located in Laredo, Texas, and is listed for sale here on eBay. The owner has set a BIN of $25,000 for the Dodge, but the option is available to make an offer. Let’s look below that faded exterior and see if that price is justified.

This is a 1960s muscle car that hasn’t spent its life in a climate-controlled garage, so rust is an inevitability. However, what you see here is claimed to be the worst of it. The owner says that both quarter panels have this sort of rust, while there is also some present in the rear window filler. The floors? Apparently, they are perfect, as are the frame rails. The trunk floor is also good, so it really does appear to be a case of what you see is what you get when it comes to rust issues.

With a Silver exterior, the Red interior trim provides a great contrast. Once again, things inside the Dodge might not look that flash, but there is some light at the end of the tunnel for the next owner. The carpet set is nice and new, as is the headliner. Don’t be too worried about the state of the remaining upholstery, because the owner has purchased a complete new upholstery set for the car, and that is included in the sale. I’m not sure if that includes a new dash pad, but if not, that’s one purchase that the next owner will need to make. There are some cracks in the wheel, but the rest of the interior looks good. As well as the Rally gauges, the original radio still resides in the dash. The Super Bee also features bucket seats, a floor console, and factory air conditioning.

There are, unfortunately, no photos of the engine. This is a shame because what is hiding under the hood is all numbers-matching. Pumping out 335hp, the 383ci Magnum V8 sends its power to the rear wheels via the original 3-speed TorqueFlite transmission. The news just continues to get better with the owner saying that the car runs well and that it has a claimed 83,000 original miles on the odometer. He doesn’t mention whether he has any evidence to back this claim, but he does say that he has two good Build Sheets for the car. In addition, the Super Bee has previously rated a magazine article documenting the time when it emerged from hiding in 2015 after it had been sitting since 1981. It might not add anything to the vehicle’s value, but it is a cool thing to have.

So, this 1969 Dodge Super Bee is a structurally solid car with what appears to be relatively superficial rust issues. It comes with the majority of the pieces required to return the interior to its original splendor, and it is also a muscle car that is a full numbers-matching vehicle. Put all of those attributes together and decide whether you think that the car is worth the BIN price. Personally, I think that it is.


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  1. TimM

    $25k needing quarter panels and most likely a trunk floor!!! Pass!!

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    • Chris M.

      Totally agree. How about we call it the $7000 project it is in reality. 383 B bodies are $40 grand in turn key condition.

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      • Steve R

        But, it was in a magazine.

        Steve R

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      • Hank

        More like 4500 tops.
        You’ll needed the rest of the 40 grand in your budget to fix the thing.
        Always amazed at what Mopar owners think they can get for “Mostly Old Plastic and Rust”.
        Saw 2 early 60’s belvederes At the Charlotte Autofair about 10 years ago. both Hemis—One was a solid #3, other #4.
        Guy wanted 65K for #4, and 80K for #3.
        Told the guy–So, you just brought these down here to take them back home, eh?

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    • Llouis200

      Double Pass!

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  2. Brian

    I wish people would quit with (frame rails) This car has none nor any other b-body mopar.

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    • Will Fox

      Actually, by `69, NO MoPar of any flavor had a frame!

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      • Anthony Deserto

        Incorrect, you forget the C body cars, and all trucks!

      • Brian

        Ok, now go unbolt that from a car or try to find the bolt holes to install the new “rail”

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    • Roy Blankenship

      Well, it actually has 4 frame rails, the “unibody” part of it is the floor pan holding it all together, which is why racers install sub-frame connectors to stiffen the whole car. I had a ’68 GTX that was a rust bucket, I ended up having it put on a rotisserie, sandblasted and a complete reweld of the chassis. All 4 frame rails were cracked, which explained why, even after replacing every bearing, shock, and bushing, it still didn’t drive that great. After having it rewelded, it drove like a new car. When I did mine (1988), most parts were not available, I had to use rust-free panels from AZ, Virginia, and Georgia. This Super Bee would not be as extensive and now you can actually buy new quarters. I agree the price is too high, but to me, the AC would make this a great cruiser/go faster…

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  3. Patrick S Newport Pagnell Staff

    I still have a Super Bee emblem that I picked off the grill of one that was stacked like cordwood in a local junkyard by the mid ’70’s. Saw many Z/28’s,’Cuda’s,RR’s etc that met the same fate. If only I had a time machine…

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    • NovaTom

      Yep – I’ll never forget the perfect 67 Chevelle SS hood someone removed and layed on the ground next the car. It was stomped flat a week later from people walking over it. Sigh

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  4. JW454

    The pictures some people use in sale ads are laughable.

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  5. Poncho

    $25k for this rusted heap? Wow! To put things into perspective, regarding asking prices, I just bought a ’95 Corvette Convertible, 300 hp LT1, automatic for $5k. Needs a new top, 2 tires, a serious clean and detailing. Some small nickel and dime stuff. That’s it. A lot of car and fun with a drop top for $5k. People need to start asking themselves what can their money buy and shop around. these prices are getting out of hand and unless we stop paying those prices, things won’t change.

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    • Superdessucke

      Agreed, and you could have this beauty for 1/2 the money and outperform it in every way, shape and form..

      Of course, rationality has little to do with these sales. People want a piece of the past. That’s what they’re buying and that’s what’s being sold, and the market values it accordingly.

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  6. Comet

    Again with the dash pad fetish?

  7. Kelly G Waldrop

    Prices have been dropping even on the Mint Condition cars that will never see a highway. Yet another dreamer at 25 grand. Suffering from Mecum Barrett Jackson OD.
    Get help.

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  8. Tom Parker

    I have a 1969 Super Bee that I purchased at the top of the market many years ago. The owner had the car in a Maaco paint shop booth when I showed up to rescue it. I saved the car from the budget paint job, but it was probably my worst buy ever in that they have never climbed back up in value. I do not have any rust on mine other than the surface rust from sitting in partial primer all of these years. No frame or quarter issues. I will be interested to see where this ends up. If it is anywhere near 25K I will fall out of my chair.

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  9. Del

    2000 dollar car. even with upholstery kit included

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  10. Terry Bowman

    Looks like a part car that was put back together to look like a complete car. Also the 383 CI was on the lower end of the Super Bees. Without other photos, maybe $5,000. Lots of rust and rot. Not a prospect to spend a lot of time and money on.

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  11. mjf

    I think this guy has been given poor advice…
    Rust bucket that will need nearly everything rebuilt

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  12. Jeff

    Love this car!

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  13. george Mattar

    Ok, it needs quarter panels. That means AMD. Their garbage does not fit without hours of cutting, welding, etc. It is what it is. This car done and at Barrett Jackson would bring 35K to 40K tops. Pass on this rust bucket. I owned these cars in the early 70s, with the quarters already rusting. He says the trunk isn’t rusty. BS. If the rear window has rust, you know water got under that mat and rotted out the pan. At least it hasn’t been washed in 40 years to allow more water to get in.

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    • Bobby Fitz jr

      Amd parts actually fit great on these cars.I have a 69 bee now I’m restoring.I’ve put both quarters,both quarter drop off panels,both outer wheelhouses,rear body panel and trunk floor in all from amd without any cutting or modifications and they look great.I was born and raised in a body shop and been doing it professionally for over 15 years so my opinion is valid.frame rails is just a doesn’t mean it has a full c channel frame like a truck it also referrers too the u shaped channels welded to the floor boards to create the unibody construction of the car.I still think 25k is a lil steep needing a restoration.I would say it’s worth 15k.

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  14. Jim Turner

    These ol cars were beginning to rust when they left the factory. Sad, but true.

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  15. Llouis200

    If this car was a factory Hemi it may be worth it at 15 thousand. This car needs way to much work.

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  16. 38ChevyCoupeGuy

    CNN just broke the news that,in Southern California,there is a Dr.,who for a small fee will administer a shot,this shot is proven to rid of many syndromes including B/J Auto, Mecum, Reality 1hrTV, and To many magazines. Studies show it will help alleviate these and many other issues associated with broken dreams of retirement on a rust bucket.

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  17. 1980flh1200

    I like most classic and muscle cars tending towards Mopar but this. Is not a special car. You could buy a station wagon with a 440 that had more power and could outrun this easily. Take a stock coronet off the assembly line and put a superbee sticker on it triples the value.? No

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  18. Lynelle Nowlin

    My father gave this car to me on my 21’st birthday..Loved it.A beautiful black vinyl over yellow with leather seats.I am sure that many of the sellers on “BF” read comments on cars that are shown here.So why would”t a seller show comprehensive photos of a car they are trying to sell?Especially one like this over priced unit with no pictures of the engine.Photos of any part of a car can tell a lot about a car whether or not it’s in running condition.Let’s all of us get together here on “BF” and shout out to all potential sellers..PlEASE STOP THE OVER PRICING AND PLESE ADD PICTURES OF THE ENGINE IF THERE IS ONE!!!!.

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  19. Terry Bowman

    Good point, Lynelle. Maybe they don’t want to sell it, but if they get the crazy asking price they will. Are the ads paid for, if not they should be and this may stop or at least slow down the abuse of these sites. I have notice that the same or similar auto would be advertised at a high price and the other at a even higher price, to make it appear that the high price one is a good deal. DO YOUR HOMEWORK!!!!

  20. MoparTime

    You all don’t understand a driver Mopar do you. $7000 would be a steal for this car. Patch it or leave as is and drive it.

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