Numbers Matching Survivor: 1959 Chevrolet Corvette

This 1959 Chevrolet Corvette is the very definition of a barn find and it’s looking for a new owner. With only 9,670 Corvettes rolling off the block in 1959, how many can really be left as original as this one. I’ve always loved the look of the early barn find Corvettes and you don’t run across them all that often. Of the few short years I’ve been attending car shows I have only run across one and it was the star of the show. You can find this 1959 Chevrolet Corvette here on eBay in Deerfield, IL with a current bid of $28,810 and the reserve has not been met.

The seller states that the car has never been hit which is always what you want to hear when purchasing a classic vehicle. You can also see that some trim pieces and emblems are missing. Fear not because the seller claims to have thousands of dollars of NOS parts still in boxes that are included in the sale. Unfortunately, there are no pictures of any of these parts but the seller said that they will be provided sometime in the near future. The original wheel caps will also be included but once again we have no pictures. There is no mention of any rust issues with the car but judging from the pictures it looks pretty solid. The seller does say that the frame is in great shape which is two thumbs up in my book. The original paint shows its age but this car must have been stored in a dry environment because the harsh midwest winters would have eaten this car for breakfast over the years.

This is the best picture provided showing the interior and as you can tell, we can’t see much. All we can really make out is the tops of the seats which seem to show some wear with maybe a few small tears but nothing too drastic. Along with that, we can see the rear view mirror and the steering wheel. The rest is a mystery but the seller included his phone number looking to answer any questions you may have for him. The original paint seems to be in better condition on the sides than the top and the same goes for the removable hardtop.

The only information we have on this old 283 Cubic Inch V8 is that it’s the numbers matching engine. That’s great to hear but with no other information, we are left with many unanswered questions. Was it parked due to engine trouble? Does it turn over and how many miles are on the car? I believe that this Corvette would look great with a mechanical restoration leaving the exterior untouched. Should this classic Corvette be completely restored or do you believe the originality should be preserved?

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  1. DayDreamBeliever Member

    Another example of a seller going for the highest amount by providing the least information and documentation, while figuring that buyers will fill in the blanks based on hopes and wishes. Terrible photos, and not many of those. Solid frame, eh? Sure. I laugh every time I see a rare car on a U-Haul trailer. When Steve pulled the Satellite out of the woods, he had no choice, being states away from home. This may not be a “car guy” who found the Vette.

    Feedback on eBay is…. weird. Maybe has sold a boat or two? Sorry, but anyone truly interested in this car had better either view it in person, or have a pro inspection done. I find it hard to trust or even desire any correspondence with anyone who types in all caps, and claims “AT LEAST 8 THOUSAND DOLLARS WORTH OF THIS SH*T”, a pretty low-class way of referring to supposed NOS items which come with the car. Seriously, who has trouble resisting using profanity in a eBay listing? You type like you talk? Please.

    Here is a guess: This is the local “I know all kinds of stuff about all kinds of stuff” guy, who wound up with possession of this Corvette and everything related to it after the owner passed. The deceased had planned on doing a full restoration, but, as happens, never got around to it.

    For sure a valuable and real “Barn Find” Corvette. Unfortunately the ultimate buyer here may well have to metaphorically hold his nose to complete the transaction.

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  2. ruxvette

    “I MEAN EVERY NUT AND ORIGINAL BOLT IS STILL IN PLACE”…well, except for the side trim that “IS IN NOS PACKING”.
    Pictures are worthless. It appears to be a soft top car but no mention of that. Under hood has aftermarket parts, plus it looks like the motor threw up in there.
    It would need a complete inspection but at $30k it could be feasible.

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    • Andrew Eldritch

      @ruxvette. The only part that isn’t original under the hood, going by the pics, is the air cleaner. The Corvette script valve covers are correct, it has the generator, and it’s in the correct spot, the Vette’s had a chrome oil filler cap, it’s present, and it has the correct ram’s horn exhaust manifolds. The only thing under the hood that is missing is the chrome distributor shield. This guy bought it from a previous Ebay auction, which is still accessible, and in it, the seller (cousin of the original owner’s wife) said, ‘the frame has heavy corrosion, and would need to be restored’. He also said that it was indeed a soft top car, and the original owner’s widow said the top was there. The original owner bought it in 1961, but it has been sitting since the 80s, and was running and driving then.

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  3. Peter

    The blurry photos are the best (very professional looking)

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  4. David Rhoces

    what is this worth restored ?

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    • Andre

      If it’s truly a numbers correct car $85-95k range. I believe that’s the base 283 if original so that would hurt it a bit.

      If you can get a good deal on C1 project they’re one of the few cars (IMO) that you can do a full restonon and not take a bath.

      Although the cost of entry is higher it isn’t necessarily proportionate to the eventual value (again, IMO). You can spend the same $40-50k restoring an otherwise unremarkable ‘59 passenger car and have a $25-30,000 vehicle in the end.

      C1 Vettes are simple to work on and there’s lots of support. Can restore this for a substantial investment, but at least get your money back when you’re done having fun with them.

      – ‘56 and ‘57 Vette find/restoration/driven (a lot)/eventually sold

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    • Andrew Eldritch

      @David Rhoces. $80-90K.

  5. Patrick S newport pagnell Staff

    Jersey plates. “What Exit!”.

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  6. CS

    Mechanical restoration, 572 swap, zoomies out the front fenders, mini tubs in the rear, chassis bracing everywhere else, weld on the hardtop, and NOFEAR on the license plate.

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    • Andrew Eldritch

      @CS. How would you ‘weld’ a fiberglass hardtop to a fiberglass body? Only a total rube would hatchet a mostly complete and original ’59 Vette in the manner you describe, turning it into a P.O.S. with almost no value.

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      • CS

        Pretty sure the windshield frame is steel, as are the rear attachment points. But if you’re modifying a car to the extent I was suggesting, I think you know how to add the fastening points you need for a hard top.

        The nicest thing I can say about the condition of this car is that it’s tired. Every major system and component is going to need full restoration–and I’d hate spending anything on that boat anchor engine, so yeah, I’d make it something interesting. A Corvette dragster that shoots fire out it’s fenders and displaces more cubes than a Viper will be a million times more fun and get more attention at a show than any Gold Chain Gang DON’T THOUGH CAUSE IT’S FACTORY CORRECT but overpriced and mediocre 59.

  7. Houndawg

    I think this guy bought it and found out it was worse than it was advertised as. Car was on barn find last month. Seems he paid $26,110 for it.

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  8. Bob Baird

    NJ plates. All 1959s had black wheels. These are red. Wrong air cleaner and wrong oil fill cap. If the engine is original, it is the 230 HP single-WCFB base engine. It costs the same to restore a high-HP car as a low-HP car and, obviously high-HP cars are the ones in demand. IF the chassis is good and IF the $8,000 “worth” of parts is a big pile and not a small pile, then the car would have to be restored. To be an NCRS Bowtie (truly original), 85% of body and interior have to be original, 80% of mechanical and chassis must be original, AND it has to be in sufficiently good condition to serve as an example for those restoring a similar car.

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  9. nessy

    I think you guys just had this car featured only a few weeks ago. December 22nd? Same New Jersey plates and everything. Did everyone else miss that? Anyways, looks like someone pulled it out and is trying to flip it fast.

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  10. Gaspumpchas

    Thought I saw this one before, truly professional listing. Funny, if you are buying or consider buying without looking at it, and you have this guy using poor language and a know it all. Ok sparky, if every nut and bolt is there, wheres the ignition shielding? Did u try to see if it turns over?? Its up to Nearly 29 Large already. If its a really a Joisey car, look at the frame and birdcage. Sounds like the guy is motivated to sell, says if it doesn’t hit reserve he will entertain offers?? NOW- can u trust this guy?

    Sorry about the negativity–if this is your dream car, would be easier with more pics of the body and pics of the underbelly. Good luck to the new owner. Wonder what the reserve is??



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  11. BernieH.

    I”l bet money it no better than a parts car!!!. Iv’e never seen a 50’s Vette frame that didnt need repairs, especially in the rear sections, They also used SALT in New Jersey, lots of it!. I’d rather spent $$ on a finished car I can enjoy rather than $50,000 to end up with a $30,000 prize. AT age 75, Ive been at it for over 50 years, and can fix Lucas electrics stuff almost blindfolded.

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  12. DRV

    If under the hood is like that I guarantee that the frame is no good. The body looks very good but everything else will need replacement. Even the valve covers and exhaust manifolds are unusable. The body is probably worth 15k for someone who needs one for their restoration. The top is worth 4K if the windows are good and dated with the stainless trim being polishable.

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  13. oldsquid

    I loathe curbers. Not even off the trailer and already up with a poorly done advert. Jeez I wish people would stand firm for once and stop feeding these clowns, might see an actual price correction on cars.

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  14. Dave at OldSchool Restorations

    PLEASE…….. Stop the erroneous use of the word ” survivor ” when listing poor examples of cars like this that are in need of a complete restoration…

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  15. John

    So… what survived? This thing looks like an un- profitable mess!

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  16. Zippy

    Many have curbed a few vehicles over the years, but this…..this is just wrong, like another said, it’s not even off the trailer! And the poor pics! Buyer beware !

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  17. Danny Wahl

    This guy listing this has to be a real gem !!

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  18. ACZ

    Just another junk, poorly cared for old car(Corvette or not).

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  19. Del

    How could I possibly beat DayDreamBeliever ?

    He covered it perfectly. 😁

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  20. Wrong Way

    OMW, this is getting to be too hard on a ol’man! Since that black vette was posted I have been watching for a 64 or 65! OMW, this is even better! I have a pretty huge garage or barn wichever you prefer! This spring I am going to add another at least 50 feet on to it! I have it crammed with cars now! Too bad, because this would be on its way to my farm where it belongs! LOL

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  21. Andrew Eldritch

    More proof the guy doesn’t know what he’s talking about. He added to the listing, ‘engine code is T1126D’. That’s not a ’59 283 V8 engine code! They are all two letter codes, no numbers, and none in ’59 start or end in ‘T’ or ‘D’!

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  22. Andrew Eldritch

    Actually, after checking for the correct engine code, a ’59 Vette, with the single 4bbl and factory 4-speed, should be ‘CQ’.

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  23. Danny Wahl

    Person listing it doesn’t have a clue. Someone’s going to be very disappointed.

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  24. DayDreamBeliever Member

    “Flip It Fred” has attracted bids close to $3K more than the auction he bought from.

    I am scratching my head at how that might be possible. The two auctions are nearly one right after the other. How could bidders from this version have missed out on the first one?

    Here is a clue: The current high bidder has an interesting history, showing a single bid on each of 8 cars and one “parts” from 9 different sellers, all in the last 30 days. Not shown is whether any of those bids resulted in a win. Also documented is twenty eight (28!) retracted bids in the last 6 months. Eh, what? I do miss the old days for eBay, when you could actually see who was bidding on an item. In the way-back, I found and reported a guy who had two accounts and was shilling on his own stuff, and giving himself feedback in both directions. =:^0
    As I indicated earlier…. IMO this is a “stay back, and you won’t get burned” auction.

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  25. Alexco

    Can someone tell me where the metal bird cage is in a C1 corvette. I have restored/restro-mod a number of them and don’t recall ever seeing a bird cage. C2 Corvettes is a different story.

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