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Sixteen Or More Oddball Imports For Sale In New Mexico


Thanks to reader Bentleyguy for sending in this great find! There are a total of at least sixteen foreign cars offered for sale, and some are very unusual. They range from looking like a tuneup would have them ready to go to total project cars. All of the cars are located in Silver City, New Mexico and they are offered here on craigslist, with a separate ad detailing the seven (!) Fiat 850 Spiders here on craigslist.


Let’s start with those Fiat 850 Spiders. The seller tells us that he had 8 but one is gone already, that 7 have engines, 2 have hardtops and that he wants only $2,000 “or serious offer” for all seven! The cars don’t look very rusty and while they aren’t complete, I see some rare parts and certainly enough stuff to build up more than one car. There are some other interesting MG’s and Fiats in the background of these pictures that aren’t listed for sale in either advertisement–all the more reason to go take a look in person!


Here we have what’s listed as a 1959 MGA roadster. There’s no title or drive train, but the seller states the frame is solid. The asking price on this one is $1000. It’s pretty obvious that there is some right front damage; hopefully  that doesn’t include the frame as well. I’m pretty sure that’s a Triumph TR250 wheel (identified by it’s width and hubcap studs) to the right of the MGA; I wonder if there’s a car there to go with it? The GMC pickup in the background doesn’t look bad, either! The seller is asking $1,000 obo.


One of the rarer cars (at least in the US) in the group is this 1960 Opel Rekord. The seller tells us that it is complete, but has no title or key. It might be difficult to source a new windshield for this one; the only reference I found to one in the US was this five-year old thread. The seller is also asking $1,000 obo for this unusual German import.


You can bet if this one were closer, I’d be looking at it! This is a 1970 Fiat 128 racing car, with no drive train but a “great cage”. The seller is asking $750 for this car, which is less than the cost of a good roll cage if it is indeed one. I’ve seen a couple of these raced in budget endurance series. I wonder what that is under the tarp in the background?


Here’s a 1956 Hillman Husky, complete with it’s four cylinder engine. Unfortunately, there’s no title but all the glass is there apart from the windshield, and the body looks pretty solid. I think we had someone mention recently that they wanted one of these in our comments section; you may never get a chance again at this solid a car for only $750!


Unlike some of the other cars in this listing, this 1974 Opel Manta not only comes with its own drive train, there’s an extra engine and transmission with the deal for only $750! These make great little race cars as well!


This one really surprised me, as this looks like a fairly well-prepared Fiat 124 vintage race car that is claimed to have been a race-winner, complete with a spare car and a Florida title. It does need updating and a carburetor rebuild, as well as tires, but has its racing logbook that will help you gain entry to vintage races. This one’s not cheap, though, at $5,000.


Here’s one for the Francophiles, but I think this is just a parts car considering it has no engine, transaxle or title. However, this 1960 Renault Dauphine is only $300, so maybe someone with one needs some parts!


This Volkswagen Beetle is yet another race car. I’m guessing this may have been for small ovals, but who knows besides the seller? They only want $500 for it, although it doesn’t have an engine either.


Finally, we get to the one I’d probably be the most interested in. I actually like the way the rubber bumpers look on an MGB-GT, and we didn’t get many of them over here. This 1974-1/2 car has the rare overdrive transmission and a clear title, although it’s been sitting for 10 years. It looks to be really solid, though, and if it’s got minimal or no rust is more than worth the $2,000 asking price. It doesn’t hurt that I have two running MGB engines, one with a relatively fresh performance rebuild, sitting in my garage looking for a home! Given all the cars that are in the pictures but not in the ad, and the MGA coupe that is in the ad but not in the pictures, I’m wondering if there are any readers close enough to go take a look for us? It would be great to know more about these cars, and given the generally low prices, maybe you’ll take one or two home with you! Which of these finds is your favorite?


  1. Avatar photo jim s

    i too think there a lot of interesting vehicles in the background of the photos. i think i see the back of a midget/sprite in one of the photos. worth spending a day or more walking the place. great finds

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  2. Avatar photo Scotty G

    Nice! I love the Hillman Husky, and a quick search showed that there are a few windshields from other cars that would fit. The Fiat is an amazing little find, too. $1,500 for both ($1,000 cash?) and a person would have a couple of fun little projects, if that person was into wacky, little, obscure cars. I wish I had room for a project like those two but with 4 cars and 4 garage stalls, and with two old Yamahas and a 1930s inboard boat (Mullins) all needing to be gone through and all already in storage; dang.

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  3. Avatar photo Matt Tritt

    So many Fiat 850 Sports! I think it’s a shame that the European headlight version never made it over here, since they looked vastly better than the non-aerodynamic sealed beam frog eyes.

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    • Avatar photo Jamie Staff

      Matt, I thought a few early ones did…and look at Ryan’s picture below.

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  4. Avatar photo Ryan

    Seeing how all of these 850 Spider’s are going for $2000, it doesn’t leave me much hope with trying to flip one at an estate sale near me for my first classic car ever… Live and learn, I suppose.

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    • Avatar photo Jamie Staff

      Ryan, some of that is location and condition as well…it may depend on where you are, and how much rust! Yours does have the headlight covers that a lot of folks prefer…

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    • Avatar photo MikeG

      Looks like a little Miura with those headlights!

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      • Avatar photo Wiley Robinson

        It should, they used 850 Spider headlights for the Miura

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    • Avatar photo Sunday Driver

      I’ll take it.
      Is it still for sale?

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  5. Avatar photo AMC STEVE

    Does anyone know if the Opel Manta has an auto or manual?

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  6. Avatar photo Matt A.

    Isn’t that Herbie the Love Bug?


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  7. Avatar photo Wiley Robinson

    I emailed this guy a couple of days ago about the 128. He didn’t mention the year but it can’t be a 70 because 71 was the first year for the couple.

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