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Of Course It’s In California: 1966 Catalina Convertible

Where else would a beautiful Pontiac Catalina convertible be hiding out but California? And with black paint this shiny, it would be hard to hide any body defects! It’s located in Daly City near San Francisco (ah, to fly out and drive it home!) and is listed for sale here on eBay. I suspect bidding will go considerably higher than the $2,850 it is as I write.

To be honest, I’m pretty sure this car has been restored–I don’t know if the black paint from the Pontiac plant was even that shiny! But it does appear to have been kept to original specification, as opposed to a restomod. The seller claims 26,987 miles, which if true could mean the car looks this good and is original. If you’re interested, I’d start communicating with the seller now.

As I’ve stated before, I’m a big fan of these stacked headlight Pontiacs, and I’m in the market for a large 60’s-70’s American convertible. Sure does look like a nice one to me–I suspect too nice for my budget. But I can watch the auction and hope!

It shouldn’t surprise you at this point that the interior looks every bit as nice as the exterior, including pedal pad wear and that unusual steering wheel–I found a picture of a clearer one here. I would imagine finding one with the plastic intact like this must be unusual.

Although we don’t get to see a closeup of the engine, or any underneath shots, from everything I can see this is a really sweet car, whether restored or original. What do you Barn Finds readers think; is it restored? Can you find something in the pictures I missed that would prove it (apart from what must be repainted valve covers)? And what do you thing it should sell for either way? I look forward to your answers!



  1. Cerbera67

    Oh to have that here in the UK….that’s sweet

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  2. Woodie Man

    Barge.with a capital B! But a beautiful barge……strange listing. Obviously completely restored.and beautifully done. Now at 7k……I’m guessing seller wants north of 15 K.

    Whatever…this or the Maverick..hmmm what to do….me o my……talk about difficult choices! :)

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    • redwagon

      this is not a difficult decision. with a v8 and a ‘vertible – poncho all the way!

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  3. Al

    Too bad it is not a Pontiac Parisienne (um Canadian) that used to turn heads in California. They always thought mine was a one-off french version, hmmm.

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  4. Anthony Rodrigues

    It looks really nice, but i think it has been restored… the steering wheel should be clear given the condition of the rest of the interior and if it was an original 26,000 mile California car shouldn’t it be wearing its black license plates

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  5. 68 custom

    All it needs is a set of factory eight lugs, and dual exhaust, and my wife and I cruising to the beach.

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  6. Rustytech Rustytech Member

    I agree this has had at least a recent repaint, it is hard to believe that black paint could have remained that shiny for that many years. Beautiful car though. I won’t be surprised if this hits the low $20k and would be worth every penny.

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  7. John B

    As an active eBay seller-buyer with over 2000 transactions (non-automotive) I always get a bit squeamish when someone offers a potentially valuable vintage vehicle with ZERO feedback on the site. I believe everyone here should start slowly and establish a positive reputation before selling high-dollar items. Just sayin’…

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  8. Ben T. Spanner

    My Father had a 1962 Catalina convertible followed by a 1964 LeMans convertible and then a 1966 Catalina convertible in silver blue. The Catalinas were big but not like a Bonneville. I always thought the 1964 LeMans, Cutlasses etc were just about the perfect size.

    The 1966 was my favorite of any of his cars. It looked great and drove well.

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  9. George

    I love the car–I prefer the ’65 Catalina Body style, but I would love having this. I can’t imagine why he started the bidding at $2800. It would not scare many to start it at $7500. I assume he has a high reserve so there would be no problem starting it low and walking the bidder right up the ladder.

    I like this body style much better than the Chevy, Ford or Dodge offerings.

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  10. Djs

    Restored, carpet to nice

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    • Jacob

      I really have to disagree on judging originality based on carpet. I have a 65 Amc marlin which I bought from the original owners children. It has 70k miles and the interior is nearly perfect, the long shaggy type carpet looks brand new and that’s with 2x the mileage of this.

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  11. Marlon Smith

    We had a 66 Catalina Butternut Yellow with black ra.interior. One year body style. The 1st new car in my life time. Easily my favorite full size of that era….

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  12. MrF

    VIN looks a little fishy

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  13. John Hess

    Had one in 1970, blue/grey 2 dr., belonged to the Chevy dealers Sales manager
    mother. Was an absolute creampuff, inside and out. Son borrowed it one afternoon when I was working, dropped a cigarette in the seat. Came out and it was foggy, yep, smoke. Put it out, he was working so he replaced the seat, GREAT CAR,DRIVER. Parked in the front yard, wife sold it the next day(that’s what we did for Xtra $$$.

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  14. vintage collector

    Zero feedback, not a good description, its not a 2+2 so it really not that desirable.
    Remember anyone can claim ‘Barn Find’ or ‘Matching Numbers’ or ‘Actual Miles’
    Its the historical documentation that backs up these claims in the new world of internet marketing. Its currently at 10k and that is fair since your potentially buying sight unseen. 15k is retail and 20k is your grandfather had one took you for Sunday drives and money is no object.

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  15. Pontiac Man

    I asked a lot of questions but didn’t get any answers. I smell a scammer… here was his reply….

    Hi ,

    I want to let you know that the 1966 Pontiac Catalina is still for sale. I recently changed my job and relocated to Canada. The vehicle is here, too. Still titled in the United States so there will be no customs or additional fees to pay. Clear title, under my name. No accidents, non-smoker, garage kept, no issues.
    My asking price is $29,900. I don’t want to offend you, but the vehicle is priced for a cash deal so please if you intend to apply for a loan or financing keep in mind this will not work.
    Because of the amount involved and the distance, I want to use an US dealership for closing this deal. If you are not aware of how they work you should know that they will allow you to test drive and inspect the vehicle before I am paid. You will have 3 to 5 days for inspection, to decide whether you want to keep it or not before they actually pay me.

    Looking to hear back from you.

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  16. Pontiac Man

    The saga continues
    We ll call this one “of course it’s not in California”
    The car is in Canada in Prince George, BC, it is under consignment with the dealer who shipped the vehicle to me in Canada. They are professional and reliable.
    They can take care of documents, shipping and escrow the funds into one of their bank accounts, but i ll pay the fees for the shipping .
    I’m going to explain how the process usually works for a person who is not able to come and pick it up. Using the mentioned dealership as mediator you will have to secure the ,funds
    in a verified non interest escrow bank account, managed by them, until the inspection period ends. After I have the confirmation of funds secured from you and the dealer,
    the vehicle will be shipped to you. It will come with all the docs, including the title, service book, purchase invoice, keys, etc. The inspection period will start on the arrival date,
    you will have 5 days to take the vehicle to a garage, test drive it, check out the papers. You will get with it an used vehicle affidavit, a paper you will
    need to fill in with your decision when the inspection period ends and fax it over to the mediator. Based on the affidavit they will pay me, or refund you.
    If you find hidden defects, a salvage title, etc, anything else different from what I described you just need to fill in the affidavit and fax it over to the dealership.
    If you reject the vehicle, they will fully refund you.

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  17. Jacob

    I also think it’s a scammer. If you reverse image search the pictures from the ebay listing, you’ll find every single one came from a classic car investment company out of Arizona. They sold this car a couple years ago.

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  18. Jason

    ebay seller with 0 feedback. Bye!

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