Oklahoma Barn Find: 1969 VW Single Cab

UPDATE 7/11/2019 – The seller of this Single Cab apparently wasn’t happy with the lackluster bidding it received, so they’ve now relisted it here on eBay. This time they have set an asking price of $15,900. It seems a bit steep to us, but it is a fairly rare rig. Thoughts?

FROM 4/06/2019 – This 1969 VW Single Cab pickup has inspired me to address a slight tweak to my 1981 Toyota HiAce project I’ve been meaning to tackle. I have a set of original steel wheels with OEM hubcaps that would look very similar when installed, considering the wheels are freshly powdercoated and my van wears numerous battlescars like this barn find Bus, listed here on eBay with bidding over $8K and no reserve.

Although the pickup now resides near Jacksonville, Florida, it was found in an Oklahoma barn. Old workhorses like these (and my cargo van) just look right on steel wheels with some dish and smooth hubcaps, and it’s amazing how much of an improvement it makes on a cosmetically-tired VW like this. Fortunately, rust isn’t rampant and the seller has made numerous mechanical improvements that should provide the next owner with a Type 2 they can drive while they address the rust, which is located primarily in the cab floors.

This is an area on my HiAce I need to address, as rain water puddles down where the step into the cab meets the fender. It’s amazing how similar these designs are, or really any commercial-grade van made during the era of the Type 2. Fortunately, from what I can see in the photos, there’s relatively little rust elsewhere other than typical surface-level rust on most of the exposed surfaces. The interior looks livable aside from the rust in the floors, with untorn upholstery and decent door panels.

A ton of recent maintenance has been performed, and you should check out the eBay description for the full list. Some highlights include a brand new shifter assembly; full tune-up with plugs/wires/air filter/coil; brake job; fuel tank; new glass; ignition switch; engine heater tubes; and more. Lots more. Whether you use it as an advertising gimmick or a cool vintage parts hauler for your shop, there’s endless ways this nicely-weathered single cab will make you stand out in traffic. Please don’t ever paint it.


  1. Mountainwoodie

    That poor VW was marinated in humidity or water………dry Oklahoma? It must have been somewhere else for the majority of time.

    Leaving aside the constraints of money, why the seller wouldn’t fix the rust, paint it and ask more is perplexing.

    Batter get a typhus shot if you buy it.

    Still it would be pretty useful once its sorted out.

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  2. ccrvtt

    In my fuzzy recollection Oklahoma is home to the world’s fastest pickup trucks. This poor little guy must have been quite intimidated by the hordes of Fords, bevies of Chevies, and hodge-podge of Dodges that dominate the Sooner state.

    Agree wholeheartedly about the wheels on this and nearly any vehicle – if they look good everything else comes up a notch.

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  3. Gaspumpchas

    Being sold as an original patina vehicle? As opposed to ??? I’ve seen worse, but when you are da’ing the body down and go thru the “patina” then have a gaping rot hole, all bets are off. The buyer seems upfront with description and pics. Caveat emptor, these things rust everywhere. Good luck to the new owner.

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    • James Martin

      Vw guys are crazier than the mopar guys. Atleast uf you pay so outrageous price for a charger. You get a CHARGER. When you pay outrageous money for a vw. YOU STILL HAVE VW! WOW! just not for me I guess.

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  4. RexFox Member

    It appears that these wheels are wider than stock, which is one reason they look so good.

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  5. art

    Why would someone want to leave this poor Bus in a rusted state? This rust will continue if not stopped in its’ tracks and after all these years, it deserves rust removal and a fresh coat of paint to allow it to last into the next 50 years for someone else to admire and drive. This Bus has earned a new coat of paint by merely surviving this long. Patina..sha-mina…this is pure rustina!

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  6. Steve S

    I’m with you art there is no such thing as “patina” rust is rust no matter how you look at it. Remove all the rust. Fix what needs fixed in the body from sanding and removing the rust. Then paint it back to the original color and fix the floor boards and anything else and then enjoy the vehicle.

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  7. Fred H

    Oh another price reduction surprise….surprise…surprise……………

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  8. Todd Van Winkle

    Never a big fan of Bay Window busses, but always liked the bay Single Cabs..so cool looking…

  9. KevinLee

    Nine comments and no mention of Mike Wolfe?

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