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BF Exclusive: Old REO F-20 Truck

REO F-20 Truck

UPDATE 9/16/16 – The owner has decided to hang onto this one instead of selling it.

From Marc V – This REO truck was left in my Quonset. I know very little about it other than the tires are still aired up. The engine has been covered from the top only with plastic.  I’m guessing it’s stuck, but didn’t get to putting a wrench on it.

Gold Comet

Inside – the seat is about gone, but the key is present. One window is cracked. Otherwise, I think everything is accounted for. I’m heading back to the farm this weekend and can get more pictures or detail if anyone is interested.  Thanks!

REO Grill

This big boy is located in Larimore, North Dakota and Marc would like to get $3,000. You can contact him here via email if you’re interested, but be sure to ask about the title or lack thereof. Thanks for listing this one with us Marc! We hope it finds a home. If any of you have a forgotten classic that needs gone, please let us know!


  1. geomechs geomechs Member

    There were a few of these on farms well into the 60’s. Well made, although they were still running Crash boxes while others were using synchos. Still they were trucks you had to kill with a stick because you sure couldn’t work them to death. I would love to take on a project like this, had I the place.

  2. redwagon

    north dakota centennial was 1989 and the plate has a sticker that says 12-89. if the farmer gave up farming or got a new truck this one may have been running as late as 1990. wow.

    Sure would be nice to know if the engine turns or not. mileage?

  3. Howard A Member

    These ads are a little odd with no links. Kind of leaves you hanging, but the year is hard to tell, they changed little, could even be a late 40’s. I do know it is a F22 and probably has the 331 “Gold Comet” OHV in line 6 motor with 128 hp. Actually, these were pretty common, and came in just about every configuration. They were good trucks. Here’s the dash. Just love a 4 spoke steering wheel.
    I guess it doesn’t matter what the mileage is, going to have to be redone anyway. Unless you’re doing the farm thing or to show, probably should be updated. Cool find

  4. Fogline

    Wondering if that is some kind of dump bed.

    If it was closer…. Can’t imagine it is very light for trailering across two mountain ranges.

    • Kevin

      It’s a grain box most likely with a hydraulic tilt bed. Common for all US/Canada farming areas, including here. I know of one 7 miles away that I saw in high school. I’m 59 now.

      • Kevin

        The truck 7 miles from me was in a shelter belt of trees and rarely, if ever sees the sun. Sitting next to it was a Model T concrete truck and a REO Speedwagon. How cool is that? Odds are, they’re still there along with several other old vehicles. Many buildings on the ‘dead’ farm, I wonder what cool stuff is hiding in them. He owns several farms and hundreds of acres of expensive farmland at around $20K/acre. (NW Iowa is very fertile.) Most of the farm places have had no occupants for decades. I thought he looked old back in 1974 but he’s still kicking. I can’t wait for the auctions!

  5. Snotty

    Grew up driving a 47 International KB-5. Great lines on these trucks,this truck has a straight nose/cab. Lot’s of potential.Would love to own.

  6. Snotty

    Beautiful truck “old time” grain hauler,this ole brute easily has outlived the grain box.


    Asking for the mileage on this old girl, is like asking a woman how old she is. This truck deserves that for just hanging around this long. If this truck was a dog, it would be a great big, lovable, slobbery bulldog. So ugly and gregarious, that you couldn’t help but love it. New varnished oak stake bed, and some fresh paint would prove you can put lipstick on a pig. And you would be the only action in town, love this beast.

  8. Jim

    Very cool truck. But unless there is a title, I cannot import thqt truck into Canada.

  9. Jay M

    No start + No title = No Sale
    Not sure how the new property owner arrived at the $3,000 valuation, seems rather optimistic.
    Up here in Manitoba there are still quite a few early 1950’s F22’s around.

    • Kevin

      No title = the license plate is on it! Do a title search with the ND DOT. If that fails, apply for a title, get it bonded and in little time, voila! you have a clear title.

      It’s definitely overpriced. IMO, $1500 would be a bit too much.

  10. Howard A Member

    If one goes on a search for REO’s, a lot come up. There’s this “Dick and Mike’s HotRod Garage” I think in Minot, that has a bunch of trucks, and a few REO’s. They seem to set the price on these older units, and I’m sure that’s where this person got the $3,000 figure from. And that’s ok, after all, we all like to get as much as we can for something. There was a time when you could get these trucks for $100, and drag them out of a field. Realistically, I’d be surprised if they got $1,000 for this. Perhaps they aren’t mechanically inclined, which is usually the case, but I’d clean it up, maybe get it running. Be a whole different ball game. Still a neat find and make no mistake, the supply of these kinds of finds are dwindling, so if you want one, better get one now.

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