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Old Street Racer: 1970 Plymouth Road Runner

The Road Runner was meant to be an inexpensive muscle car without all the frills. Plymouth increased the performance while cutting out the non-essentials. Sounds like a good plan to us. This 1970 Plymouth Road Runner has seen many a stop-light drag, but ended up parked in this garage. The seller has finally had the sense to let it go so someone can give it the restoration it deserves. Find it here on eBay out of Waretown, New Jersey with the bidding at $5,000.

As a teenager, I remember finding a Road Runner parked outside of a trailer house on the end of a road not far from my house. I would pester my parents to drive up there just so I could take a look. It was sitting on blocks and the tin worm had started to leave its mark, but I would always visualize what it could look like with a “little work”.

Eventually I mustered up enough courage to knock on the door. I figured it had been sitting out there for so long that they would probably be happy to have it hauled off. Well, they answered the door and I asked. They countered in a gruff tone with the traditional response I have heard many times since, “I am going to restore it one of these days”. Well, that day never came and eventually the car disappeared.

Luckily, the owner of the featured car has decided to sell it before it completely rots away. They ramble on about street races and a divorce in their listing, but the important thing to remember here is that the numbers-matching 383 and manual transmission are still in place. The seller also claims that the uprated suspension and rear end were installed by the dealer when new for street racing antics.

Rust has taken its toll on this old bird. A few repairs were attempted at some point, but other than the primer spots, the rest of the paint is claimed to be original. Not that it matters much because this one is going to require a complete makeover. Maybe I just have a soft spot for this car because of the barn finding memories of my past, but I really hope this one can be saved.


  1. Ed Morris

    I had one the same color when I was 17. Wish I had it now!

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  2. Clyde Armstrong

    Junk is junk . I wouldn’t pay over a grand for it . I would definately take it on and give it the respect it deserves with a complete resto accordingly . Remember don’t crushem , restore them . Just cause they are junk now does not mean you should toss them away ,
    sell it to someone who will restore it .

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  3. jack

    thats far from junk.. it looks to be pretty complete and not in too bad a shape for being untouched for years. well worth a good resto provided the price is right. it’s in no way worth tons of money as is but, its wort all of 1000 or more being its not thrashed or rotted out.. even a non pro, semi re-do on this one would fetch some serious money… worth the risk in my book.. if i was a dodge guy, ide be asking more questions.. good luck with it ..

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  4. Loits

    I hope it gets saved but 5k will get a better car than that

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  5. James

    A Mopar lover in the Boston area would pay about 4 -5 thousand for this car as is maybe more.

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  6. chris

    most it deserves is about 1.5K. No way is it worth 5K

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  7. Roger D. O'Bier

    That car is a very rare find and looks to me in good shape for being untouched for 42 years .The worth is how bad someone wants it.

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  8. Chris in WNC

    interesting rambling description on eBay.
    wonder why people think we give a hoot in hell about their divorce…..

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  9. Gnrdude

    Omg The Seller is BAT-Sheite Nuts But All and all It’s Not a bad one Especially considering it’s a yankee Car the rust is relatively Minimal. Though sadly the Idiot Took the Motor half apart and left it Instead of keeping it Lubricated properly & I don’t even Want to know whats going on With the Bell housing Floor Area. Though for 8K$ you could get on that ran I’d give him 2500-3000$ for this one.

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  10. Chris

    The car stance makes me think it really does have the dealer installed heavy duty suspension and rear end. Be nice to know if it has the Dana locker 4.10 rear end. Depending on the engine and chassis build codes, this might have been a serious street racer. Worth a real close look as this could be a real racer. Don’t worry about that 383, parts galore are still available. One of Mopar’s best muscle car efforts. A good one is just a no nonsense, no frills, strong and cheap racer. Beeb,beep.

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  11. AMCFAN

    Untouched?? Really? Looks pretty hammered to me. Untouched means original Ralley rims, exhaust manifolds, no missing parts off the engine, no hacked up interior hacked up transmission tunnel and have a trans. Means the person drove it and put it in the garage. This car had the hell beat out of it. Had parts broken and replaced. Had parts switched and taken apart and stolen. Why waste your time this isn’t a find. These rusted Mopars are all over the place in the same and better condition. There are a million Road Runners…….um because they were cheap. There are still a million around maybe more. Wonder how many Sattelites that are now Road Runners with all the catalog repop and jap parts being imported. What a POS. This car will be on ebay again because the high bidder will realize that for a few dollars more he can find one and drive it home or the kid working at the sunglasses hut in the mall won’t have the funds to follow through!

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  12. FRED


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  13. Larry

    The car is worth every penny of 5k.This car fixed up will fetch a good price.You cannot buy these anymore and they will never produce another one like this.

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  14. James Capp

    Growing up in the 60’s – 70’s I’ve seen these cars first hand new, back than when you ordered a new car you could have it built the way you wanted. You paid extra but you knew what you had. For what this car is, its well worth it. I’m a Ford fan who has built a couple of cars back than. When I see cars like I built or had back than & what they are going for is crazy. A 64′ Fairlane with a 289 High Pro. I built, when I got tried of that I stripped the Fairlane & bulit a 64 Faclon, I picked up fo $50.00 mint body, bad engine. One of these same cars are going for any where from $2500.00 to $15OO.00 and above. I would love to build something today, but cost is ridiculous unless your doing all or most of the work yourself, like I did back than. Good Luck to who ever gets this car!!

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  15. robert

    what is up with the clamp under the glove box?

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    • Jeff

      My guess, it was for a fire extinguisher. I put one in my 70′ Torino 429CJ back in HS for mainly looks, it was cool and you never know.

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  16. Al Neri

    I suspect most reasonably priced collector cars never make it to Craiglist or eBay because they are scooped up by friends, family members or acquaintances. So the ones that land on the internet tend to be aggressively priced with high reserves. I watch 1965-66 GTOs on eBay. Very few get sold and most are relisted several times.

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  17. sam

    ill take it

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  18. ed

    At one time I had two 70 roadrunners, one black with a 383 in it with airgraber hood and a burgandy with 440 in it. Love roaderunners wish I could get me one someday.

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  19. matt

    i have to ask, has anyone ran the vin on this car to see who all owned it? just curious, my grandfather had one identical to the one pictured.

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