Older Restoration: 1953 Cadillac Sixty-Two

OK, fresh off of a “controversial” 1950 Cadillac Sixty-Two convertible post, let’s shift our attention to this extremely nice 1953 Model 62 hardtop. Listed as an older restoration, it still shows beautifully. Now out of long-term storage, this fine Standard of the World representative is located in Deer Park, New York and is available, here on eBay for a current bid of $13,600 with six bids tendered so far. Thanks to T.J. for this tip!

As for the “older” restoration, it occurred in the ’80s which means it could be 40 years+, and if that’s the case, the effort has survived the test of time. There’s no elaboration on what the restoration entailed so it could have been extensive – steel work and what have you or more minor as in a freshening. The Tunis Blue finish still has depth and shine and the chrome work displays a thorough luster – dagmars included. I’m on the fence but I think white wall/stripe tires would be a help in the overall presentation.

We are told that this Caddy hasn’t been driven in years but the 210 HP, 331 CI V8 engine, rebuilt at the 80K mile mark, “runs and drives well“. Also mentioned is the recent draining and cleaning of the fuel tank, rebuilding of the carburetor, and installation of a new battery and aluminum radiator – the original copper radiator is included in the sale. Gear changes come about thanks to this car’s Hydramatic automatic transmission.

A deviation from original has occurred inside where new cloth upholstery resides but it’s not the same material, pattern, or fabric as the original. If you’re going for show points I could see where this would be a point of consternation but in reality, it’s a neat and clean environment that works perfectly for a driver-quality car. And, it’s not a huge deviation as the replacement upholstery does mimic the original’s vinyl and cloth combination. The instrument panel is a bit more constrained than what is frequently found in cars of this era but it appears to be in fine shape with clear gauges.

Of note, this Sixty-Two hardtop has Cadillac’s first-year, trunk-mounted Frigidaire A/C system but it’s in non-working condition. I wonder how difficult it would be to return it to serviceable form?

This is a no-reserve auction, and the bidding action is still in reasonable territory – certainly reasonable for what this car is. There are almost three days to go still, so this Cadillac will be worth watching. I think someone is going to end up with an exceptionally fine mid-century luxury car, wouldn’t you agree?


  1. bobhess bobhess Member

    Beautiful example of one of Cadillac’s cleanest designs before they went into outer space.

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  2. Shawn Fox Firth

    “As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be a gangster.” .. .

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  3. 19sixty5 Member

    Sexiest tail lights ever. Should this car have the rear plexiglas rear AC ducts at the rear window. Sweet looking ride, and yes, whitewalls.

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  4. Angel_Cadillac_Diva Angel Cadillac Diva Member

    Yes, it really should. With the plexiglass tubes, a/c vents are on the roof above each door and rear side windows on the Coupe. This I believe, comes straight out of the package shelf with fans.
    My 1956 Fleetwood had the plexiglass tubes. Miss that car.
    And no Cadillac from the 50s, 60s and 70s should be without whitewall tires. That’s a law! Kidding, it isn’t, but should be

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    • 370zpp 370zpp Member

      Angel, and I say this with the utmost respect; we would love to see a photo of you standing next to that 56 Fleetwood.

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      • Angel_Cadillac_Diva Angel Cadillac Diva Member

        Wow! 370zpp, that was such a long time ago. i was 13 and in the 8th grade. To be honest there are no pictures of me with it. I might have taken 1 or 2 of the car itself, but I’d never be able to find them. Shoot, I’m 69 now, way too many years in between.
        It didn’t run and I wasn’t very mechanical back then. Instead of putting it in a barn and wait for me to learn about motors, my father junked it. Came home from school and it was gone. 😥

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  5. Johnny

    Sold for $18,100. Alot more car–better car and more for the money . Then any new car or truck is today. That is a really nice car. Sure wished I had it and a nice place to put it in. Congratulations to the new owner.

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  6. Bunky

    The first car I remember riding in was a ‘53 Sedan de Ville. (4 door sedan). It was originally all the same blue as the lower portion of this car- then Dad added a white “top cap”. Quite an automobile. We made yearly treks each summer from Seattle, back to the “Old Country” – MinneSOTA. Dad literally passed everything on the road. I remember him saying that he got 21-23mpg “flat out” on those trips. Pretty impressive. ‘53 was a banner year for Cadillac-Quadrajet 4 barrel on an OHV V8, backed by a hydromatic. Subject car is a nice one- too bad they cheaped out on the upholstery.

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  7. Thomas N Crum

    Caddillac had two offerings of 2 door hardtops: Coupe and Coupe De Ville. This is a couple I am sure. I do not see the script indicating De Ville. thus why the interior is very plain and also no power windows or seat.

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  8. George P

    My Father Had One This exact color except for the roof was white and that is what my mother told me I still have a black & white picture with my father holding me when I was just born in front of his new baby blue 53 Cadillac and holding his newborn son

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  9. Shuttle Guy

    Sold $18K. Great “Dagmar’s” both front and back!

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  10. Oregonman

    I Learn to drive in one of these on Pismo Beach down in Southern California in the late 60s it was my grandmothers car gray on gray ivory steering wheel automatic transmission. My cousin has the car now all torn upsrt in his barn he’s “been going to get to it” for almost 30 years now….whatever

  11. TheOldRanger

    I was age 11 when this came out, and I loved it. Back then, Caddy was “top of the line” and always something to aspire to.
    The person who gets this has a great piece of history and I’m sure they will take excellent care of this one.

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  12. George P

    You Know after I posted about my father owning one similar to this one, I forgot to mention from 2003 to 2009 before I had to retire, I worked at a Cadillac Power Plant assembly line where we built the power train for those Cadillac’s front and rear

  13. Carbob Member

    Well bought. And with no malice intended, a whole bunch more car than a tri-five Chevy which would be twice as much in equivalent condition. I’m in the minority but I kind of like the black walls with this paint color.

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  14. Lemonpie

    I believe First year for 12 volt batt and power steering….i had a 52 with 6 volt and no power steering

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