One Careful Family: 1977 Ford Granada


This 1977 example of Ford’s purported Mercedes rival has been owned and obviously loved by the same California family since new until now. It’s located in Grass Valley, California and is offered for sale here on eBay. The buy-it-now price is $3,000. Where else are you going to find a V-8 powered “sport coupe” with less than 46,000 original miles for that kind of price? Now I’ll be the first one to say that the Granada wasn’t a real competitor for the Mercedes, despite advertisements to the contrary, but it is a pretty decent example of a mid-70’s car. The interior is gorgeous and I’ll be honest, if this were in North Carolina I’d be going to pick it up today. We have a 2002 Toyota Camry that is our “extra” car; I’d love to replace it with this Granada. Would you be interested?


  1. dj

    It’s gone. $2800 seems like a good price for it. Even if you didn’t want it as a “collector car” you could drive it and enjoy the crap out of it.

    • jim s

      yes, that is also what i was thinking. .

  2. JW

    My Dad had one of these it was Silver with a maroon crushed velour interior, it also had a maroon full vinyl top, it was a very nice car. Ford did pay to have it repainted after a year because the silver paint started flaking off, seems Ford had a problem with their silver paint that year. Yes I agree I would have bought this car in a minute for a spare vehicle if it was closer.

  3. James

    not the Granada shape im used to. heres the Granada we got on this side of the pond as they say. sadly we only got a v6

  4. Rich

    We used to have a ’79 Mercury Monarch sedan that was the sister car of this. It was actually a very nice car at the time.

  5. Blindmarc

    Someone got a good deal on this one!

  6. Ed P

    I liked the formal look of the Granada’s. I just could not afford one at the time. Somebody got a good deal!

  7. Fred

    My parents had a 4 door Ghia with a 302. Very nice driving car, great balance of small car and luxury feel. Quite peppy for the era and they never had any issues with it. Edit: these are really hard to find now, I searched both Ebay and my local Craigslist, which usually have one of anything, and found nothing.

  8. Banged my head

    My cousin had I believe a 1974 2DR sport . It was black with burgundy accents and burgundy interior with buckets and a console. it had a magnum type wheel on it and get this it was a 302 4 speed. We had a freaken blast in that thing running around as kids in our teens. It was the only one I ever saw like that. Wow the memories.

  9. don

    my grandparents had one, two door, all options, and stick shift, i would have bought this if had found out about it sooner! :(

  10. RandyatBBY

    I know some 1977 Granada’s had 9 inch rear ends with disk brake options. popular under Hot Rods

  11. Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff
    • jim s

      if it says in the same price range or less they both might make great drivers. great finds.

  12. Will

    In Sept of 75 my Dad bought his last car. It was a blue 75 Granada. 6 cyl 3 on the column with power steering and brakes and no other options. It had a sticker price of 3800 dollars. He made one payment on it of $125 before being forced to retire due to lung cancer. Insurance paid it off. He drove it for 18 moths before he died. I got to drive it when I first got my license. My friends all had muscle cars (they were very inexpensive by the late 70s, cheap enough for high school kids) but we normally used mine for cheaper fuel costs and the four doors. That car fueled my love of base model cars that remains to this day. What still amazes me is that they were considered small cars at the time.

  13. Luke Fitzgeald

    That reminds me – there is a 78 Mercury Zyther (is that right?) that was for sale in my town with 40k on it – silver coupe with what appears the popular Ford blood red interior and top – very good condition with a trunk full of NOS parts – even uglier than this thing (does that matter any more?) 6 cylinder floor shift auto – old dude wanted super money for it a few years ago ( 8 large in AUS$ ) – might go and have another look – what do you think?

  14. Jim Marshall

    I sold these new back then. Not a bad car for the times and sold well. I even bought one used, a Ghia 4 door with a 6 cylinder for the wife to drive.

  15. shiro1303 Member

    Had a ghia two door with the 6 cyl auto in highschool in the 80’s think I paid 800 bucks for it great running car to bad it was in New England and was rusty as could be.

  16. pontiactivist

    I had a 79 2Dr in high school. Transplanted 351w gold tan interior aluminum slots tinted glass. I loved that car. Young and stupid I put it between two trees and took both sides off of it from bumper to bumper. Even my 76 ess 44speed parts car couldn’t save it.

  17. Jay

    My ex wife had a two door 1976 Mercury Monarch which we bought in 1986. The car was in great shape, perfect body and interior. It was black with a red landau roof and red interior with bucket seats with a floor shifter. It had a 302 with an automatic. I would love to have this car today. We sold it because it had a stalling problem that we could not fix even with a carb rebuild. It was a beautiful car though.

  18. Bob C.

    Back in 1984 I bought a blue 1975 sedan.It was part of an estate and it was sitting awhile. It had a 302 in it and was pretty quick. However, It began nickel and diming me to death, so I sold it to my sister for short money and she got another 4 years out of it. Who knew?

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