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One Family: 1938 Chevrolet Master Deluxe


This 1938 Chevrolet Master Deluxe 2 Door has been owned by the same family since new and was just recently pulled from the family barn, where it had been for the past 30 years. Sadly, after sitting for all these years it is no longer running and is going to need work. The original owner’s grandchildren have decided that it’s time for it to go to a new home, so they have enlisted a local restoration shop to sell it for them here on eBay.


After a good bath, this Master Deluxe looks good. The seller claims the body is solid, but that there is rust in the floors. While the body panels look clean, the rust in the floors look serious to us and could prove to be a major undertaking. The barn it was housed in had cement floors, but it also had a rodent issue. This would explain the condition of the interior and the rust in the floors, as rat’s nests can wreak havoc on a car.


Of Chevy’s Master line, the 2-door Deluxe is the most desirable so many have been turned into hot rods. Finding an untouched survivor is rare, but restoring this one could get expensive. Not only does it need metal work, but all the mechanical systems will need to be gone through. The original straight-six is in the car, but is seized and will need to be rebuilt or replaced. Let’s just hope the family hasn’t set the reserve too high, but given how long they have owned it, we understand that it might be difficult to let it go.


  1. jim s

    with a stuck motor and all the rust i think someone is going to buy this to hotrod not restore.

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  2. geomechs geomechs Member

    I hope it gets restored to original. It’s complete and should remain that way; there just aren’t enough of them left. As far as hot rodding it is concerned, the floors have still got to be replaced. As far as a stuck engine is concerned, I’ve never let one of them get in my way. I’ve unstuck some pretty hopeless engines, even some that have sat outside and had them running again.

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  3. Colum

    Geomechs I defo agree they’re I no it’s not as rare and old but I’ve got a 63 hillman imp and a few more 65 n 67 back to the point the engines was seized solid abit of red diesel and a wiggle on fly when after about 3 weeks they’re fine just need cleaning up reay to go hope it gets restored to original no matter how much work is involved as everyone says they’res to many hot rod versions they look smart yes but so would a nice original! Hope it gets sorted :)

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  4. Jim-Bob

    What’s nice is this is a Chevy, not a Ford, so it has a more modern OHV engine, hydraulic brakes and an independent front suspension. The bad side of a Chevy? Fischer Body used wood as part of the structural framing of the body. So, in addition to new floors this might require a bit of carpentry (unless I am wrong on the date they went all steel). Either way, I would like to see this as a sympathetic restoration. Get it running, get it safe, replace the floors and stabilize the rust then leave it as-is. The body may not be perfect, but the paint has a decent level of age to it (original?) and it would be a shame to make it perfect. The interior is wasted so I think that should be done properly as well. I just don’t want to see it turned into another sterile restoration where all of the life has been restored out of it. Perfection is boring.

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    • bob

      1936 chev. advertising stated “solid steel from toe to heel”(no wood).
      Ebay ad states that car was originally black.

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  5. James Hall

    I would like to see this kept original but lets be honest If you think that rust is bad you aint seen nothing… if this was in the UK there would be no metal left. there’s boys over here would do the metal work on that within a few weeks. the old MK2 escorts sometimes take months of welding

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  6. rancho bella

    I like stock stuff. Although if a modern drive train were to be installed it would not be the end of the world. Keep the appearance stock

    But, for heavens sake don’t turn it in to one of the tasteless hot rod looking things…….that ship has sailed along with Hawaiian shirts and gray go-tees………

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  7. Bruce R. Colbert

    Lovely old sedan !
    Is that a ” port-a-wall ” on the left front tyre ?
    Anyone remember those ? Had em on my ’49 Ford.
    Worked good for a few months, then flapped in the breeze.

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    • jim s

      yes i do remember port a walls. they worked just like you said.

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  8. twwokc

    I agree, do what you can to keep it original. Cant be many left in this shape.
    I bet it goes cheap and then becomes a street rod though.

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  9. ConservativesDefeated

    Ah Yute…….takes me back to the rusty, springs sticking through the seats, 1948 Chevrolet I had hidden in the woods by my high school in 1970.

    Many a night…into day……. was spent bombing around in that unregistered Fifty dollar rolling piece of art……the smell of an unnamed substance wafting from the rear windows………

    Teenagers raising hell………..I’m shocked!

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  10. Rob T.

    What exactly would you mean by “the smell of an unnamed substance wafting from the rear windows”….?😤😤😇 Pretty sure I remember that sweet smell myself buddy! Ha Ha Ha!!

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