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One Family Owned: 1968 Chevrolet Chevelle Malibu

This 1968 Chevelle Malibu has several factors in its favor for prospective buyers. The first is that the engine bay houses its original V8 engine. The second is that it has belonged to the same family since it was new. When you add in the fact that it has spent its life in sunny California, this is a classic that should spark its share of interest. The owners have decided that it is time to sell a member of their family, so they have listed the Malibu for sale here on craigslist. It is located in Hayward, California, and the sale price has been set at $23,000 OBO. I have to say a big thank you to Barn Finder MattR for referring the Malibu through to us.

The owner refers to the originality of the vehicle, but we know that this doesn’t extend to the wheels. I’ll cut them some slack on that because I do think that they suit the character of the car. If the buyer doesn’t like them, then sourcing the correct wheels and hubcaps shouldn’t be an issue. Beyond that, I can’t see any other aftermarket additions. The Malibu is finished in Medium Blue and is 1-of-46,218 Chevelles to wear that shade in 1968. The only color that was more popular in that year was Ivory Gold. Complimenting the Blue paint is a White vinyl top. It isn’t clear whether the paint is original, but I do wonder whether there might have been some panel damage at some point. The front fender and the door on the driver’s side don’t align well, and there also seems to be a slight color inconsistency between those panels and the rest of the car. It might be nothing, but it would also be worth investigating if you are considering purchasing the vehicle. There is also a dent right at the bottom of the rear quarter panel on the same side. This looks like the car has ridden up over something like a rock. The rest of the car looks good, and I can see no apparent rust problems. The vinyl top is in good condition, and I can’t spot any issues with the trim, chrome, or glass.

Powering the Malibu is a 327ci V8, while the vehicle also features a Powerglide transmission, power steering, and power front disc brakes. It isn’t clear which version of the 327 we are talking about here, but I don’t necessarily believe the decal on the air cleaner. That appears to be a case of poetic license because, with the Powerglide transmission, the engine should be producing either 250 or 275hp. The owner describes the Chevy as being ready to go, which I take as meaning that it runs and drives well. The general presentation of the engine bay is tidy for a vehicle of this age. It is reassuring not to spot any evidence of fluid leaks or any signs of coolant stains. He also states that there is a collection of small parts included in the sale, but doesn’t elaborate on what these are.

The Chevelle’s interior is generally tidy, and it has no immediate needs. There are a few marks on the seats, and a button is missing off the seat back on the driver’s side. Otherwise, the rest of the upholstery looks quite tidy. The door trims have been cut to fit a set of speakers, and an aftermarket stereo has been installed in the dash. However, the original radio is included in the sale. There is a cover over the dash, so we can’t see the state of the pad. Hopefully, the cover has only been fitted for protection, and not to hide the San Andreas Fault. Given that the vehicle has spent its life in California, I’m not surprised to see that it was ordered with air conditioning.

As always, if someone is serious about a classic like this 1968 Malibu, I would always recommend an inspection to confirm that all is well. You can see the panel alignment issue that I referred to in this photo, and that is something that I would want to check more thoroughly. Those of you who are regular readers will know that I have a strong preference for classics that have spent an extended period with the same owner. Those are cars that tend to be treated with respect, which is generally why they have survived so long with that owner. This car has been with the same owners for 52-years, which is about as long-term as it gets. That’s why if everything does check out, this could be a tempting classic to park in your driveway.


  1. A.G.

    The car appears to be equipped with A/C.

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  2. Stangalang

    With a little bit of work that 327 could make that much power…and it is ac equipped. What a beautiful car

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  3. Big_Fun Member

    Hmm…Powerglide, eh? So. Probably a 3.36 gear in the back. Might have to fit a 2004R in there for better driveablity. Paint the aftermarket door speakers the same blue as the door panels to be stealthy. And a right hand outside mirror to make it easier to back into the garage.
    Sharp ride to drive with your own personal tweaks.

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  4. Tim

    One of my bucket list cars. Well 396 4sp but I think if I had 20k I’d really consider this one. Looks pretty clean.

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  5. CaCarDude

    I have always liked the body style on this year Chevelle, also like it having factory A/C. The 327 was IMO one of the best little V8 that GM made. It needs a 4 spd however, never liked the 2 spd powerslide. One big red flag about the car history I do not understand is where did the original Black plates go? If the car has spent its life here and especially being one family owned they should still be with the vehicle. The white plate starting with the 8 would be from the early 2000’s.
    A good question for the seller first and I would recommend a much needed personal inspection before shelling out the green on this Malibu.

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  6. Jack Member

    Nice car and I hope they leave it alone. This car probably has a 3.07 rear and wouldn’t be considered to be a speed demon. If it has the 327 275 HP engine it probably would run 15.9-16.4 like the stock one I owned. That car would stay in low gear until 65 MPH where it would shift. The 40-60 mph times were respectable for what it was.

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  7. Randy

    Has anybody noticed that the steering wheel is from a Pontiac not sure which Pontiac,but Chevy chevelle/Malibu didn’t have that style of steering wheel.buyer b ware!!!

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    • Roy Blankenship

      Do a google search. Your assessment is incorrect….and stop with the fear mongering.

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      • Randy

        The steering wheel is from a Pontiac car,I would be aware of buying something like this you never know what else is lurking in it!

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