One Family Owned: 1970 Ford Mustang Boss 302

This Mustang has supposedly been owned by the same family since new. The odometer shows 64k miles and the condition looks exceptional. The seller doesn’t mention if it has been restored or not but either way this looks like the perfect route into Boss 302 ownership. The car is located in Bee Spring, Kentucky, and is listed here on eBay. Better hurry though because the auction is ending soon!

We were all hoping this particular car was an unrestored survivor but the paint on the courtesy light switch seen in the door jam there tells us that this car has been resprayed at some point. We can only assume the interior was redone at the time too. Of course, you would want to call and get all the info on the car before bidding anyway but it would have been nice to have this info upfront.

Here’s the heart of this beast! That high-revving 302 V8 was bred for racing. It was beefed up and more nickel in the block and two extra bolts on the main bearings. With a shaker hood on top and a 4-speed connected to the back, things don’t get much better than this in the Mustang world. The seller doesn’t provide any mechanical history in the listing but someone has added an MSD ignition, headers, and a Flowmaster exhaust.

Here’s a short video of the car running and driving. Looks like a lot of fun to me! I can’t find any apparent flaws anywhere on the car and can’t think of anything I’d change here. The Lime Metallic over black is a great color combo and everything looks correct. I guess if we had to nitpick, I’d lose the red spark plug wires and replace the sticker on the fan shroud. Oh, I might swap out those switches in the door jams too.

The Boss 302 was built to go racing. This one will probably see more cruising than anything else but the car’s heritage is what makes is so special. This is one you buy to drive and care for while hoping that it appreciates so you can sell it off for what you paid or more down the road. How would you like to have it sitting in your garage?


  1. Pat

    Just 1 picture? There are plenty in the ad. This is just being lazy!

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    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Mortensen Staff

      Look again Pat. We were just trying to get it live before the daily email went out. We have since added the full story and more photos.

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  2. Dave

    It’s as bad as you can be. That engine! That balance.

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  3. Rob S.

    This one has been restored. The firewall is body color. Supposed to be black. Several big money boss items are missing from the engine bay. Nice looking car though. GLWTS

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    • Poppy

      Rob, I like these Boss Mustangs, but I’m no expert. Can you elaborate on what’s not correct/missing in the engine bay (besides the obvious ignition modifications).

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    • Bill

      It may be restored but not by the firewall, I have owned three of these cars, one I bought new in 1969,it was a 70. It had body colored firewall. My second one did as well as the third one

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    • Steve Ashley

      This is my car and it has not been restored just a repaint back in 1978 everything else is all original and the fire wall has never been touched

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      • TimM

        Really nice car Steve!!!

  4. Keith

    I like this one, super clean and straight, bidding is currently at over 30k with the reserve not met. I wonder how high this one will go (that is if it makes the reserve price).

  5. Classic Steel

    Bee Spring KY..,
    Had to look it up with curiosity…
    Its near Bowling Green (Corvette factory and museum etc.)
    I wonder if he’s selling to get a Super B living in a 🐝 town 😂

    Very nice but these babies are nearing Shelby GT 350 ranges….

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  6. Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TN Member

    Two lifetime friends from my small Ohio hometown went to the military together, and later got back from Vietnam the same time, came back to town, and ordered Boss 302’s. No, they were not matching cars. One was a low-option Grabber Blue, and the other was a high-option Lime like this one. The Lime owner lived with his parents across the street from pre-teen-me for a time. It definitely improved the automotive scenery in my simple, blue-collar neighborhood. Also probably were the only two high-performance cars the ma-and-pa dealer sold that year. I don’t know what happened to the cars. Good memories.

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    • 370zpp 370zpp Member

      A guy in my town bought a brand new yellow Boss 302 before he shipped out to Nam. Sadly, he never came back, but the car stayed in his family for years. No idea where it eventually ended up.

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  7. JoeNYWF64

    Driver’s headlight bucket seems a little crooked on top, tho it could be a sloppy factory build …

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  8. Rjonec

    This same car was listed in a local craigslist ad in San Antonio. Same pics etc. Same price. It was a SCAM!

    Buyer Beware

  9. grant

    “one family owned” until it was traded in to the selling dealer. Gotta love misleading ads.

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  10. Bob McK Member

    Bid to $35,900 reserve not met. Love it, but not more than that price.

  11. 19sixty5 Member

    I had a 69 Boss 302… another one I let get away. Minor body damage and most of the original 302 in the trunk, but bought it for a song in either 70 or 71. I was run hard and put away dead. I sold it a week later and made a quick $500, big money for a 18-19 year old kid.

  12. Troy s

    Nice looking Boss 302, could have been restored any number of years ago as old Muatangs have had quite the following. Peaky high revving car that it is I’d rather have the ’71 boss 351 engine under the hood of this lighter weight car….and deal with the 11.5 to 1 compression, okay maybe not. Big bucks, these always will be.

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  13. TimM

    This is such a cool car!! I go to to sell some stuff and get one of these!!!

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