One Family Owned: 1970 Triumph GT6+

Long the red-headed stepchild of Triumphphiles, the GT6 has been making an incredible comeback lately, as nice projects keep appearing. Additionally, one just sold this week for an incredible $39,900 at an auction – admittedly that example was much nicer than this car! You can find this one for sale here on eBay, with bidding at less than 10% of the Barrett-Jackson car! It’s located in Sunnyvale, California, which is great for the condition of the car but not so good geographically for those of us to the east.

Don’t be concerned about the missing tail light and turn signal lenses, they are readily available. Also, one of the places GT6s are known to rust is that rear seam just above the license plate light assembly, and it looks pretty good on this car! This is the GT6+ model, generally regarded as the best GT6 amongst US enthusiasts. Interestingly, this model was sold in the UK as the Mk. 2 for reasons best known to others – the TR line also had two nomenclatures when the “Plus” was introduced in 1968; the rest of the world got the TR5 while we got the TR250. Basically, a GT6 is a Spitfire with the small six-cylinder Triumph engine; there are a lot of detail changes as well but that’s it in a nutshell. The wheels are aftermarket but nice period aluminum slots.

The seller tells us that their father purchased the car new and drove it until he became a parent. The car was then garage-stored until recently when upon starting to put the car back on the road, the father discovered they were no longer able to comfortably get out of the car. I can totally understand this, having been there! The car suffered a dent in the bonnet during storage but one in beautiful condition is included.

Ask and you shall receive; a nice condition bonnet already stripped! Those louvers on the top and sides are factory fitment, not added, and I think are really cool — both in appearance and for the engine!

I was truly expecting to see holes here (the one that is visible is a drain hole) but the floors look really solid. I wondered if the seam towards the top of the picture is a sign of a replacement floor, but I really can’t tell from this picture. Either way I’m not concerned. That switch hanging down is the wiper/washer switch, the with the two largest “wires” coming off it being washer fluid tubes; you actually pump the knob in and out to spray fluid!

I could certainly live with the upholstery for a while; eventually you’ll want to rebuild at least the driver’s seat though. It looks like you’d only have to have an upholsterer replace a few panels, though, unless you require it to be concours (I don’t, and would probably try stitching in some black vinyl myself. It’s not that hard (having done it before), it just takes time and a patient hand.

The two Stromberg carburetors have been freshly rebuilt and new plugs and wires have been installed as well as a new starter motor and solenoid on the 1998 cc six-cylinder engine. There are new clutch and brake master cylinders that haven’t been installed yet as well as a three-piece clutch kit. We’re not told if it runs or not but I would be very surprised if it either runs already or could be made to do so in under 1/2 an hour. It certainly wouldn’t take long to put this little British coupe back on the road–what say you, readers! There’s a 1970 GT6+ already in my workshop, so it needs to be one of you folks!


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  1. Steve R

    Nice project and a straightforward seller. That is becoming a rare combination. I hope they get significantly more than the current high bid of $3,550.

    Steve R

  2. Gene Parmesan

    I think the “red-headed stepchild of Triumphphiles” would probably be the Stag. I love the GT6, early-mid Spits, and of course the TR cars (not so much the wedges, though there are lots of folks that do love them). But I always found the Stag’s styling to be terribly boring and that Triumph V8 was an absolute atrocity.

  3. CCFisher

    Let’s retire the phrase “red-headed stepchild,” shall we? As a true redhead, I can tell you that redheaded kids endure enough without adults making us appear undesirable. Grow up.

    • claudio claudio

      stop that ,redheads are loveable and please enjoy your difference!

  4. Ben T. Spanner

    I bought a 1970 in whited with a tan interior in 1973 or so off a Chrysler used car lot. It looked very strange sitting among the Newports and Newyorkers. It was my daily driver for 3 years or so and was extremely reliable. I do remember replacing the Delco distributor with a $15 used one. I don’t recall any other British car with a Delco unit.

  5. junkman Member

    I’m still kicking myself on the twin to this one. I picked it up for junk price, $40 at the time. It needed a driver’s door, as it was hit by a snow plow while parked in the owner’s driveway. He got the insurance money and junked it. Back in the 90s with no internet I struggled to get $300 for it. Finally it sold, couple years later I saw a rusted one sell for $2000. Oh well.

  6. Rattlehead

    .ight be the only eurotrash I like, the lines are nice, alas that turd of a a 6( not even 2000cc’s? WTF??) would have to go, make room for a stroked 302, then some fun may be had(after transmission replacement and then the rear end).

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