“One Of A Kind” – 1995 Replica

If you’re tired of blending in with everyone else on the road with that black / white / silver / gray melted-bar-of-soap-looking car that you drive to work every day, here’s your chance to stand out from the crowd. And, boy would you stand out, way out! This car is, according to the seller, a 1995 Replica. No really, that’s it. A replica of what isn’t known, and even after looking at the photos for a while I still can’t quite figure out what this is supposed to be. It has the features of a couple of popular cars, if not cartoon-like features. It’s listed by a dealer on Hemmings in Utica, Ohio with no asking price – you’ll have to get in touch with the seller to make arrangements to buy this bulbous baby!

What do you see here? I mean, as in what cars do you see here, not as in other things that maybe shouldn’t be said in public. The Camaro front end is a no-brainer, other than the Speed-Racer-gone-NASCAR-like scooped piece in front of the headlights.

The rear portion is sort of Ferrari-like, with major apologies to the family and associates of Mr. Enzo Ferrari. This is a “hand-built” custom that is quite unusual, to say the least. Parts of it look great and it’s really just the scale that takes it down an awkward path.

The interior looks like a place that I wouldn’t fit into at any point in my life after the 7th grade. I was over 6-feet tall and had size-11 shoes in 7th grade and this interior doesn’t look promising for any 6-footers out there. But, I’m surprised at how cool and custom it looks. it looks like this car may well be a nice piece of work for the builder. The dash is all business, even including label-maker tape for switch and warning light descriptions. Ok, maybe that could have been done a little nicer.

The custom engine compartment holds a somewhat-custom “Mid Engine Aluminum Buick 215 V-8 and a VW 4 speed transaxle.” Whoa, now things get interesting! There is no mention of horsepower but most of these engines had somewhere around 160 to 200 hp, and the similar Olds Jetfire turbo engine had 215 hp. The custom headers shown on this car should make for a few extra hp, and at just over 300 pounds this engine is a lightweight. Speaking of light weight, this car weighs 2,500 pounds and according to the seller, “she runs and corners like it’s on rails!” Have any of you seen a creation like this? It looks great and super fun in some ways, but then again there’s the awkward look to the general scale and some of the cartoon-like features. What is this car worth, in your opinion? And, would you drive it in public?!

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  1. azmat rehmat

    I’m speechless

  2. boxdin

    Some things are meant to be one of a kind.

    • Art M.

      Would be more impressive if was none of none.

  3. Paul


  4. Jake

    Oh my god, why did someone waste money on this!!!! Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder but someone shoulda been blind or was!!! Thought you had already shown us some hideous vehicles, but this one takes the cake!!!

  5. rustylink

    you can be over 6′ to drive this – if most of your height is from the hips up!. It appears that anything over a 24″ inseam would make this a tight fit.

  6. Chuck Sibio

    F-40 replica ? or 40 times uglier than anything else ?

  7. Mark M

    Looks like a lego car, hate the white walls

  8. Bob

    Must have been on LSD.

  9. Windy Lawyer George

    And with the same effort he could have made an Elephant out of empty beer cans!

  10. Fred W.

    Excellent start for “World’s Ugliest Car Museum”. Start with the Pontiac Aztec and end with this, with a hundred other botched designs in between.

    On second thought, this actually makes the Aztec look rather well thought out.

  11. Steve O

    More like RepliCAN’T! Hey Ooooh!

  12. rmward194 Member

    Even if the rest of it weren’t so bad, the whitewall tires are just plain ugly!

  13. stumptowngeo

    This must be national ugly car day and i didn’t realize it. I just cant decide which is worse, this or that “mirage” thing?

  14. Paul

    I think it’s meant to be an F40. The proportions are there, just wrong proportionally :)
    A neighbour of mine had a real F40 when I was a teenager. I still remember the noise to this day … I suspect this might lack that impact.

    Refreshing to see something different though. It’s interesting!

  15. Martin Horrocks

    I’d vote for this. A post- truth F40.

  16. Joe Howell

    The horror…….

  17. Rob

    I just hope there was an intervention and a successful round of therapy to help the poor soul who thought this was a good idea.

  18. Stu

    Now my head hurts and it’s all Scotty’s fault.

  19. V8Roller

    Yes, but it doesn’t suffer from a VW engine, and imagine the view down the bonnet and the sound of the V8. After all, when you’re in the car, you can’t see it.
    Any fool can run a good looking car.


  20. tugdoc

    Is the gauge cluster really from a drum top?

  21. Steve in Charlotte

    A Camaro with birth defects.

  22. jw454

    Well, at least he finished it. He had a vision and a plan and he saw it through to the end including getting it approved for the road. It’s not my cup of tea but, I have to say, he didn’t give up right in the middle like many other projects we see.

    • Howard A Member

      Thanks jw, you’re the only one who said anything positive about this. My kind of car, heavens no, but the interior is sharp, and I bet it’s a blast to drive. Everybody wants to be a comedian, and I’m no different, but I never laugh at someone’s accomplishments. I know I couldn’t do something like this.

      • Phinias

        And you’re a better person for it!

  23. ROTAG999

    George Barris meets Rat Fink !

    • Buddy Ruff

      I was thinking more: George Barris meets Chuck Barris.

      • Scotty Gilbertson Staff


      • ROTAG999

        It needs to be gonged anyway !

  24. RichS

    And this is yet another example of why we wear a respirator when we do body work, kiddos.

  25. Justin

    I am pretty sure this is based on an 80s pickup. I’m guessing S10. It still has the sliding rear window even!

  26. glen

    A replica of something ugly, and should never have been replicated! Burn it, it’s a witch.

  27. GOPAR

    Okay, is this “National Weird Day” or something? I suspect with this and the “Mirage” car listing, we’re all getting punked.

  28. That Guy


  29. Gordon

    It’s pitiful!

  30. Elrod

    I think this project is a whole new class BEHIND the Barn Find – “Outhouse Find”
    Somebody close the door….

  31. Chris Kennedy

    That thing is sharp! I built a club house as a kid in my back yard with scrap I got from neighbors that looked just like that!

  32. Rich Tague

    Waaaaay, to our there for me!!!! ;)

  33. Chrisvrabel

    Attention wal mart shoppers

  34. Mike Cobb

    I think you should consider adding a special page to the site … a page for the totally weird and ugly. This one and the earlier one today (with the wood) would certainly qualify. To qualify — a negative answer to the question” Would you actually be willing to be seen driving this in daylight? There have been several n recent postings.

  35. Tom Stewart

    Looks a a half-crushed Corvettte.

  36. angliagt

    Another one of those “Seemed like a great idea,after a 12 pack” cars.

    • Howard A Member

      Hi angliagt, let’s not rip on the “good idea after a 12 pack” deal too much, it might be how most of us got here in the 1st place :)

  37. Darrun

    I would like to have the drivetrain.

  38. Blyndgesser

    The interior door panels suggest it was once an S10.

  39. CCFisher

    Deserves to be “none of a kind.”

  40. V8Roller

    The Shorty Camarri.
    What would improve it, a set of red painted steelies. Those alloys just emphasise its shortness. Oh, and lose the whitebands. They’d be better on the Mirage.
    Anyway, easy to poke fun, still haven’t heard from you chaps who have built your own cars and got them through the tomfool regulations.


  41. Moe

    I’m here just for the funny comments!

  42. Clem

    What Clark Griswold got when he traded in the Family Truckster as his midlife crisis car!

  43. ROTAG999

    I must say the drivetrain looks well done if the body could be cleaned up but i have seen some ugly race cars that also kick butt. Would hate to get beat by this but pretty sure my Honda is no match for this and have no Hot Rod in the garage right now.

  44. DrewP

    “I couldn’t build something like that” either because then I would have to commit myself.

  45. Phinias

    Owning it would make one stand out alright…in about the same way a giant zit in the middle of the forehead would.

  46. Windy Lawyer George

    Using Alex Trubeck’s phrasing on Jeopardy: What is butt ugly?

  47. JCW Jr.

    Scotty shoudlove this it is a manual not automatic. So it has what he always cries about

  48. Keith

    It’s an F-40 that’s screaming “I was in the pool! I was in the pool!”

  49. Eddy Smith

    That thing is just sick & wrong. It’s an abomination to whatever it’s supposed to be? A miniature Ferrari F”d 40 maybe?

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