One of 150: Basketcase Lamborghini Diablo SE30

Finding a Lamborghini in any form as a project is a rare occurence. But more often than not, if one is discovered, it’s a model from the 1970s, languishing after years of hard use. Occassionally, however, they turn up as a fairly recent model, like this rare Diablo SE30 spotted here on eBay by Barn Finds reader Dik S., where the seller is asking £100,000 for this tattered project supercar. 

What’s amazing about this particular find is that it’s not only a Diablo project car but that it’s a highly rare SE30 edition. These limited production models was effectively a modified Diablo for the street, built to commemorate the company’s 30th anniversary. Lighter weight, more power and more manual controls made it one of the most desirable Diablos ever made, right up there with the SV.

Unfortunately, this example has not had an easy life. Previously belonging to a prince in the UAE (surprise, surprise), the seller doesn’t explain what caused this extremely rare Lamborghini to end up in this state. Regardless, it sounds as if he has been moving it place to place as he picks away at the project, sourcing expensive replacement parts while losing others along the way. This seems like an unusual state of affairs for someone with the means to restore a Lamborghini.

I do think it’s safe to say something traumatic happened to this limited production Diablo. The car should be purple over black; the red rear quarters may be from a different car entirely and the engine has been removed but is said to be near completely refurbished. The seller has listed a variety of conditions as to how he’ll sell the car and what work he is willing to do; it ultimately leads to a very confusing classified ad. No matter what, this SE30 Diablo is special, and it’s going to take someone of means to bring it back to life.


  1. newport pagnell

    Rode hard,put away dry.

  2. TRP

    Wow. Seems like a well thought out purchase. What could possibly go wrong here? (Insert skeptical / sarcastic emoticon)

  3. Brad C

    That big, blue airbag sure isn’t doing any favors for the people on the other side of the windshield. ;)

  4. Lee j

    This has been kicking around on various UK sites for a while now. There has been a lot of speculation as to whether it is real or not. Some close up shots of welds and other parts have had many people question whether this is the real deal.

  5. Dolphin Member

    Everything about this deal says stay away. Not sure there is even an engine in there….no pics of one, and rear is riding high. Even if there is, a badly running engine after 1700 miles doesn’t inspire confidence. And the seller’s description doesn’t either. And then there is the sky high price. I’m out of here.

  6. Jeffro

    Basket case? Not even enough parts left to fill up a basket. And no details to even explain how this awesome car ended up in such crappy condition. Sounds shady.

  7. Martin Horrocks

    If the seller is as good with mechanics as he is with words, this probably started out as a change of shield wiper blade.

    Anyhow, even finished, you have a horrible 90s purple Lambo.

    Just for the record- a very reputable UK Ferrari dealer sold a nice and very credible Jarama for GBP 150K recently.

  8. OA5599

    Move cautiously on this one, or you’ll have the devil to pay.

  9. Jack

    That is quite the project at $125k, I would be scared to hand over my money for this one!

  10. Bruce Best

    These cars can be viscously complex. They take similar skill and care that a helicopter might need to be a proper car again and the costs are not dissimilar either. As much as I like exotics without a great deal of additional detail, having someone with experience doing a inventory and physical check I would suggest you run.

    If he drops the price RUN FASTER. The devil is in the details and the details of this makes me think the devil himself is trying to sell it to ruin the soul of someone foolish enough to buy it.

  11. Dan h

    Oh boy. The seller shouldn’t have pulled that poor Lambo apart. Regardless of all the “bushings and bearings” he’s claimed to replace, it will probably never be the car it once was.

  12. TRP

    But… But… Not one but three photos of the mirrors!!!

    • Jack

      Yea I thought those pictures were a bit overkill for something that is just an ornament on a Lamborghini. Do they actually work?

  13. The Chucker

    …and I thought my E39 540i/6 was a money pit.

    • Bruce Best

      Yours might have been but not all are. Every purchase is a chance. I have owned a Renault Fuego that many had nothing but problems with and I never had one. The older the car the more time for things to go wrong. I do not know about your BMW but mine have never failed me. They also saved me when hit by drunken driver at night and over work mother in SUV when I was stopped.

      Good luck in the future but this Lambo is far to complex to play around with. It will almost certainly be a disaster. Sad that someone had to destroy a piece of art like this just to prove that he is rich. Sad.

  14. SFM5S

    Looks like a project for the guys at Gas Monkey!

  15. JackT

    One man’s trash is — another man’s trash…

  16. Bim

    Having spent a month on research and due dilligence , I can tell you its genuine, all genuine parts are there, paperwork is sound and finally its now mine :)

    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      Awesome! Thanks for the update Bim. Please keep us informed on what you end up doing with it.

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