One Of 26! 1965 Lancia Flavia Zagato

Lancia automobiles have graced the webpages of Barn Finds in the past, and deservedly so as they have been a substantial contributor to the Italian automotive scene. Anymore? Uh-uh, it will be surprising if Lancia survives the Stellantis lash-up. So for now, let’s regale in their past with this rare 1965 Flavia Zagato. It is located in Azusa, California and is available, here on craigslist for $65,000. Thanks to Pat L for this tip!

I’m not certain that I should be writing this review as I have no familiarity with Lancia’s Flavia Zagato and the seller proclaims, “If you don’t recognize the value and importance then you don’t belong in this club“. OK, so I’m not in the club but this author, an apparent member of the great unwashed, will do his best to objectively cover this rarity from Lancia. Research tells us that the Flavia was produced between 1961 and 1971 and offered in several different body styles. As for the Zagato version, it was penned by Zagato’s main designer, Ercole Spada, but further research via Petrolicious indicates that were over 600 of the aluminum-bodied “sport version” of the Flavia constructed – most being left-hand drive. Introduced in 1963, the Flavia Zagato continued in production through 1967. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and I’m not beholding it. Sure, this example is in excellent condition, and it appears to have been well cared for, but its styling seems disconnected from any sense of flow and symmetry. Mr. Spada may have had a hit with the Aston Martin DB4, but I’d put this version of his work down as a swing and a miss. And that rear quarter window? Fuggetaboutit!

Power is provided by an 1800 CC, flat four-cylinder engine driving the front wheels via a four-speed manual transaxle. Being a dual carburetor version of the 1800, the output rating should be 104 HP. There is no indication as to how this 88K mile example runs, other than the mention of a needed carburetor adjustment. But if operational prowess were based on looks, this Lancia would be a performer, it shows beautifully!

The excellence continues indoors with the sumptuous red leather interior, nothing is out of place and it reveals no signs of wear. Note the peculiar location of the gear shift lever.

Image captured from a different example – not the subject car

Fresh out of seven years of storage, the seller states that this Lancia has undergone $42K worth of restoration after being brought to the U.S. from South Africa, where it was originally domiciled. Considering this car’s provenance, that begs the question, why a listing of only four images? This Lancia and its prospective buyers (who are hopefully in the club) deserve more, much more. If this car is to your liking, consider this from the seller, “I want to sell the car but if you don’t have my asking price to spend then please move on. I do not wish to hear from the BaT windbags who claim this car is not worth my asking… I won’t tolerate time wasters and tire kicker losers.”  Well, being from Barn Finds, we’re in the clear, right?

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  1. RoughDiamond RoughDiamond Member

    I don’t behold the design either. IMO the Seller has pretty much guaranteed a no sale with that attitude and measly number of pictures provided. I’d say he’d be lucky to get a Radio Flyer wagon listed on BaT now.

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  2. Rex Kahrs Member

    Steve says it best….

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  3. b-boy

    Butt ugly car IMHO

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    • Solosolo Member

      Sorry B-boy. Any Butt is pretier than this Lancia. Zagato designs are normally beautiful, this one, not.

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  4. scott m

    Ouch, even I feel bad for the BaTQ windbags!

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  5. b-boy

    I think he’s shopping this car to the wrong crowd on Craigslist.

    Craigslist is definitely not a Grey Poupon crowd – which is what he needs.

    Craigslist is more of a French’s mustard in the squeeze bottle 2002 Corolla kinda crowd. :D

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    • Araknid78

      I agree. Craigslist is an odd place to try to sell a car like this. Granted, the styling is polarizing, but this is still a special car.

  6. Steve Clinton

    “I want to sell the car but if you don’t have my asking price to spend then please move on. I do not wish to hear from the BaT windbags who claim this car is not worth my asking. I do not wish to talk to anyone who wants to rep this car. Been there. I won’t tolerate time wasters and tire kicker losers. If you don’t recognize the value and importance then you don’t belong in this club.”

    What a MORON!

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  7. Martin Horrocks

    Yes, have a model of this car on my desk, bought in 1966, Riccione Italy when I was 12. I love Zagato and the Flavia is the acid test. Most people don´t get it. Art can be like that.I had a Fulvia Coupe and and a Fulvia Zagato coupe. They have the same platform etc, but the Zagato was very special.

    I would no longer want to own one. All the Lancia guys will tell you how wonderful the engineering is (if you like very complex solutions to everyday questions, it sure is!), but it is notoriously difficult to get the twin carb Flavia to run well and I suspect that the current owner has thrown in that towel.

    As with most Lancias, the Flavia was too expensive and too slow, but Lancisti will just say that I don´t get it. Despite the fact that I´ve had a few Lancias, it´s me who is unworthy. Which is why it is insane to put this car on Craig´s list.

    There is a chorus of voices in California which will chime in on anything which bears a Lancia badge on BaT. They´d sing the song for this one too, but as it is a small community and includes folk who would kill for a Flavia Zagato at this price, maybe there´s a reason it´s hiding on Craig´s List?

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  8. SDJames

    I’d rather have a 66 Mustang hatchback…

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    • Mr.BZ


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  9. Larry Smith

    I would advertise the car on the Lancia club,if he wants to sell it,

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  10. Mr.BZ

    So this clown is trying to sell his expensive, vintage wine at 7-11 and figures alienating as many people as possible is the best approach. Salesman of the year.

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  11. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    The seller’s comments made me go to BAT and look up what he was referring to. The comments are 8 years old, that’s a long time to be upset. It was never on BAT – they were not doing their own auctions at the time.

    Apparently, the car has been on and off of Craig’s List during that time and the price has never been adjusted.

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  12. Gary Rhodes

    Wow, quirky styling for sure, not my cup of tea.

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  13. Doyler

    Seller seems insufferable.

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  14. Howie Mueler

    A 65 with 88k miles, condition like new?

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  15. scott m

    There are some Lancia’s I would love to have, this one not so much, meh. But I’m wondering if this was a GT, maybe chauffeur driven, with the back street passengers getting a great view and not giving a wit about what the plebes thought of the looks. Nice big boot for lots of luggage, too

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  16. Mark P

    I hope nobody saw me reading this ad, I don’t think I’m worthy.

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  17. PeterfromOz

    If this car was on display in a museum art along with other examples of modern art you would accept the design and say it was interesting.

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  18. PairsNPaint

    I would say the styling is “unfortunate”.

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  19. Vincent Martinelli

    42K on Restoration and honestly, doesn’t run well, excuses, whining, no photographs and a tool bag to boot

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  20. JoeBob

    The seller should have taken one of the two $60k offers he had three years ago. I’m not sure if he’s bragging or b*tching.

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    • Solosolo Member

      The first offer is normally the best offer. I was offered £10k for my Calthorpe 500 motorcycle by the museum that had displayed it for over 15 years but I thought I could do better. Yeah right. I have just sold it after several costly advertising attempts for £7k!

  21. Sdwolf2013 Member

    I’d rather have the little silver Valiant!!!

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  22. Mike

    That back side window looks like it was done just to be different. Yeesh…

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  23. Kenn

    Seller is the sort of self-important snob we used to ignore at cocktail parties.

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    • Steve Clinton

      Why any seller with an attitude like that would think ANYBODY would want to do business with him is beyond me.

  24. chrlsful

    same here,
    something (in ur Y/M/M) catches ur eye. U go to take a look and a really obnoxious owner/dealer rears their head. Makes me just wanna spin on a foot’n turn the other way no matter how much I have been searchin for this vehicle. Good deal, other matters? nah, that 1st impression lets U know – it’ll be a long road from here, time to move on.”no tire kickers’, “no (this or that) form of contact”, stuff left all over the vehicle and obscured in the pic, pic too close to see or too far. They say in effect “Gimmie the ask’n get lost” & “I’ll not lift a finger to make a sale”. Let a very highly motivated buyer deal. They deserve each other…

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