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One of 924! 1970 Dodge Coronet Convertible

Usually, when we feature a 1970 Dodge Coronet, it’s a Super Bee or an R/T. The non-performance models such as the 500 or the 440, much less the pedestrian Deluxe version, generally don’t make copy often. Well, we’re going to change that up today with this fab-looking 500 trim level example and it’s a convertible – we’re talking rare! How rare? Well, it’s one of only 924 assembled in ’70 and it’s available, here on eBay for an opening bid of $25,000 or a BIN price of  $45,000.

The seller has owned this resident of Goshen, New York for two years but it’s not said where it has spent most of its life. New York state winters and Mopars of the generation generally don’t get along very well but this green gem looks great. The seller mentions, “Body is very nice as you can see in the pics…” and the pics do the finish and body justice. And that applies to the top too – no worries there! A couple of observations, the rear valance panel should be finished in mat black and the Cragar S/S wheels are period correct and just perfect for this drop top.

The engine is curious because of its visual presentation. It’s a 230-gross HP, 318 CI V8 with a mileage recording of 45K miles. Nothing is said about its current mechanical condition or its recent past but it has, at the least, undergone a respray. The seller claims, “Everything works as it should runs and drives beautiful!“. As is usually the case, a TorqueFlite three-speed automatic transmission channels the power to the rear wheels.

The images of the interior aren’t very comprehensive but from what can be seen, the green vinyl bench seat upholstery looks like new – a maintenance feat that can sometimes be a challenge with a convertible. Not surprisingly, this ragtop is not air-conditioned, a common trait in this era.

I was on the fence, for one reason, when this version of the Coronet was introduced – that reason being the double loop front bumper. I always thought that it was awkward looking, at least compared to its ’68 and ’69 predecessors. It’s a minor matter in the scheme of things as the rest of the design is just so right. Back to that 924 volume count, my source agrees with the seller’s claim though there were another 296 R/T convertibles produced – regardless, this is a fantastic and seldomly encountered find. Let’s talk price, no opening bids yet so we’ll have to see what happens over the next few days. As for the BIN number of $45K? As nice as this car is, I’m not feelin’ it, how about you?


  1. Nevada1/2rack Nevadahalfrack Member

    Gorgeous droptop, other than what appears to be a tweak to the bumper on the right rear.
    That said, I dunno if it’s $45,000 gorgeous considering that though it’s one of only 926 made it’s not an R/T convertible (296 made) which in excellent condition is generally $43,000.
    RR Whiskey bump notwithstanding I could see someone getting a fair deal at $25-30,000, maybe $32K if the mileage is validated but then again if someone HAD TO HAVE this they’d pay what they thought it was worth to them, right?

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  2. Paolo

    The 1970 face lift on the B body dodge was unfortunate and unnecessary. The 66-69 Coronets showed a logical styling evolution which makes the 1970s appearance jarring. It would be interesting to see photos from the styling studio of early clay mock ups showing rejected themes. There must have been some interesting meetings held before the final approval,
    “This is it Gentlemen. We agree that this is the very best design from the very best of our designers. I am proud to say that this is, for better or for worse, Haha, the 1970 Dodge Coronet.”

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    • Joseph

      They would have sold a lot more mid size Dodges in 1970 if the front end wasn’t so weird looking. Who approved this design? You can’t blame it on Exner.

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      • JoeNYWF64

        I bet the front bumper on the ’68 grand prix did not help sales either, let alone the beak on the ’70-71 t-bird.
        The ’69 firebird front end can’t make up its mind if it should go with endura or steel. & the 1962 dodge dart is no beauty queen either!

        Who approved all the TOO MANY ugly front ends on “modern” vehicles. Some even have ugly rear ends, like a certain current chevy does.

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    • Christopher Gentry

      Actually this is my favorite Coronet, I love this front end style. But then I like Edsels and early Toyota’s

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    • gary

      The 70 Bee and RoadRunner were, imo, the best looking with the 69 RoadRunner the second best in the two models.

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  3. JCA Member

    Who does he think would hit Buy It Now for $45k when there isn’t even a picture of the driver’s side or the dashboard, let alone the undercarriage

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  4. Robert Atkinson, Jr.

    The condition is very good, but since it’s just a Coronet and not a Super Bee, the price seems a bit steep. On the other hand, all late ’60’s and pre-smog 70’s iron are trading at stratospheric levels these days, so who am I to judge what is a fair price? It’s worth whatever someone agrees with the seller to pay for it, case closed. The 318 seems to be a bit light for a car this size, but again, it’s just a Coronet, not a Super Bee, and it can be bored and stroked all the way to 360 cubic inches while retaining the stock block, if more power is desired.

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  5. Big Bear 🇺🇸

    Beautiful looking Dodge but… Just 11 photos?!! Really and you want how much? $45,000!! No photos of dash or mileage! No photos underneath. Looks like somebody learning to use the camera! I like the wheels on it. Period correct but a repainted engine was that for looks or was it rebuilt? For the price the seller wants if it was a R/T or had a big block in it. The price I feel is $30,000-35,000. It could have been ordered with AC back then. I wish the seller good luck.🐻🇺🇸

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  6. Dave D

    I love this 70 Coronet. The price is too high for me though. But a slow cruise on a hot summer night up Gratiot or Woodward would be spectacular in this ride.

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  7. KC John Member

    Rattle can rebuild on motor makes me suspicious. Beautiful car but I think 45 is ambitious

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  8. junkman Member

    The ad says power windows, but I see a window crank the pics? Yeah the styling is definitely 70s, kinda like those fly away collars and giant bell bottoms.
    Not my cup of tea.

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  9. Rex

    The 70 front end was perfect for a Super Bee, mean angry Bee looking.

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  10. Cooter Cooter Member

    I did back then what I continue to do to bees that annoy me. I stomped them, but instead of with a shoe, I used a 67 Camaro 327/350 with Muncie rock crusher and .411 gearing. This 318 version would have been more like a mosquito! May have been different if any of them had larger than the base 383/335 magnum! The good ole days

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  11. Eric K

    If it can be had for low $30ks it is perfect for someone to get into car shows with. It’s rare enough where someone doesn’t have to try and say it’s “a one of one” because of some stupid, non drivetrain option that nobody cares about. Everybody tries to say there 1 of 58k made car is rare somehow. It is VERY annoying and takes away from a nice presentation.
    This IS the definition of a rare mopar\car. Not a 69 Camaro with a tissue dispenser. I mean have some pride people!! Your 69 Camaro w\350ci motor and turbo350 trans with an open differential is not special just because it has some off the wall option nobody cared about back in the day. Have some real pride and admit you have nothing special.

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  12. Peter John Zupko

    Since when did they SCREW VIN Plates into place ? Hmmmmmmm…. IJS’n

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    • Geoff

      I believe you are looking at the “data tag” and not the VIN plate (on the dash). The date tag includes the options, colors of how the car is to be built. Mopar always screwed those on so people could remove them to keep or loose. (Sarcasm)

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    • MoparMike

      That is the fender tag not the VIN plate, the codes on it were used along with a build sheet on the assembly line to build the car. The VIN tag is riveted to the car’s dash.

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  13. Timothy Vose

    Sweet ride! Would be sweeter around the 20-30 mark.

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  14. Jolly Joe

    Was this Mannix’s ride?

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  15. Yogibear

    41300 according to Collector Car Market Review. That’s with the automatic and 318.
    Wish I had the green to get it

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  16. Carbob Member

    Nice car but not nice enough to me to hand over 45K. Lots of times I think sellers toss out really high asking prices just to test the waters. It seems more like a 20-25K car to me.

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  17. Eric_13cars Eric_13cars Member

    Looks great but without providence and only a claimed 2 years of ownership in the north, I’d want to know more. How many times have we seen what looks like a beauty turn in to a bondo baby. ‘Fantomworks’ and ‘Iron Resurrection’ among others have stripped any number of cars looking gorgeous and discovered the coverup.

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  18. Shuttle Guy Shuttle Guy Member

    Lots of comments.

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  19. ALKY

    Looks good for what you can see in the photos, but a in person , in depth examination will tell all of course. Still 45 grand seems rich, but they say there s a ass for every seat I spose ?

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  20. Nelson C

    Always loved these. Styling described as different may be generous. At least there’s a theme. Back mimics the front and the middle has the classic Coke bottle that was so successful at the time. Where you gonna find another one.

    It’s always interesting to hear people chime in about air conditioning. You’re talking about a $400-500 option on a $3000 car. That’s a lot of cabbage folks. This car doesn’t even have power brakes and steering.

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  21. Greg

    My dad had a 68 Coronet, always wondered what he saw in such a plain car. After all these years I know. It was that 440 under the hood.

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  22. Once bitten

    Not much to discuss after this long and prestigious list of experts. My only thoughts are everyone knocks the 318 when gas prices and our president are eating our wallets everything you turn around. The 318 will get you 20+ mpg with the right gear.I owned a 70 fury 318 auto.factory road gear some where in the high 2s.my friends all laughed at it till we all went on road trip in it and a buddy’s 70 grand prix.we drove 200mi. To a car show. I made it to the show and 150mi back before refueling. Nobody ever laughed again figured out I’d gotten 24mpg on that trip with 6 people cruising 65 -70 all the way. I’d do 25k but honestly I think that’s about what it’s worth.

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