One Of A Kind 1964 Chevrolet Corvette Custom

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C2s with custom touches were wildly popular back in the sixties and seventies, and even though there’s still not much of a shortage of them all these years later it doesn’t take but a couple of glances at this 1964 Chevrolet Corvette to realize something really special is going on here.  This one’s also got a well-documented and interesting history to go along, and we’d like to thank Barn Finds reader Pat L. for spotting it and sending the tip our way!  The car is in Florham Park, New Jersey, and can be found here on Craigslist, with the seller mentioning that the $69,500 price is slightly negotiable if you make it all the way to the very end of his listing.

Going back to when the Corvette was only about a year old, Don Connelly turned it into a racer back in ’65, followed next by the car going on to become a regular on the International Show Car Association circuit later in that decade.  The Chevy fared well, as it was the number one points winner for its class during the 1966-67 year.

The seller says the Corvette featured different paint schemes in the mid to late sixties, with the lacquer it’s wearing now applied in the early seventies.  To be this old, the finish seems to have held up exceptionally well over the years, and I tend to agree with the seller’s statement that the paint shows beautifully and the car is still in amazing condition.

Apparently, this one started out with a fuel-injection version of the 327, making 375 horsepower as you drove off the Chevy lot back in ’64 with that big grin on your face from ear to ear.  But under the hood now is a 327 CE block from 1969, which I’ve heard different folks say stands for “Counter Exchange” or simply “Chevrolet Engine”, sometimes provided when a replacement engine for an automobile still under warranty was needed back in the day.  On top of it sits an Edelbrock manifold with a pair of Holleys, all inside a finely detailed engine bay.

Equally impressive is the condition of the decades-old tuck and roll interior, which is stated to be from 1965-66 and referred to as immaculate, and just about everything we get to view inside certainly appears to live up to that proclamation.  The owner also talks about how clean the car is down under, and although we don’t get to see any photos I’m envisioning an undercarriage that looks like it hasn’t seen anything but dry pavement on sunny days since the seventies.  What are your thoughts on this custom 1964 Chevrolet Corvette, and it’s asking price of $69,500?

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  1. John EderMember

    Someone’s model car spare parts box come to life…

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    • Bad brad

      I agree john, looks like this car came outta a model box made by motel in the 60’s!! To much color, to much UGLY. NOT A VETTE, WHICH IM PROUD OWNER OF 6.

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      • Stevie Boy

        Every inch a Vette my friend! Used to see cars like this everywhere in the 60s and 70s. Then the Corvette snobs started collections and filling in the third taillights….

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  2. Tbone

    Looking forward to the comments. I don’t anticipate this car getting much love here

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    • Tony Primo

      I love this thing. I would drive it to every Cars and Coffee within an hour of my house. It would draw a crowd everywhere it goes.

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      • Rocco B.

        This would be fun to drive to an all Corvette show. See all the 100 point guys get annoyed.

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  3. BA

    I would bite on the price if I got the side pipes from 1966! Have not seen pipes go thru the side of the car individually! Must be the super long tube headers with the collector cone no where in sight ! Dragsters don’t use a exhaust so maybe he was going for wide open throttle with that mouse motor & it probably had its tongue sticking out after a few seasons without backpressure!

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    • bobhess bobhessMember

      Dragsters and other race cars do use exhaust systems. It’s part of the mechanical side of engine tuning to get maximum power. I’d buy getting more horsepower out of the long individual pipes but I’d bet that they weren’t dynoed to get the proper length needed for the maximum power.

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  4. Mike76

    The paint scheme reminds me of a 69 Corvette that my older brother brought home thanks to co-signing from my Pop. The Vette had a similar 70’s style psychedelic lace paint, black with fuchsia’s, purples, deep reds – completely wild but did not look out of place in the mid 80’s when he bought it. It was a 427, L36, iirc, M21 4 speed. Mom was not happy, at all! 19 year old in a Vette with a powerful drivetrain and wild paint job, she could see the writing on the wall. She (as Mom’s usually are) was right. Three tickets within the first six or so weeks of ownership made already expensive insurance premiums almost not affordable for a kid working at a pizza joint. Add to that the car payments and the 69 was fast tracked to the local newspaper’s classified ads. An older friend of my brother, who also owned a 69 Charger, bought the Corvette. It was a memorable two months of ownership for my brother and my mom, who consumed her fair share of Tums during that time.

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  5. Davey Boy

    Really a nice car. But I’m not a fan of the little hood scoop things. I think that’s the only thing I’d want to change but I don’t see how you would with a paint job like that. I think you just have to accept it the way it is and be happy with it. But yes it would have to be something you drive around as often as possible. Maybe not get it wet but other than that I’d want it out on the road as much as I could. That’s something you need to show off considering how old everything is on it. It’s really a nice ride.

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    • James . P Kennedy

      I hope new owner keeps it exactly like it is. And I’m an original kind of guy. This is a great example of what was happening with these cars back then. Make it run, make it safe and drive the wheels off of it!!!

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  6. Rudy C

    I love it! As a child of the 60’s I remember going to car shows with my Dad most of my youth! If it was in my budget I’d be all over it! It’ll draw a crowd wherever it goes!

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  7. Macdaddy

    That is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. Growing up in the 50’S and 60’s in the sticks I could only dream of seeing something like that. It is so awesome, every kid my age would have a poster on his bedroom wall.

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  8. DonC

    It’s gorgeous! If I had the $$$ it would be in my driveway in “retirement city” Florida. And it’s always a good idea to spray some carb cleaner at 5000 rpm to make sure she purrs….what?…’s scheduled maintenance!

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  9. John EderMember

    The perfect bank job get away car.

    Police: “What were the robbers driving?”

    Witness: “Well…let’s see-where do I start?”

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  10. SLK 350

    I like it !! A real period piece. Ahhh laquer paint. Remember that smell ????

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    • EuromotoMember

      I can’t remember much of anything anymore. Huffed too much lacquer in the day.

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  11. Jerry Bramlett

    The hard top fish gills are… uh… interesting.

    This car was unusual (in a good way) when it was new: Rochester FI, power brakes, power windows, AM/FM radio, and both tops. It’s still unusual, but not really my cup of tea. And as far as city street driving in Jersey with that tunnel ram intake, front spoiler, hot side pipes, and cast aluminum oil pan… whoa daddy!

    I think $69.5K is a stretch, but who knows? It’s going to take a special buyer to appreciate it THAT much as-is.

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  12. Jason

    I almost threw up on my phone. Gross.

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  13. HoA Howard AMember

    This is another of the submissions that is thrown in here merely for shock value, AND, to show how divided we are now. I won’t call out the ones that don’t like it, but will praise the ones that do. It’s old school, oh sure, designs like this can be made by some graphic computer in under a minute today, but back then, this took real talent. It wasn’t just push a button, those colors had to be added separately and everything under the hood is expertly done. To admonish this car only proves, the younger generations wouldn’t know a cool car if it ran them over. I think the original pipes are a bit much, but this is the coolest ‘Vette I’ve seen in a very long time. The “Peterbilt” dash[sic] seals the deal.

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    • Jack M.

      Or the writer threw it in because like Pat L., he knows a cool car when he sees it!

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    • Steve

      “I won’t call out the ones that don’t like it”
      Count me in!

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  14. Rw

    Very cool,with lots of history documentation,I just love when a custom vette makes people start whining.

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  15. Philbo427

    Man, would love to get this then the Vette from Corvette Summer! The two parked together would blow my mind!

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  16. Phipps

    Im not a fan of doing wild builds to a unmolested one. But this thing would be absolutely awesome to own. That asking figure doesn’t sound crazy to me at all.

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  17. Andy G

    Wow. Late 60’s and early 70’s I was too young to own a car but the custom scene left a lasting impression. Plus I’ve always loved Sting Rays. I can see why this has won awards.

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  18. Old Man

    For the man who wants to be noticed…and laughed at.

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    • Jake


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  19. 59Poncho

    I think times have changed and this car would be a crowd favorite at my local shows. People are longing for the good ‘ole days and this car takes you there.
    I own a 64 327 coupe that is all stock and I drive it nervously. This vert I could have fun without the worry of hurting it! Fun factor value for me is 40G’s!!!
    Seller are you there??

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  20. Jim C

    The biggest problem with custom from what I see is. Finding someone with the same taste in custom as you have. This is very often far and few in between. Good Luck with your sale. History or no history.

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    • Frank Sumatra

      The look on the owner’s face says “This baby is gonna be worth 70 Grand some day and nobody will believe it”

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  21. Vin_NJ

    I saw this car at the Lead East Car show in Parsippany, NJ over the labor day weekend. Picture don’t do it justice.The paint is amazing considering it’s age.To all the haters, this car was drawing a crowd and was well received.

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    • Lowell Peterson

      I remember when an ISCA show car was revered! This one is awesome example and was way ahead of its time when first displayed! Still awesome and I think its worth the ask too!

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  22. C Force

    $69k for what looks like a big Hot Wheels car…..

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  23. DonC

    This is all very interesting. I used to date a lady who had a 67 Vette ragtop. My company was hosting a car event, so I drove it there. It was a beauty, inside and out (the car – LOL). Anyway, I’m there maybe 15 minutes and this guy comes up, “that’s not an original color you know. Chevrolet never had that color as an option.” The snooty judgementalism and utter look of disdain on his face – as if I’d brought a rust bucket to the show. I looked at him and said, “so what? she’s gorgeous. Nobody here but you give a s&^t.” Sure, he was entitled to his opinion. Just goes to show how many people can’t wait to give you one.

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  24. Wayne Zwolinski

    Hell, the period proof provenance is worth half the asking price. Wasn’t this an AMT kit at some point? :)

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  25. jwaltb

    No accounting for taste, or the lack thereof…

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  26. Ed Cor

    When has this car been driven? I had those same Firestone radials in the late 1970’s?

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    • Jerry Bramlett

      I’m very curious about just how drive-able this car might be. The ad doesn’t say anything about its mechanical condition, let alone how practical it would be to motor around town.

      Tunnel rams weren’t known for their part-throttle performance. Then there’s the risk of driving over pot holes and speed bumps with that low front spoiler and cast aluminum oil pan. I’m guessing the engine has a very radical cam making low vacuum. Perhaps that’s why the power brake booster was removed. Rock-hard ancient tires with huge tread surface are a not going to improve the rolling. And, unless mufflers are built into those side pipes, this car is going to be illegally loud.

      I learned the hard way that there are cars for driving and cars for observing. I’m not sure this one fits well in either category. It will sure attract attention if you can drive it, however.

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  27. Mitch

    I would drive the crap outa it just as is I love the paint job just to much money for me!!

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  28. steven hagebusch

    as a kid from the 80s but whos only every really been around stuff from the 60s and older….hints prob why my daily is a 62 catalina but…..i love vettes from this era stock but at that point who can really enjoy them as they are ment to be and not roped off in parking lots hide in a garage due to rock chips and dr dings… the end of the day its a car and if youre not driving and enjoying it….sell it to some one who will…..with that being said…..when this custom job was done it was just a old race vette that was beat on so who cared…..just like today idc if its a stock original of i want to do something custom to it i will….be damned other peoples opinion….most peoples problems is there worried about what other people think of there build…..why…..did they pay for it….do they own it… they have to drive it….NO then why are you worried about other peoples opinion of your car or how some other person built there car/truck……who cares if you dont like it as long as they do great thing about the car community……dont always have to like the next “guys” build…..just respect the time and effort put in to it……and id love to own this vette just to get chalk mark peoples panties in a bunch…..

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  29. Tom Blake

    The color on the registration says, multi.

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  30. CadmanlsMember

    Ok to the haters, there was a time this was just a car, a used car! Try and digest that, now there was this thing where you spent months if not years creating the car of your dreams. Now try and comprehend people would show their cars with other custom cars for a few bucks and a trophy. Yeah sounds strange to some of you but let me reiterate these were used cars and nobody then or should now care what was done out of passion for the automobile enthusiast….. Enjoy the experience while you can, the EV is coming!

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  31. John

    1 of a kind… THANK GOD!!!!

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