One Of A Kind! 1972 Oldsmobile Cutlass

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Our submitter for this find may have characterized it best when he titled the submission “someone must have hated this car”! Thanks, Ian C. for expressing what you might be thinking right now! This custom 1972 Oldsmobile Cutlass is for sale here on craigslist for an asking price of $19,200 and is located near Rogersville, Tennessee.

I’m not sure if the customizer of this car was just trying to see how many body parts they could add to the Cutlass or if there really was a theme in mind. I’d be interested in how many different parts readers recognize (be sure to let us know in the comments). What do you think?

I have to wonder if the bullet holes are decals or the result of an angry Cutlass enthusiast! however, I should point out that the execution of the customer work seems to have been done to a high standard. On the other hand, every time I look at one of the pictures included in the ad I find another “feature”.

“Look, Ethel, I found a way to include a Corvette!”  The seller tells us needlessly that this car is “one of a kind” but also lets us know that it runs well.

It may not be stock, but I actually like the interior. It certainly seems to have been done very nicely.

Someone got a little happy with the red paint under here. The seller says it’s a 350 Rocket V-8. Would you rocket to get this custom, or would you send it where Elon’s Tesla Roadster went?

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  1. Moparman MoparmanMember

    I’m sorry, but if beauty is in the eye of the beholder, then I MUST BE BLIND! LOL!! The only redeeming feature that I see here is the nice interior. Good luck on finding a buyer whose pockets are deep, and their automotive tastes are as “eclectic” as the creator/seller !! :-)

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    • bry

      My eyes, MY EYES!!!!!

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    • Big_FunMember

      It has been said that about 33% of people name their automobile. Names are based on personally, looks, of the car, etc. Sometimes they reflect on the owner. In this case , the name “Dumbo” fits either way….

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    • Tiberius1701

      Nuke it from orbit..

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  2. Fred W

    If those fenders are only glassed in rather than welded on, two guys might be able to undo this in short order with a good yank. But then you are left with the rear to deal with. A travesty- but along with disco, that was the 70’s.

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  3. Jeffro

    Here…. hold my beer!

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    • Mike

      Nevermind… give me my beer back.

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  4. Keith

    Wow! and I thought I’ve seen it all?!

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  5. OEM, please.

    Oh, I had a car like this. When you build model cars, the kits always have some extra parts. So, when you have a bunch of leftover parts from several kits, you can make your own customized model. They’re usually funny-but-ugly…exactly like this assemblage of extra parts.

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  6. Rosko

    An early artist rendering of this car…in yellow

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  7. Vernon Christy

    Doh! Think the Builder had too many Duff Beers!

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  8. Will Fox

    my eyes!!! they are burning!!!!

    kill it ! kill it ! it cannot live!!!

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  9. Lounge

    Oh, no….

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  10. glen

    Huggy Bear might like this!

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    • Rod444

      Hey some rich dudes pay a million dollars for a Veyron so they can be the only person in their city to own one. Here you can have exclusivity for only 19k so who’s the crazy one now?

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  11. NotSure

    Jesus wept….

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    • Rick Rothermel

      Or maybe Bill Mitchell…

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  12. TimS

    This looks like one of those photoshopped pictures on a clickbait ad. “30 Worst Cars Ever, #3 Is Unbelieved”

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  13. TomMember

    Wow, and not in a good way! Whaaaatttt? Why? (Shaking head left to right) lost for more words.

    Moparman said it all.

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  14. Denn

    Perfect car and priced right for Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz !! Go snag it guys !!

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    • Bob McK


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  15. John P

    My comment is at least a lesser waste of time than the work put into this turd.. if someone got paid to do that work-shame on them for doing it.. this is likely one of the ugliest cars I’ve ever seen..

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  16. william l. freeburn

    That is one ugly car!

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  17. 86_Vette_Convertible

    I’m Blind! Oh the pain of it all. I know that horsewhipping was outlawed years ago, do you think it can be resurrected?

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    • Robert Hubbard

      But it’s ummmm. Well it has……….that kinda. Paint looks pretty decent. I love cars, but dang man WHY? Just why……………. .

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  18. Papajay

    Thank God that it’s one of a kind. Don’t know if the world is ready for two.

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  19. lbpa18

    “…and this is your brain on drugs”.

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  20. Comet

    Clearly geared toward the man of discriminating taste. Subtle yet timeless in it’s execution.

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    • George

      You’ve got one thing almost right. The designer should be executed.

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  21. Billy Bob

    Illustrates why acid is a bad drug.

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  22. Mark

    That thing would make a freight train take a dirt road.

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  23. Angrymike


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  24. Steve


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    • Haig Haleblian

      That’s today’s phrase that pays

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  25. PaulG

    Time again to cue up ” Too much time on my hands…”
    One of a kind for a reason!

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  26. Haig Haleblian

    Judging by all the hills in the background there has to be a cliff somewhere close to end it’s life.

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  27. James Martin

    Cant blame it on the acid. He could of left it alone and got more out of the convert supreme. What a dork.

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  28. Steve R

    The seller doesn’t claim it’s a convertible, if it’s a hardtop with the roof removed, the value goes to zero, even without the “tacky” modifications. Unless the ad is an April fools day joke, the seller is out of touch with reality.

    Steve R

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  29. B.G. in Alaska

    The Van Gogh of cars.

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    • Midwest Jeff

      The Van Gogh of cars….customized by Salvador Dali.

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  30. KevinLee

    I give it the ” Ultimate in Ugly Car Customization” award! I think it’s uglier than all the custom Corvettes we’ve seen on Barn Finds.

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  31. Sal

    Its like two different people handled the customization.

    I can see it now. Guy #1 shows up at Guy #2’s house with a whole bunch of Year One boxes in the back of his truck. He calls out “I have finally received all of the interior parts I ordered for our project.”

    Guy #2 walks out of the garage not wearing pants and eating crayons from the box like they were potato chips. “I’s done wit ‘da bodywork. Wha’cha tink?”

    “I think it looks like a flea market threw up in here”

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  32. Arby

    Reminds me of Johnny Cash’s “One Piece at a Time” except he kept getting transferred to other divisions.

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  33. Rick Rothermel

    No George Barris autograph? He’d’ve LOVED it!

    No front picture? THANK YOU!

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  34. Jack Quantrill

    Looks like something from Jane Fonda’s movie, “ Barbarella”! Hideous!

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  35. Steven O'ShaughnessyMember

    The great Harley Earl, Virgil Exner and Gordon Buehrig are all rolling in in their graves! The 72 Cutlass easily stands alone as a very handsome design. Vandalism is not too harsh a word for this blunder.

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  36. Ron

    Time to stage an intervention for someone…

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  37. Michael

    I just threw up a little.

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    • Milt

      Just a little? I erupted like a volcano!

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  38. Chris

    Quite a rocket that one is!

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  39. Darrell Danyluk

    Looks better than a Veyron

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  40. David Rhoces

    somebody had way too much time ( and money ) on their hands

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  41. Bubba5

    What is that bar on the back of the seats?

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    • Little_Cars Saul

      Optical illusion, Bubba5. That’s just the front seat bottom of the bench seat. The chrome lift levers left and right, along with the color being off, makes it look like there is a bar of some kind in the photo.

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      • Bubba5

        Dang I was interested in that…I bend the seat back frame in my Yukon and that looked like a possible fix. I was thinking about having a second frame sandwiched to the first and welded.

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  42. guggie

    Batmans other ride !!! lol

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  43. David T Bronzich

    What is the thing on the hood? It looks like an Electrolux vacuum cleaner?

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  44. Morley BrownMember

    I like it and all you people are just wrong. Besides , what have you built lately??????

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  45. Little_Cars Alexander

    Windshield was cut cleanly, as was the sail panel, if this convert used to be a hardtop. Better work than the 442 wagon made from a hardtop we complained about a few weeks ago. If you removed all the extraneous junk and brought this back to stock…maybe…you’d have a nice rust free Cutlass to be proud of. Can’t believe they kept the Cutlass trunklid and added the Corvette rear which has to be 4-5 inches narrower. Looks like Robert Schmigle’s cartoon car.

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    • JohnD

      There is clearly no top frame under the boot, and the quarter windows were eliminated. I am betting a chopped hardtop (with a cleanly cut windshield). The trunk shot on the ad shows a strange box where the well would be. Even more strange is that there is a fire extinguisher in the trunk . . . as if . .. they . . . DIDN’T . . . want it to burn to the ground!!!!

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      • Don

        I agree , if you look at the ad there’s a good side shot where you can see the windshield frame which is covered in vinyl as are the A posts . Its clearly a coupe that’s had the roof chopped off.
        That eases the pain a little, at least they didn’t destroy a covertible !

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  46. Little_Cars Little Cars


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  47. Paul oberman

    I don’t like these cars in stock form. I would drive this just for the FU factor.

    That said, they would have to give it to me for 500 bucks.

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  48. Lance

    Please call the crusher RIGHT NOW.

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  49. Jerry C

    The main thing that bothers me is that a corvette’s ass was sacrificed for this monstrosity.

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  50. Jack Hammer

    They forgot to put the bull horns on the front.

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  51. Fred

    Must be an Art-Museum who buy’s this !
    What’s the point of building such a thing ?

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  52. George

    The Olds Dirigible

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  53. HoA Howard AMember

    This was suppose to be posted yesterday,,,kind of a classy rat rod,,

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    • Jamie Palmer Jamie PalmerAuthor

      Howard, just consider the holiday extended :-)

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  54. Philip

    WTF..!! Clearly someone wants to be committed.

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  55. plwindish

    One word description would be … Abomination! A saying applies here, “Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.”

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  56. John

    The “barn” that this was found in was just downwind from a nuclear reactor.

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  57. Sherminator

    All this car is missing is a fur-lined interior…including the dash and rear-view mirror.

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  58. C5 Corvette

    Interior is kind of nice, enough Lake pipes for 3 more cars, wasted Corvette rear end…..other than that, What are they thinking? Aliens…..must be!

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  59. MDW66

    And then the acid kicked in!

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    • ACZ

      That was the brown acid from Woodstock.

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  60. ck

    No matter how hard I try…..I can’t “Un-See-It” !! Some people should not be allowed to have tools ! I would rather drive a Pontiac Aztek !

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  61. BigDoc

    That is one heckuva conversation starter.

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  62. Rodney - GSM

    …you should see this guys wife….

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  63. Rock

    Awful just AWFUL, who ever built that monstrosity should be ashamed!

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  64. TimM

    Couldn’t resist!!!!
    I think an old big fender pickup took a dump on your olds cutless!!!

    Honey is my steak done?????
    Damn it’s overdone again!!!!

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  65. Ike Onick

    One Of A Kind!

    Thank God!

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  66. normadesmond

    Funny how ONE THING can tell you
    everything you need to know about a person.

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  67. Jack Hammer

    As Andy Warhol said: “Art is whatever you can get away with.” I think this guy is getting away with a lot.

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  68. John B

    The perfect car for anyone who likes to be followed as they drive down the road, for all the wrong reasons!

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  69. Ken NelsonMember


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  70. Blk63vette

    Pimpa lious. Big Daddy rolling around in that big beautiful Olds

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  71. ChebbyMember

    Driving ole “Bullet Proof” is an invitation to be shot at…..

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  72. Srt8

    Y’all need to recheck your calender, you posted it the day after April Fools. That’s the only explanation I can come up with for this abomination.

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  73. Robert

    I can clearly see a painted dust buster on the hood. Butt no hole… in the hood. Electric super charger? How innovative. Clearly auditioning for “test mule” disguises. Why bother with those almost useless camo wraps when you’ve got this kind of talent? If you really wanted to stop spy photos and press leaks.

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  74. Robert

    He won’t be carjacked. Probably park it anywhere, with the keys left in it, and it won’t be stolen either.

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  75. Chasmo

    Only needs 6” of lift and 30” wheels to be perfect

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  76. Midnight Bandit

    What in the crack cocaine is this

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