One of the Last Made: 1966 Triumph TR4

This 1966 Triumph TR4 is a fresh Texas barn find, and it’s surprisingly solid underneath and, well, everywhere, especially for a vintage British drop-top that’s been sitting. The seller notes that the TR4’s body number may indicate it was among one of the last batches of cars made. The Triumph is listed here on eBay at no reserve in Fredricksburg, Texas.

Bidding is just over $3K at the moment. The TR4 looks great in British Racing Green paint, and based on the paint in the trunk, it’s the right color – but no word on whether it’s the original finish. The soft top has likely perished, but that’s no surprise. The TR4 rides on steel wheels, and not all of the wheels retain their factory hubcaps. Chrome bumpers still look presentable.

The interior is tired but not nearly as bad as I was expecting for a Texas car. The seats look usable as-is, and the wood dash isn’t the most deteriorated I’ve ever seen; it’s at least still holding the gauges in, and the dash pad hasn’t bucked up past the point of no return. The door panels and carpeting are tired but would likely respond well to a cleaning.

This trunk shot is what makes this TR4 stand out from so many others. Seeing a factory spare tire still wearing original, matching, British Racing Green paint, surrounded by clean paint and factory carpet beneath the tire. Tail light lenses look quite fresh, as do the front and rear bumpers. This TR4 isn’t perfect, but it’s one of the cleaner barn finds examples we’ve seen.


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  1. Marc

    Appears to have convex “domed” gauge lenses which would make it an early car – not one of the last TR4. Most of the later models were TR4A. The wood dash are usually retrofitted since they would have been steel. This is based on the pictures so potential buyers should do their homework.
    I have a TR4 and they are sure fun.

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    • Britcarguy

      Some of the small gauges appear to be flat glass, but it is hard to tell. Shifter base is TR4A. So it’s a mix. So what – just make it roadworthy and enjoy. Agree with Jim S about rollup windows. Nice and they leak less than curtains. Had a 3 then a 4 and now back to a 3. But those rollup windows sure are nice . . .

  2. PatrickM

    Hmmm…. just wondering… However, if I am to buy this car, the current owner will have to find out where to mount the starter solenoid…first. Bidding opened at $3K. Now at $3,050.00 How high will it go? My guess is into the mid or upper $4K’s.

  3. Wayne

    The purest version of one of Michelotti’s best designs IMHO. If I can ever get my mortgage paid off, this is one of the cars I would love to have parked in my garage.

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  4. Andrew S Mace Member

    I very much doubt any of that green paint is original, given that the wheels originally would have been Spa White and the gas tank black! That said, the car does seem to have some potential….

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  5. Bruce

    There are no fender mounted chrome and blinkers so this is an early car and it is a solid rear axel car and almost all of the last year’s of the TR-4 had the IRS or independent Rear Suspension that came with the TR-5 or TR-250’s depending upon which side of the pond you are from. I agree with Patrick these are great fun but the IRS give both better road holding and ride than the solid axel cars. Easy to restore, parts available and at not too high a cost. Well worth restoring.

  6. marc

    These are one of the easier Brits to bring back to life – excellent parts availibility and this one appears pretty rot-free compared to many out there. Super easy to work on. It even appears this one could simply be buffed out until a paint job can be afforded.
    Mine was similar when I found it. It was cheaper to buy all new brake and clutch components than to rebuild the originals. As long as it isnt seized up I’d say this will / should go for $6k min. I paid $8k for mine and put $4k into it and it is now a fun daily driver. The values have been increasing. Nice clean examples are in the 15k-20k range now.
    I have had TONS of classic cars. Some very desireable like 356 Porsche and E-Types. This car has always gotten me 100% more attention wherever I drive it….maybe because it is both cute and aggressively styled at the same time.

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  7. Jim S

    Ebay ad says body number 40003 but commission number CT39962L0

    I guess you could say it was one of the last 342 cars built. Body number and commission number never came close to matching. The bodies came into a courtyard and it was never first-in first-out.

    Irrelevant really. But cool story bro.

    Jan 1, 1964 CT 28709

    Jan 6, 1965 CT 40304 Last production TR4

    It was built some time towards the end of 1964.

    CTC 50001 – first TR4A, built January 1, 1965.

    TR4A had the side marker lights and chrome strip.

    So it looks pretty good. It has the overdrive which is awesome. This seems like a pretty fair deal.

    I’d throw away the top, give it bath, make it safe and drive the crap out of it.

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  8. stillrunners Stillrunners Member

    Thanks Jim S for the enlightenment…great to know more !

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  9. Matt

    The 62 model would have had a steel dash, also the early TR’s had a short bulge hood, later cars had the long bulge hood. It has been painted, because the gas tank has green spray on it – in stock form the gas tank is black. In 66 as Jim mentioned the car had the fender (wing) mounted turn/park lights and you could get a solid axle or IRS.
    I had a 62 back in the day, and currently a 64 that I have welded in the new floors and inner and outer rockers. I accidentally bought it before I was finished with my 69 TR6, at least that’s what I told my wife. This car does look tempting – good luck to the new owner.

  10. bobhess bobhess Member

    Everything aside, the TR4 was one of the best looking cars, along with the XKE, that the Brits ever built. Spent some time on the road with one and it was a blast.

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    • Jim S

      As a TR3 owner back in the 80’s I’d look down my nose at TR4s. Now that I’m slightly wiser….and definitely much older…. There’s something to be said for roll-up windows. Side curtains are quaint and unique and twee but man…. I don’t look very fondly back at those winter road trips and stuffing anything I could find into cracks to try to kill another draft that managed to find the tiny part of exposed skin I didn’t have covered up. I guess I’m just old now.

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  11. Al

    Had a ‘62. Perhaps most enjoyable cars I’ve ever owned as far as driving (and I’ve had 6 Vettes, MGs, Spitfires ) plus Mustangs, etc. TRs are great running, shift like butter including clutchless shifting just for fun. Easy to maintain and unbreakable tractor-based motor. If I could find space…

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