One Owner: 1975 Jeep Cherokee S

Credit the survivor-grade condition or that heavy duty bumper with a winch, but whichever you choose, this 1975 Jeep Cherokee looks the way a Jeep should look. The seller says this is a one-owner example that has minimal rust and under 100,000 original miles. The history is straightforward, having gone to a dealer in Tennessee before being sold to a farm in Missouri. Find it here on eBay with one bid to $3K and the reserve unmet. 

The only rust noted is in the lower sills behind the rear wheels, and you can just make out some corrosion from this angle. The body shines nicely, and the original graphics show little sign of wear. Despite likely living on a farm and the winch indicating some level of heavy-duty use, there’s very little in the way of battle scars that I can see. Great colors for a Jeep, too.

The interior is more than presentable for a truck of this vintage, especially considering the light colors it came with. Door panels and seats could probably benefit from a cleaning but you can absolutely live with this Jeep as-is. Carpets look better than I’d expect, and you can operate that heavy-duty winch from the interior, thanks to its original remote still functioning. Still, the seller things the carpets should be replaced and the seats re-upholstered.

Underneath is just how you want a Jeep to look. Considering these 4x4s came from an era where they actually did work instead of prance and preen on a jobsite, the Jeep is in amazing condition underneath. The original window sticker is included and this Jeep Cherokee impresses with what seems like very careful ownership and near 100% original condition.

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  1. KevinLee

    Like it. I would have to remove the fugly front bumper. The original just goes with that handsome grill perfectly.

  2. Jack in NW PA Member

    I had a similar one but black with the same stripes,I wanted to make a custom panel truck, 2X4 lowered,2 inch chop etc. but before I could a friend bought it.
    Perhaps it’s time to try again….nope too many projects now. someone will will have a nice Jeep and like Kevin said loose that bumper.

  3. MFerrell

    A state inspector told me once, “A bumper is supposed to absorb impact, not deliver it!”

  4. Howard A Member

    I had a Ramsey winch just like that on my FJ55, and it was driveshaft operated off a PTO. I didn’t think they were electric. That’s all I have to say about this Jeep. Mine was a big disappointment, and would never buy another.

  5. wuzjeepnowsaab

    Nice Cherokee. Narrow track with the S group, west coast mirrors and venting rear windows for the back seat passengers. Rust looks to be minimal but fix those lower quarters asap because they’re starting to rot through and you’ll be sniffing exhaust fumes all drive long.

    Ramsey winch and bumper is a nice option but I’d sell that and get a regular bumper on this one. Ad doesn’t mention if the QuadraTrac has Low Range…would be nicer if it did. QuadraTrac is a very capable awd system but sourcing replacement chains can be a chore.

    All in all, a nice truck at a decent price

  6. ben Root

    ben here had a black and sliver one of the worst cars ive owned every time there was a hit of rain it would die spent a ton of money and no one could figure it out replaced every thing elect final straw I bought a new matress and box spring coming home dark skys it quit ruined matress and box I left it there and called a scrap yard I think it was built on a fri or mon

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