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One Owner: 58k Mile 1977 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme

The Cutlass Supreme was one of the best-selling U.S. nameplates during its long production run and was #1 in 1976 and several more times thereafter. The third generation Cutlass models (1973-77) employed General Motors’ Colonnade styling which eliminated framed doors (and hardtops). This one owner Supreme from 1977 looks to be a beautiful survivor with low miles for its age. This garage kept queen can be found in Rancho Cucamonga, California and is available here on craigslist for $11,500. Thanks, Pat L, for your hard work in finding us tips like this!

The mid-size Cutlass Supreme was first introduced in 1966 as the premium edition of the Cutlass line. First just a trim package, it became its own series with its own roofline and would dominate Oldsmobile sales throughout the ‘70s and ‘80s. With the downsizing that GM did of its full-size models in 1977, the Cutlass was awkwardly about the same size as a Delta 88 for that one year. For 1978, the GM intermediates would also see some fat trimming and the Cutlass Supreme was “rightsized” going forward. The car was still popular, and 437,000 Cutlass Supremes were sold for 1977, with more than half that number being the “standard” Supreme coupe like the seller’s car.

This ’77 edition looks to be in fantastic condition, having logged an average of just 1,300 miles per year since new. We’re told it’s been well-maintained, parked in a garage when not in use, and driven by a non-smoker (how about the Little Old Lady from Pasadena?). The body and paint appear quite tidy with no indication of any rust or structural repairs. We’re not told if the repaint and contrasting half-vinyl top are original, but that’s certainly is plausible. The interior appears to be equally well-kept, but the fuzzy seat covers on the front seat are the only detractor. We don’t know if they’re hiding anything and should have been removed before taking any photos. The front armrest looks kind of dirty.

We’re told the car runs and drives smooth, with a 350 cubic inch Rocket V-8 under the hood, matched to a Turbo-Hydramatic transmission. A 4-barrel carburetor was used, good for 170 hp and about 12 mpg around town. With the shift to smaller more efficient automobiles, the car had to shrink and get better gas mileage to survive in the years following the OPEC oil embargo that set the industry on its ear.

Based on a survey conducted by ConceptCarsZ, in Excellent condition (our estimate for this car), a ’77 Cutlass should be trading between $9-15,000, so the seller has priced his prize at the midpoint. The Cutlass Supreme isn’t as desirable as a nice 442 or Hurst/Olds of the ‘70s or ‘80s but would be a nice standout at a Cars & Coffee event populated by either muscle cars or Japanese crotch rockets.


  1. Superdessucke

    A buddy of mine had one of these in high school. His was white with a burgundy vinyl top and interior. Same rims and RWL tires. He was a fun guy so I always associate this car with partying.

    For some reason, this one seems to sit a bit High to my eyes. It could have Chinese replacement springs. They always give the car have that high “tip toe” stance. Easily correctable I suppose.

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  2. Vance

    I always thought that these were at the apex of their looks at the time. Granted that they were robbed of their power, but the waterfall grille was iconic, and the overall build quality was still good. GM was about to ruin everything, but these cars maintained a lasting legacy for Oldsmobile. I always wanted one of these, I owned a 1969 Cutlass S and loved it. If I had the money I would cherish this car. Good luck to whoever buys it.

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  3. mike

    This is barely a $5,000 car. Too many things wrong and dirty engine and what is the seat cover hiding? This car is even missing it’s hood ornament. From the pics looks good on the outside. Not so sure about the rest of the car.

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  4. Mark

    It’s said the downsized model after 77 was more fuel efficient?? Only barely if you got the junk v6.. The 265v8 wasn’t efficient either

    • Poppy

      I’d say the #600 difference in weight did something for mileage. Those ’73-’77s with a 350 were pushing 4000 lbs.

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    • Ken

      I think you mean 260 V8.

    • John Oliveri

      It was a 260 and it was a bomb, underpowered thin walled piece of junk, similar to the rotten 403 and 307, all junk

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      • Ken

        I agree. I had a 78 with a 260. Would not go up the hill into the
        mountains west of Denver. The had an option of a 305 4BBL
        Chevy engine. Much better.

      • Superdessucke

        Haha. A Gutless. I’m just curious what happened when you couldn’t go up the hill? Did the car stop? Did it actually just start going backwards? How did you get up the hill? Or did you have to go a different way

  5. Ryan

    I had 3 of these. A brown one, a orange one and a burgundy one. Yanked the motors and replace with scrap yard ones from late 60’s to early 70’s 350 rockets. My high-school days were marvelous

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  6. John

    I had a brown and burgundy one in the same car (was in an accident). Also owned 2 of 1970 cutlass supreme and now I own a 94 convertible. The 77 is not worth $11,500.

  7. Keith

    Way too much money, $3,500.00 max!

  8. karl holquist

    I had a 76 that i put in a 402 with a steel crank and a L-88 camshaft with a 3.73 posi. Now you had a cutlass that ran mid 13,s!!! Everything is interchangeable with all chevy body cars!! The rocket motor blew with 160,000 miles!!!

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    • Jcs

      Yeah. But no one seems to have noticed that the owner added the Salon flag bar emblems on the fenders.

      Everyone knows that just by adding those badges and flipping the air-cleaner lid adds an immediate 50 horsepower. Stand back, this baby will scream now!!

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      • Jcs

        Just to reiterate. This Cutlass in offer here is NOT a Cutlass Salon. Someone along the way simply added the flag emblems on the fenders. None of the Salon equipment is present.

        On the flip side, it is a nice Cutlass Supreme in attractive colors that appears to be in good shape. Great cars.

  9. John Oliveri

    They rode beautiful, they were quiet, the Salon edition was beautiful, this particular one w it’s seat covers and crud covered engine is not worth 11 grand, cause if it needs interior alone it’s gonna be an upside down project

  10. George Mattar

    In 1978, a local attorney traded in a super mint 76 Cutlass Salon at the Olds dealer where I worked. Silver with burgundy buckets and Hurst Hatches. He bought a them new 78 Silver Anniversary Corvette. I was headed to a KISS concert at Madison Square Garden and told the service manager do not let them sell that car. I want it. I returned to work 2 days later. Car gone. I returned home and got my 71 454 Corvette and drove the 210 miles back to work. For three weeks I searched all over town for the Cutlass. One day, I was getting a car out of the lot and there it was, the gleaming silver Olds I lusted after. I ran up to the driver Nd yelled out I will trade you a 71 Corvette 454 for your car. He pulled into the lot and I got the 25,000 mile perfect Olds. I have owned about 40 cars in my life, including two Corvettes, two GTOs, a Monte Carlo SS, 77 Grand Prix, also with Hurst Hatches, and a 70 Road Runner, but I miss that Olds the most. One if the best made, best riding and reliable cars ever. I met my wife to be in 1978 in that car. I sold it to finish my college education. The dude that bought it destroyed it. Jack ass.

  11. Kent

    We are here to have fun. Not chide people. Not make rash negthoughts about what you think a nice car is worth. Go make that ridiculous offer to him, not us. We know better. Either we had this car, as with many others, or we are all remembering our glory days going to see David Bowie in our new 73 Cougar XR7….etc.
    Be nice. Have fun.

  12. Ken

    10 mph up I-70 till I ended up getting off at Lookout Mountain.

  13. Lynne

    Had this car. Silver, with a black top. Bucket seats and floor shifter automatic. I loved it..probably my favorite car I ever owned, People would leave notes on it wanted me to sell it….

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  14. Patrick

    I Had a 77 Cutlass Salon as my first car… I was given it by my Grandparents and in the mid 80’s it was still mint condition… I changed that … stupid kid! Rear bumper fell off from rusted brackets… anyone else remember this being a common problem.. used to see a lot of Olds like that.

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