One Owner 1969 Chevrolet Camaro RS

This Camaro represents one of those opportunities that doesn’t come along very often, and I’d like to thank Barn Finder Bill F for bringing it to our attention. This Camaro is a one-owner, numbers matching car that the owner has made the difficult decision to part with. You will find the Camaro listed for sale here on eBay. It is located in Los Angeles, California, and is offered for sale with a clear title. At the time of writing, bidding has reached $28,600 in a No Reserve auction.

The story of this car is an interesting one. The owner traded his Corvair in on the Camaro when it was new. He drove it for years, and eventually, he passed it on to his wife in 1986. It was her car until she passed away recently, and now he has decided to sell it. The car underwent a refurbishment in 2005. It received a fresh coat of paint, and it looks really nice. It is fitted with the optional rubber front bumper and is also fitted with Rocket Racing wheels. The owner does still have two of the original steel wheels. There are a number of shots of the underside of the car, and it is pretty close to perfect. All of the floors are said to be original.

When the outside of the car was given a refresh in 2005, the interior also received a bit of a cosmetic make-over. It looks really nice and is completely stock. There are a couple of little scuff marks in some of the plastic, but otherwise, it’s stock and looks nearly as good as the day it left the showroom.

2005 was quite a year for this Camaro. The drive-train is all numbers matching, but while the body and interior were getting a refresh, the original 350ci V8 also came in for some treatment as well. In addition to some cosmetic work, the engine received a new aluminum intake, Edelbrock carburetor, electronic ignition, radiator, and dual exhaust. The car came fitted with power disc brakes and power steering. The owner has retained the original intake and air cleaner, and they are included in the sale. The seller also has this YouTube video which gives you a brief walk-around along with a brief drive. The car sounds great in the video.

Bidding on this Camaro has been spirited, and when you look at the car, it is hardly surprising. While it isn’t perfect, it is a really nice example that many people would like to have sitting in their garage. As I said at the start, it is a rare opportunity to be able to get your hands on a one-owner, numbers matching ’69 Camaro. I think that the bidding has a way to go yet.

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  1. JP

    AWESOME Camaro!!!

  2. JC

    Dang, why does it have to be on the other side of the country…sigh…

    • Miguel

      JC, if it wasn’t, it wouldn’t exist.

  3. Jeff

    That, is a peach.

  4. SlickB

    These cars are neat no doubt and being a owner of a 67 RS SS these cars are fun. mine is a manual 4 speed but i’m assuming the automatics are fun to.
    I have to say I am not a fan of the front bumper, I have never seen one like this ( or never noticed) and I think the chrome completes the front of these.
    Neat car tho

    • JoeNYWF64

      Sure wish they had that smaller diameter steering wheel & darker blue color avail inside – in ’67-8. You don’t see a ’69 w/o a rear spoiler that often, let alone 1 w/body side molding!
      I, as a non smoker, would move those aux gages to the top of the console.
      If that bumper is the same endura as on ’70-3 firebirds, i guess they can start cracking just from sitting? I would not want to place a bumper jack under one. lol.
      Not sure if that is the proper shade of blue for the steering wheel.

  5. Sparkster

    JC if you buy it I will drive it out from California for you. What state will I be delivering this beautiful Camaro to ?

    • JC

      That would be Delaware… can’t get much further east than that! I have it on my watch list. We’ll see.

      • Jeffro

        Also in Delaware

    • Ike Onick


  6. John T.

    This is one beautiful unmolested First Generation Camaro RS in what appears to be in excellent condition with under 100k miles (ad says 95k) and loads of documentation. The fact that it is being sold at NO RESERVE indicates that the seller is serious about selling. I would not be surprised to see the bidding approach if not exceed $50k!

  7. TimS Member

    Don’t give a crap about most Camaros, but boy, that blue interior makes this one a real looker.

  8. Jimmy

    That blue really makes this Camaro stand out over others I have seen. I must say if you tried doing that walk around in the middle of a 4 lane road here in KCMO you would be either dead or your car would be in the nearest bodyshop.

  9. Rodent

    I REALLY wish they hadn’t put that bodyside molding on.

  10. Michael

    Beautiful car. Dangerous place for a video..

  11. Mark

    Very nice and clean!! That blue is nice inside and out! Maybe paint the rear drums black.

  12. Classic Steel

    Oh memories..
    My HS second car was a 69 RS z28 with the same color and hidden headlights and neophrame bumper. This. Car would scream and launch great every backroad drag race back in the day ..

    Now I am going to have to listen to The old Dan Fogelberg song and drift for just one second I was back in school…😅
    Except I don’t want my old girlfriends back just the car 👍👀

  13. Barzini

    Fifty years later and there is still a Chevy dealer at the same location he purchased this car. (I used to live and work right down the street from that location.)

  14. Winfield Wilson

    So refreshing to see a ’69 that isn’t a Z28 clone with a cowl hood and all. The stock look rocks!

  15. Miguel

    I think there are other wheels that would make this Camaro look much better.

  16. sparkster

    Miguel, I was thinking the same thing, and was searching my brain to figure out which wheel. I might go into ebay and look at other Camaro for ideas. Let me know what you come up with.

    • Miguel

      I like the rally wheel with the small center cap.

      I have this thing about the Cragers.

      Every set I have ever had has been old and broken, so when I see a new set, I see what they will be in the future.

      There are cars that look good with the Cragers, but not this one.

  17. Lance Platt

    Finally a Barn Find that is a very popular model and in great condition after a half century! Great color too. Kudos to the reader who found this Camaro.

  18. Wrong Way Member

    Even us ford guys have to admit this car seems to good to be true! LOL, those were the days! Very nice example, I would drive enjoy then pass it on!

  19. Joe Payne

    That is one beautiful Camaro. Nice to see a car that the owner actually cared enough to take care of. Looks like somebody’s going to be very lucky. I know many people have good intentions, but man it hurts to see these once proud muscle cars in such neglected condition. After five or ten years of sitting uncovered, unprotected in a hay barn, sell it and give it a new home.

  20. Catie H

    My high school boyfriend had a 69 Z28 that was that blue with the blue interior. His had a four-speed and I used to love to race guys at the stop lights on Friday nights. Sadly, the car is long gone, but I married the boyfriend, lol.

  21. Butch Morgan

    Watched the video…IMHO…I’d rather see a couple of door dings than that crappy added in trim…nice other wise…

    • PatrickM

      The door trim doesn’t bother me. (drool, slobber…wiping my chin)

  22. Bob Baird

    Do the leaves in the pic look like Los Angeles to anyone????????????

  23. sparkster

    Miguel, I worked at a tire and wheel store while attending college back in the mid 70’s and every “muscle” car and “surfer van” had to have Cragers installed. Raised white letter Goodyears and Cragers every day. They look good for a year or so but then go down hill from there. Torque thrust wheels are nice but are getting over used lately. You may be right with a standard GM rally wheel might do the trick. No too flashy

  24. CaCarDude

    Very nice Camaro, I would be proud to park in my garage. I have to agree with Miguel and sparkster on the wheels, nothing better than a set of Argent Silver 15×7 Rally’s with beauty rings & nice original top hats cut down 0.75 in. to make flush with rim, with some new red lines… a sweet look for this Blue Beauty.

  25. Scott

    Who is selling this? Picture shows owner signing off the title in October. Is this guy helping the original owner sell or is he a flipper?

  26. Wayne

    15X8 Body color Rallys with thin trim rings and the flush style center caps. OR
    Dark center (charcoal) Panasport (Minilite style) with polished outer portions.
    JMHO, as I was at the Good Guys car show in Pleasanton CA yesterday. So I saw many 1969 Camaros.

  27. Bodyman68

    I thought this was barn finds not ebay ? Not a fan of 69s,though its a nice car but not a barn find by no means

    • JC

      Don’t you get tired of looking at rusted out pieces of junk sometimes?

  28. Wayne

    Oh, come on,,,, It was parked in front of a barn once!

  29. Des Ryan

    That interior is not “stock” – those seat covers were stitched custom in 2005 and bear no resemblance to the original 715 blue standard interior which looked like this shot above.

    • PatrickM

      C’mon! This puppy is 50 years. Of course, there are going to be some updates, changes or the like. Possibly could not get the exact color or stitch pattern.

  30. Too Late

    It;s at $32,100 with a day left. It appears that nobody cares that the interior is TOO blue.

    • PatrickM

      Looks GREAT to me. I’d have it in a heart beat. But, same old story…money, time, place, etc

  31. mike

    Looks like a LM1. One of 10,406 built.

  32. Mountainwoodie

    Still.while not original ……….is with the original owner…..which means you’ll actually know how the car once was. Pretty sweet even with the slushbox and thats saying something for a guy who doesnt want a shlushbox in anything if he can avoid it :)

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