One Owner Survivor! 1972 Chevrolet Corvette

We love it when you readers send us survivor cars like this one-owner 1972 Chevrolet Corvette advertised here on craigslist in Melbourne, Florida. The seller is looking for $25,000 for the car and we have reader Patrick S. to thank for sending us after this cool C3. And to t0p it off, I love the color!

The seller tells us that this is the original paint, and that they even have the original tires (they are not currently mounted on the car).

Long time readers will know my feelings about luggage racks on C3 Corvettes. However, I will make an exception in this case as it came this way–and I certainly wouldn’t want to mess with a car this original. Besides, I do love that color! According to this chart it was called Ontario Orange.

It’s hard to believe this interior has 73,000 miles and 46 years of wear on it! I wish I were the next person to be sitting in it. Do you think it’s worth the $25,000?

This is the original 350 cubic inch V8 and it’s attached to the original four speed transmission. Now I realize this isn’t a mint condition original, but to me it’s the best of both worlds; an original car that I wouldn’t be embarrassed to put into a car show, but at the same time I could drive it without too much fear. Too bad I’m not in the market right now — are you?


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  1. Chuck Cobb

    Luggage rack says ROAD TRIP!!!!!

  2. Rustytech Member

    I have never been a big fan of the c3 Corvettes. I found the seating position uncomfortable. The way the door panel curved in at the top felt like it forced me to lean to the right. That said, this is a gorgeous car, and if it is as nice in person as it looks in pictures it’s a bargain!

  3. Mark S.

    To me, a survivor like this garners more respect than an over the top restoration. Being able to drive something and not having to worry about a bird crapping on it means more enjoyment.
    Nice car but I prefer the C2 over the C3 any day.

    • Corey D Wadley

      You’ll pay more for a C2 over the C3 any day.

      • Mark S.



      Mark, your wallet would prefer the C3.

  4. Dale hedges

    There’s a white 4spd 454 72 vette near me, it has 20,000 miles and is only driven once a year to be registered, it is owned by the original owner who is now a little old lady.

  5. roundhouse

    This looks great. Budget some money for a new rear leaf spring, wheel bearings, u-joints, and brake calipers, and you have a great driver.

  6. Joe Haska

    This car is the exception to the rule. There are certain cars and years, that I always say, I would never want one of those, or even some more words and expletives that we can’t say here. And, what happens, one comes along and you find yourself saying, well that’s not that bad, I might like to have that. This is certainly one of those cars.

    • LastCJ

      My exact thinking. The early 70’s C3’s with a powered-down 350 have never done much for me. Yet, that originality and Ontario Orange make me want to own it and drive it.

  7. Ron

    If it’s as nice as it appears to be, the price is reasonable. Really nice looking car.

  8. 86_Vette_Convertible

    That one looks sweet. If I was in the market for a C3 I’d sure give it a look see.

    Like 1
  9. gto4ever


  10. Paul

    Is he the original owner or is he flipping it?

  11. Vegas Vic

    Mid way through the body style, decent performance, the pinnacle of American motoring, this Orange Jewel deserves road trips!
    And the luggage rack ensures arriving at the Keys with skivies n socks!

  12. 72 Monte Carlo

    Classic Chevy Styling. Rally Rims, in my view, are the greatest stock wheels/rims that were Factory produced

  13. jb bourne

    I live a half hour away.Just chatted with owner. Willing to observe if needed.

  14. jw454

    I think this is a very honest car and you would have very few surprises. The engine stamp matches the vin and the overall condition looks right.
    I already have one too many cars taking up all my space or I’d be considering this as a possible summer driver.

  15. Millenkneeil

    That interior shot reveals an activated airbag. Best be wary. I checked online. They don’t even seem to make replacement airbags for C3 ‘vettes!

    • Mark S.

      ? Looks more like a car cover on the passenger seat.

    • giorgitd

      No airbags in *any* 1972 vehicle.

      • Millenkneeil

        It was a joke. Airbags only first available in 73.

    • leiniedude leiniedude Member

      There was only airheads in 72 Millenkneeil. Activated airbag? Maybe a drag chute!!!!!!!

    • Pa Tina

      I got to see two side airbags post-detonation last week when my 18-year old totaled my Edge. No injuries, but what a mess inside that car! My advice- Don’t ever be vaping or smoking a pipe when you are driving an air-bag vehicle. Whammo! Next thing you know, you are pooping your pipe.

  16. Neal

    Nice car!
    Hey, is that an integrated shoulder belt built into the seatback? I’m not familiar with these cars.

    • gbvette62

      The shoulder belts go through the seat back on the early 70’s Corvettes. The retractors are mounted in the rear compartment, on top of the wheel houses.

      • leiniedude leiniedude Member

        Mine has the shoulder belts. I believe that was an option
        in 72. Crazy, but I use neither.

  17. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    As the third owner of a Classic white 72 Stingray you know I like this rig. I have owned mine for 18 years now. Hard to believe, time flies. Mine is a base 350, auto, air and power windows. She will get scratch in second and third. I know just about anything built today would kick its ass. It is so fun to drive, looking down that hood and seeing those fenders is sweet! Kind of hard to get into and out of anymore but well worth it! I really liked the Briar Blue I believe it was called. Money could be a little high, not worried, mine will be sold after I check out. Mine does not have the rack, but I like them. I am sure the new owner will enjoy!

  18. gbvette62

    It looks like a very nice original unmolested 72. It doesn’t look like it’s been abused or played around with, and the only change from original I see, is a replacement water pump. Even the ignition shielding is still on the car!

    The tires pictured, which I assume are the ones the seller is calling the original tires, are not original. Outline white letter tires never came on any Corvettes before 1978. The OEM white lettered tires available in 72 were the Goodyear Speedway Wide Tread and Firestone Wide Oval, both with solid white lettering.

    Ontario orange was the most popular color in 72, and one of the most popular ones in 71. As popular as Ontario Orange was, it quickly fell from grace, and was quite unpopular for many years, so much so that many got repainted other colors. Personally, I love Ontario Orange, but then I have a 71 El Camino I bought new, that is painted Burnt Orange Metallic. Burnt Orange is what Ontario Orange was called, when used on Chevelles and El Caminos.

    If the car looks as good in person, as it does in pictures, I’d say that the $25K asking price is reasonable.

  19. stillrunners LAWRENCE Member

    Thanks JB….actually looks like a nice car – buy.

  20. Pa Tina

    A bargain at $25,000. A rare occurrence on these pages to see a car priced correctly. The seller should also not take a penny less.

  21. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    If numbers match, and condition matches the pictures, then you won’t lose money picking this up at the asking price.

    This is the one I would buy, and I owned a ’70 for almost 30 years.

  22. Miguel

    Now that is a survivor.

  23. MikeSuperSport

    I love the chrome bumper C3’s and this color is a favorite. This is a car I’d drive with little worry.

  24. Uber Alice

    nice rack!!!

  25. T Mel

    Can’t say I don’t love my ’72 454 Ontario Orange. Very fun ride, highly recommend.

  26. ben

    Ben here in fl ive got a 72 454 auto warbonnette yellow metelflake have been trying to sell for months 3 owners my lady friend being the 3 first two were brouthers started at 30 as per hagerty then 25 then 20 now 18 a lot of calls and lookers but no sale so I think its up to how bad u want the car mine has power windows power steering brakes but no air but still cant belive its not selling

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