One Owner Tii: 1972 BMW 2002

BMW 2002 Tii’s continue to appreciate nicely, especially for mostly stock survivors like this 1972 example. Wearing an unusual shade of paint known as Ceylon, it remains highly original aside from one repaint and an upgraded later 5-speed manual transmission. The body looks great, and the seller notes that its location is in spitting distance to the annual “The Vintage” festival, one of the largest gatherings of pre-1990s BMWs in the country and happening in May. Find the 2002 here on eBay with bidding already surpassing $23K.

It’s hard not to get wrapped up in that idea of flying in, driving this 2002 to The Vintage festival in Asheville, then pointing the nose towards home, wherever that may be. The body on this 2002 looks nice, though it appears the passenger door is a bit bowed out at the bottom. The seller says there’s no significant rust to report, and being a lifelong resident of Knoxville, Tennessee certainly helped. According to the seller, a major restoration was planned but never got any further than the repaint, leaving the 2002 highly original underneath.

It’s comforting to see the original steering wheel and seats here, as these are commonly upgraded to the three-spoke unit and Recaros out of the later 320i’s. The dash is said to have one small crack, and it appears the Tii-specific clock is still installed – but no word as to whether it works. The well-worn Coco mats are fitting for a Tii that wears its age gracefully, and the untorn headliner and door panels are reassuring. Even the stock radio remains, along with what looks like an original shift knob.

The paint that wasn’t affected by the respray looks sound, and it’s good to see the original paint code sticker and other underhood details still in place, with no evidence of paint being blasted over the strut mounts. The seller notes the “….Kugelfischer fuel injection operates perfectly,” and the odometer shows just 91,000 miles. The upgraded 5-speed is a desirable one, but the original 4-speed is included for originality’s sake. With a numbers  matching engine and no reserve, we’re not surprised to see bidders thirsty for a survivor like this.

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  1. RayT Member

    Nice little car, but $23K and rising? That’s a bit much, at least to me. And if I was interested enough to shell out that much dough, I’d definitely want an expert to check it out. The miserable fit of both doors and what looks like a low-buck paint job — I see what looks like overspray and patches of primer showing, but it might just be the photos — makes me leery.

    • jb cool mo

      I was just thinking this is too crazy a price

  2. Big Mike

    Now up to $26K…no thanks.

  3. Meetoo

    Love the color. But this BMW is not 26k nice. Fools and their money……. You know the rest.

  4. joebazots

    The market has really started to shine on these little cars. I love them, but like many of you – too rich for what is sensible to me.

  5. Luki

    Why do people say the price is too high when that’s what its bid to?
    It’s a rare color and mostly original Tii.
    Go find one cheaper. I’ll buy it from you.

  6. Brian Ach

    I know I wouldn’t let my 3-owner (including me) original one-repaint Agave 2002Tii go for pennies either. Iconic, superb handling, 135hp FI engine, legendary design, spacious, huge trunk, and super fun. People are figuring it out,m they have been on the rise for awhile, and finding and original car that hasn’t been messed with and isn’t a rust heap is very difficult. I would have to see the underside, but this has all the hallmarks of a very nice car to buy and drive and hold. I hope I see it at The Vintage, parked next to mine!

  7. Pat

    It is a very early Tii as it has the plastic induction manifold, a few more BHP than the rough cast alloy, does look nice, I have a 72 2002 touring (hatchback) as a daily driver, you do get looks these days, especially at 90mph in the outside lane…..

  8. David Miraglia

    Love 2002’s, but toooo pricey

  9. Rex Kahrs Member

    These cars are crushing it on BaT. I love my “squarie” base model…the two-barrel Weber makes for a lively performance of the 2500-pound car, and the handling is legendary. The sunroof is a huge bonus.

    Long live the 2002!

  10. Rube Goldberg

    Well, hold on a sec, that person was asking $12g’s for a rusty old Chevy pickup, this was/is a fantastic car. Changed everything in sports sedans.
    Spring of 1973, his name was Frank Hicks. I had just gotten my MGB, and he was making good money as a journeyman plumber, and rolls in with a brand new ’73 2002 Tii like this, only orange. It was quite a car, and the 1st time many of us even knew what a sports sedan was. That car, for 4 adults, was the best cruiser, plenty of power for a 2 liter, ate my MG for lunch, great handling, superior brakes. He drove it hard, not trashing it, but doing what it was suppose to do, and it began using oil early on, I think there was a transmission issue too, but was repaired, but the oil consumption made him trade it. As long as it doesn’t go too much higher, it’s a cool car.

  11. Steve Park

    I bought a 1 owner since 1975, 74 tii a year ago. It’s not worth what this one is and would cost a fair amount to bring to this level. I’m surprised there aren’t more photos of areas known to rust. Someday I hope to make to the Vintage.

  12. Dolphin Dolphin Member

    If you’d like to own a very nice 2002tii you either have to pay up or get very lucky and find the one nice example on the planet that’s selling for $10 or $15K—-and then get there before the huge crowd of buyers get to it ahead of you.

    As the great David E. Davis said, the 2002 invented the sports sedan category, and the tii stands at or near the top of the 2002 family, depending on how you view the Turbo, which wasn’t sold in No America anyway.

    The SCM Guide says the tii is selling at auction for a median price of about $35K, so this original example seems to be in the ballpark. From what we can see from here it looks original and in very good to excellent condition. The driver’s door looks like it might just need adjustment.

    Agree that some photos of the rust prone areas would be good, but you’d be best advised to go look at the car or have a professional inspection before buying.

  13. Mountainwoodie

    Thankfully I can temper my jealousy as it doesnt have a sunroof! otherwise I would be inconsolable. I wish I had a pix of my ’72 02 with dealer aire, sunroof, bbs wheels, Gettrag 5 speed in Baikal Blue. Gawd it was gorgeous………when I sold it for six grand back in the late eighties I thought I had scored! Ah well….bollocks

  14. Bob S

    I went through a sports car period in the 60s, and in 1980, I bought a 2002 to use as an airport car. That little BMW, with the twin Weber upgrade, was a better car in almost every way than the the British cars that I enjoyed so much back then. The only thing I wished for, was the 5 speed I have in my 635csi. It was a excellent handling, reliable, sporty little car, and I loved it.
    I think the price, is a personal thing. I know from experience, that the price of restoring even a slightly rusty, road tired machine can quickly become higher than buying a good running car for a premium dollar.

  15. Bryan

    Ceylon is a rare color indeed. Originalality and low rust could well get this above 50k

  16. louis Q Chen

    My first car (1971) was this model while stationed in Weissbaden. W. Germany. It really missed this car, it handle great and fun to drive. It was also fairly easy to repair. The only hassle was adjusting the valves! Why can’t the “Ultimate Driving Machine” make one like this again?

    • Brian Ach

      they do, it’s called the m235i. Drive one, it’s good…forget the m2, m3 etc.

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