One-Year Option! 1970 Dodge Challenger RT/SE

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The one-year-only 1970 Challenger RT/SE may not be everyone’s idea of the ultimate E-body, but it certainly ranks high on the list. While other years offered many options that could be piled on the R/T, only 1970 offered both the luxurious SE (Special Edition) package and the R/T (Road/Track) package on the same car. This 1970 Dodge Challenger RT/SE in Bozrah, Connecticut comes with a (loose) fender tag that supports the seller’s tale of a real JS29 RE/SE with the U-code E86 high-performance 440 V8 (no longer present) and enough options to make an Imperial owner jealous. Despite the New England zip code, this rolling project looks relatively solid. The listing here on eBay has attracted at least five bidders and a market price above $12,000 without meeting the auction reserve.

Having the V1F Full Vinyl Roof, Green removed shows off the inset limousine window treatment that’s part of the SE package. Throw some tint on that sucker and pop Night Moves in the R22 10 Watt 8 Track and the back seat becomes your private paradise. This Y14 Sold Car (customer order) also included the V68 Sports Stripes Delete option to limit the R/T advertising to a badge here and there. What looks like yellow rattle-can paint loosely covers the F8 Dark Green Metallic. Thanks to E-Bodies for some details.

The mighty 375 HP 440 cid (7.2L) V8 is long gone, but the seller will include a “correct” engine and 727 automatic transmission. Often “Rust Free!” really means “Rust, Free!” but this Connecticut classic looks downright clean and unlikely to have been partially submerged in a swampy back yard. One clue might be the N95 code for Evaporative Emission Control (California Emissions) that suggests this car began life in The Golden State.

Power windows, air conditioning, light package, black leather high-backed bucket seats, combine with the C16 Console with Woodgrain and C26 Overhead Consolette (Door Ajar, Low Fuel, Seat Belt lights) to make this one highly optioned Dodge. If an RT / SE would overflow your emotional gas tank, but your bank account’s on fumes, it may not get much better than this. What’s your idea of the ultimate E-Body?

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  1. Gary

    Always hated what they did to the rear window. What was the point?

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    • piston poney

      i think it was something to do with, Trans Am racing, could be wrong

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      • Ralph

        The smaller window was part of an appearance package that came with a vinyl roof. I believe the insert in the window opening is fiberglass and can be easily removed.

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      • Gary

        Ralph, I would remove it for sure, but then, would it hurt the so called street value? I am so tired of these cars being treated as investments, but as someone will pay a premium because of the SE part of it, it will stay as is…complete with crummy vision out the back window, in hopes of someday a big resale.

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    • James

      Gary, it was akin to the high-end pony car market cars such as the Cougar. Even Chevrolet had a much more popular SS/RS package that was decidedly upscale. If you “hated” what they did to the window, take note that it was a whole trim package, not just the window insert. The SE came with leather interior, overhead console, and stainless bright-work that wasn’t available on the standard Challenger.

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  2. stillrunners

    The wood grain console comes with the R/T package as well as the over head comes with the SE package.

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  3. JohnfromSC

    From experience, I’ll claum everything needs redone on this car. That includes pulling and restoring the instrument cluster, console, heater/air box, etc. No mopar had a black firewall. Everything has to come out. Who knows the condition of the replacement engine.

    IMO, given the work needed and with NOM, this is a better candidate for a late model hemi and modern suspension.

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  4. JoeNYWF64

    Imagine trying to find new replacement tires like these with the wild lettering!
    Is the rear glass the same size here as on the non SE with the plug merely covering 20% of the glass?

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    • Ralph

      Can’t swear to it on the window size, but believe it was a full size window glass and another insert in the interior. Drove one of these 500 miles across Texas once, it was really rotten for rear visibility. The window is so small that it made it hard to watch for the cops while trying to defy the stupid 55 mph speed limit of the time. It also made the interior feel very small.

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