Only 62 Miles? 1984 Dodge RAM

It isn’t rare that you run into a 35 to 40-year-old classic that only has a few miles under its belt. A vehicle that someone pegged early on as something special to be babied and cherished for future generations. But what’s rare is when one of these machines turns out to be an ordinary pick-up truck that would normally have been worked hard and sent to the grave when it was used up. Well, hold on to your hats as this 1984 Dodge RAM D100 pickup is said to have just 62 miles on the clock. How does preservation like this even happen? Maybe the seller in Cordell, Oklahoma knows but isn’t telling having owned it for six years. Whatever the story, this truck is available here on craigslist for $12,500. Thanks for this interesting tip, Lee!

The D/W series of Dodge trucks were built between 1961 and 1993. The same basic design was retained for years until an all-new platform emerged in 1994. 2-wheel drive versions carried the D designation, while 4-wheel drive editions were designated W. The third and last generation debuted in 1972 and featured a rounder rather than boxier look. Dodge increased the amount of galvanized steel used in these transports, so they were more durable than before. The 1972 D-series became famous for its use in the TV show Emergency! where a D300 chassis cab was the featured paramedic rescue squad vehicle.

This ’84 RAM is a 2WD model with an extended bed, helpful when moving bulkier loads. The seller bought it in 2016 and only added two miles on top of the meager 60 already on the odometer. Work was needed on the fuel system (a good flushing), but we’re told it starts, drives, and stops as it should. Other than the fuel pump and carburetor, everything on this truck is from 1984. That includes the tires, which the buyer should replace post-haste. We’re told it has a six-cylinder engine, but one of many V8s is more likely.

While the interior looks almost new, part of the exterior paint could stand to be redone. The silver on top is looking rather thin, while the black on the bottom should buff out reasonably well. Two photos of the rear end are provided, one showing it with a bumper and one without. Is it possible that this truck has only traveled five dozen miles in 38 years? Perhaps, but many buyers will need convincing that the odometer hasn’t already turned over.


  1. Rw

    Russ “There is a picture of a slant six” read in loud Will Ferrell voice.

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  2. The Walrus

    ‘One of many V-8’s’ in 1984? LOL.

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    • Clay Harvey

      Dodge trucks could have had a 318 or a 360 v8 in 84, but being this is a D100, not a D150 it probably has a 3.9 v6

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      • Rw

        Clay look pics before posting.

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      • Matt G

        Don’t think the 3.9 was around yet in 1984, even in 2×2’s

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      • CCFisher

        Six-cylinder Rams used the 225 slant-6 through 1987. The 3.9 V6 was first used in the Dakota in 1987, then spread to the Ram in 1988.

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      • Sparky Withham

        My D-100 had a 318 in it new from the dealer!!!

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      • Robert Pulliam

        They didn’t have a V6 in ‘84 for trucks that’s a slant 6.

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      • Dave lewandoski

        V6 came out in 88

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  3. Rw

    Also what is 2×2 ??? Rokon comes to my mind.

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  4. Srt8

    The zeroes on the odometer don’t line up so I’d be questioning the mileage statement.

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    • Frog Man

      Ive always been told that too, and wheres the rear bumper?

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      • Karl

        It was optional.

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  5. RMac

    RW you should check the picture clay is correct that picture is not a v8 but is certainly NOT a slant 6 leaning tower of power and is almost certainly a3.9 V 6 only 3 plugs showing not 6

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  6. Grant

    Many trucks were bought and stored by wealthy farmers and ranchers. They felt it was better than paying taxes. The IRS even then was lacking enough help to properly enforce the tax code. Lets hope it gets better in the future.

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  7. RMac

    My bad Sorry it is correct that a 3.9 v6 was not available until 88 but that is not a slant six must be a v8 and can’t see the front plug definitely a v engine not 6 in a row

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  8. Troy

    Odometer has been messed with or rolled over second digit is not in line with the rest

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  9. Johnnymopar

    This is Chrysler’s famous 225 cu. in. (3.7L) slant 6 as seen in the picture. It is not a V configuration. I’ve owned 2 of them as well as a 360 V8.

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  10. Gary

    I can believe the mileage, I’ve seen them just that way. There is a dealership about 15 miles from me that closed in 85. They still do repairs as a independent, but there are 9 or 10 brand new cars still sitting on the lot. They have 10 or 20 miles on them but look like 200k from 37 years living/dying outdoors. There are a couple of Onmis, the rest are big four doors, Diplomats perhaps. He won’t sell them for what ever reason, just watching them rot away I guess.

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  11. Rw

    It’s a slant 6, I’m not always right but this time I am.

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  12. Big C

    Looks like a diesel. And I guess Dodge made rear bumpers an option, back in the day.

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  13. Ignatius J. Reilly

    A diesel engine in a D100? Now that would be rare.

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  14. Bunky

    So it’s a “2×2” V8, V6, Slant 6, or a diesel, with an “extended box”.
    This has degraded from not helpful, to embarrassing.

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    • TheGasHole

      It’s typical “i know what I’m talking about” car guy stuff!

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  15. Jay McCarthy

    I sold these in 1984, the D100 was the bottom of the line and with the slant six you measured 0-60 times with a calendar

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  16. GCS Member

    My dad had an 85, with the slant 6 and 4 speed on the floor. He was in New Hamphire so the rust had popped every weld in the bed in 10 years. This is nice. The 6 is hard to see with all the smog piping…

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    • Karl

      Was that the 4spd with O.D. in 4th?
      Had that Trans in a “Dart Lite”.

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  17. George Birth

    All this one needs is a rear bumper and a trailer hitch.

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  18. Johnnymopar

    It’s a 3.7L slant 6 gas engine. The armchair experts need to stop offering opinions about it being anything else when it’s a fact it is Chrysler’s venerable 3.7L slant 6.
    Jeez, you’d think we are talking politics.

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  19. geezerglide85

    I think its a slant six, if you look real close you can see the distributor down low on the passenger side. When I worked in the gas station in hi school ’74-’76, I remember the the mechanic taking the distributor out of the vehicle to put new points in them (the older ones anyway).

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  20. Engineerscott

    225 slant 6 A.C. and with the horrible Leanburn ignition system.
    With the funky air cleaner computer.
    It’s Not the Prospector series.But AC pretty good.
    AC lines by the radiator looks like a slight leak.
    Automatic transmission 3 speed.
    Buy it pull the distributor and replace it with a non leanburn,simple.
    13000 it better go into a museum,D100 to light for heavy work.

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  21. Johnnymopar

    Anyone know why this listing shows up on my iPhone but. It on my iPad?

    Strange but it does not appear on the iPad when I scroll through the listings.

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