Ontario Breadvan: 1972 Chevy Corvette


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It’s not unusual for us to spot Corvette conversions that feature an extra compartment on the rear to create the illusion of a shooting-brake style body. But like so many kits from the 70s, they take all shapes and forms and no two are the same. This 1972 Corvette here on eBay sports yet another custom body style that adds a bit of luxury to the hatch-style setup with a funky continental kit thrown in. The seller has been chasing it for years and must be throwing in the towel early given it’s already up for grabs with an opening bid of $1,999 and no reserve. 


I wouldn’t call this one of the better looking conversions out there, but it is different. As an Ontario Orange car with a 4-speed, it’s at least a better driver than the Buckskin example we featured yesterday. The seller claims he knew the man who kept it squirreled away in his garage and he would visit him each year while attending the annual Corvette swap meet in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. The call finally came this year that he was ready to sell, but it sounds like based on some of the cosmetic issues described that the custom “breadvan”-style Corvette is now too much work for the seller to take on.


While the interior looks salvageable, the bigger issue is what you can’t see. The frame rails are rotten and several pieces of glass have been smashed out due to vandals. The seller says that this Corvette was once a show car on the exhibit hall floor of the Javits Convention Center in New York, and there’s a picture at the bottom of this post that shows you what it once looked like. The car will come with the custom two- or three-piece style wheels we see on the driver’s side, which I actually think better fit this ‘Vette than the OEM Rallye wheels. The engine itself is not locked up but the seller hasn’t attempted to fire it up.


The custom touches extend to the front end, with a nose that looks like a sad attempt at copying the wild hot rod featured in the movie Corvette Summer. It also bears an odd resemblance (at least to my eyes) to an ’80s Pontiac Grand Prix. The seller says that the desirable big block hood was filled in with glass panels at some point, so that’s a loss. There’s a general theme of cut panels and other fabrication attempts to make the kit work, and the seller says he’s going to strip all of that away and restore the car back to its original form if it doesn’t sell.


Here’s what it once looked like, all shined up and ready to strut. If this is what the seller saw all of those years ago, I can understand why he was persistent – but what a bummer it must have been to see what the car had turned into. I will never understand how you can own something so pretty and feel satisfied watching it rot into the ground. Hopefully, this highly-personalized Corvette returns to the road in one form or another. How would you restore it – with the kit intact or back to original?

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  1. sir mike

    this gives the word ”UGLY” a bad name…

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  2. Rando

    That is truly awful.

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  3. Rob

    All you need is a new body, a new nose, a new frame, and a bunch of mechanical work, and VOILE! You have a nice ’72 small block 4 speed vette.

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    • Albert Velasquez

      I own this rust bucket I’m using all parts I can got a rust free frame,a parts car 72 body’s nice stock, am really surprise to see it here bought it Craig list,needs a lot of love,

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  4. John K

    What the heck is the purpose of this conversion? Other shoot break conversions on this era Vette was usually to give it a trunk for a little extra function, but what does this give? Perhaps a little extra room on the rear shelf to add a bobble-head chihuahua but I’m at a loss beyond that. Well, anything to take away from that front end, I guess.

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    • JeffAuthor

      John, it gives you that classic fake spare tire option and less rearward visibility. Duh.

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  5. cj32769

    Pimp Style! If I could get a pimp hat some platform shoes off ebay I would style this all the way back to check on my money. J/K

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  6. Van

    No matter how much you love or hate vetts, this has to be the worst.
    And I thought the car from Corvette Summer was ugly.
    Fugly □

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    • TomMember

      yes, this is terrible and has to be the worst. the corvette in Corvette Summer was pretty stinkin cool. some parts of it were over the top gaudy but for the period, pretty cool in my opinion.

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  7. Jeff G

    This think is wrong on so many levels it’s visually offensive. lol

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  8. leiniedude leiniedudeMember

    Well as the owner of a 1972 Stingray I have a couple thoughts. Not my kind of rig, but back in the day that’s what was going on. I have always liked the shooting brake theme on vehicles. I really do not care for the Conti kit or the Monza nose, but for a couple of K this girl would be a scream to beat around in. Honestly, she should be saved as is for historical sake. Myself, I would really enjoy studying this rig as opposed to another steel bumper car or a tri 5 Chevy or Mustang.

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  9. Alan (Michigan)


    My Eyes!

    (Make it go away!) *blink* *blink* (oh no, it is still there!)

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  10. Mark S

    I don’t mind the wagon roof line, I could even tolerate the continental back, but that hideous nose kit would have to go. I think that this vette would benefit greatly with a colour change too navy blue metallic, or emerald green metallic with a dark charcoal gray interior. There’s always something that can be done to turn a dog into a beauty. If your skilled you can usually keep the cost way down too. This one could be a diamond in the rough.

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  11. Charles

    Holy c*** Batman!

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  12. JACKinNWPA Jack NWPAMember

    Going to restore if it doesn’t sell? it has no reserve!. I think I would fill the rear windows loose the tire hump and re- customize the front and drive it as a sedan deliverly.

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  13. JACKinNWPA Jack NWPAMember

    Delivery, sorry It’s 1;30 am and I just worked 14 hours.bla bla bla

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  14. SRT8

    Unfortunately you can’t unsee some things

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  15. dj

    Um, No and NO. Just because the owner liked doing all that stuff, it doesn’t mean everyone else will like it.

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  16. Ian Wilkinson

    Nasty conversion but could be a cheap 72 vette once put back to normal. Manual tranny as well is nice

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  17. Mark-A

    Are those Gotti Wheels in the last picture? If not they are a definite looky-likey style, look up the rims fitted to a Renault 5 Turbo 2 (the mid-engined ones that were used in rallying) & tell me that they did look the same? Thanx

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    • Albert Velasquez

      Today about 1/2 of the body is cut up in the trash,the windshield was smash, and I had to cut passenger door open it looked like it been closed 20 years,a bit,.to open,motor runs great,new gas tank,new tries,the body is just too far gone to save but a lot of good parts,it will have a new life some day,may post pic soon

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