Option 1, 2 or 3: 1964 Chevrolet Corvair Monza Convertible

The first generation of the Corvair ran from 1960 to 1964. A convertible was offered beginning in 1962. This along with other Monza models made the Corvair the obvious choice for those seeking an American compact sports car. Here is a 1964 Chevrolet Corvair Monza Convertible for sale here on Craigslist in Medford, Oregon. Thanks to Barnfinds reader Dan O. for finding this car and bringing to our attention.

It’s nice to have options, and that’s what the seller of this Corvair is doing. You have the choice of the following three options:

  1. The Corvair with a non-operating engine installed for $3,500
  2. The Corvair and an extra original 1964 engine with new parts for $4,500
  3. The Corvair, extra original 1964 engine and parts, plus a lot of Corvair parts for $5,000

The seller has had the car for 10 years but has never driven it. I’m guessing it’s one of those projects that has taken so long, the seller is tiring of it and ready to move on. The body of the car appears to be in good condition with no rust due to it being stored indoors. The Corvair also has a rare aftermarket special order set of wheels.

No information is given about the interior. However, I’m assuming it has seen a full restoration. I don’t believe this would be original. The interior looks great including seats in the original pattern, door panels, dash, and carpeting.

The engine currently in the car is a 1967 110 horsepower engine, while the engine not in the car is the correct 1964 95 horsepower engine. The engine in the car is not working, while the 1964 engine has had the heads rebuilt. This Monza has automatic transmission. The car itself has 64,000 miles. So if you’re looking for a first generation Corvair, what would be your option choice?


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  1. DayDreamBeliever Member

    The wheels are awesome.
    But good grief, it is an automatic. Not for me in any case.

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    • Bob Rossi

      Those wheels would be the first things to go!! They look like cheap trailer wheels.

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      • jetson

        I realize the wheels are a matter of taste, and not all like them, but those appear to be the Hands wheels that John Fitch chose to put on his Fitch Sprints. I have them on my ’64 Sprint.

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      • Joe

        Those are scarce and highly desirable Hands rims. They look very good in person.

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  2. local_sheriff

    My option choice would be with a FUNCTIONAL 110hp and MANUAL tranny! Such a nice Corvair, yet another one with Powerglide… What was it with Americans back in the 60s, was it an entire nation born without left legs…?

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    • Dave

      When this car was built gasoline here in western PA was 20 cents per gallon, diesel fuel was 15 cents per gallon. Convenience ruled over efficiency. Google B&M Hydrostick to learn how automatic transmissions changed racing. For many years Powerglides and their derivatives ruled NHRA Top Fuel. By the way…ever notice that the majority of American survivor cars are slushboxes, not gearjammers? Gearjammers got hammered all the way to the boneyard. I learned how to drive on a stick, but since the Baby Boom was well under way it was an axiom that if you wanted to sell Mom a car it had to be an automatic.

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      • local_sheriff

        Dave, I’m very well aware of the reliability and strength of the Powerglide. Had one in my fullsize Chevy for many years before tossing it out for a 700r4. Very undemanding and dependable , but oh so boring and power robbing…
        About the stick cars living a hard life I understand though…!

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  3. Hoiman

    As a Corvair owner for 39 years, this is very overpriced. One can get a decent running ’64 Vair convertible for the Option 3 price. This at best a $1500 value.

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    • Gregory Garon

      Will disagree a bit on your pricing. The items it has in the price increase favor are: good paint, no rust, hopefully good floor, great interior, nice looking top and no visible dents. Automatic really is not an item to disregard as it is dependable and lacks the need for clutch work and adjustment regularly. Try and fix these items for 4 grand, It won’t happen, so the price in my estimation is not over the top.

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  4. Sam61

    Nice find…you could probably buy option 3 for $4,300.

    I really enjoy BF. Thank you for not making the obligatory, poo poo, comment …”while we aren’t typically interested in restored Corvairs….”

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  5. Marvin Dumbrow

    Is this car worth the money?

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    • Raymond Hurst Member

      If you got this car for option 2 or 3; you got a deal. Get one or both of the engines to a REPUTABLE Corvair mechanic and spend the money to get one of them done right. You can’t go wrong.

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  6. Doug B Member

    The automatic tranny. Nope. Slower than a VW bus! This, as much as I like Corvairs, is a boat anchor.

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    • Joe

      Wrong. I own a ’64 Monza convertible with Powerglide (2 speed). It keeps up with traffic just fine, and the Powerglides are virtually indestructible.

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      • Marvin Dumbrow

        I just purchased the car and seems very good condition

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  7. charlie Member

    Thanks to Ralph Nadar, the ’64’s and later had the bar across the rear that kept the wheels from tucking under, and solved the “Unsafe at Any Speed” issue, the bar was “value engineered” out of the original design by the bean counters, and, if you kept tires properly inflated, it did not happen, but, back in the day, the guy who pumped the gas (remember him? unless you are in NJ where there still are guys who pump the gas) did not know better and put 32 pounds in all the tires when the front called for something like 15 or 18. I drove my mother’s base engine ’60 with Powerglide off and on for many years, until the early 70’s – the big problem was rust and fumes from the under hood gasoline heater. And having spent a lot of time in a VW bus at the time it was a lot faster than the bus, off the line, and headed uphill into the wind.

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    • Wayne Schreyer

      Charlie, The suspension upgrade became available on the 65-69. Not available on the 60-64 models.

    • Rusty

      Charlie, a ’62 2dr.4 spd.was my first new car at 19. I drove it aggressively and safely by installing an aftermarket item called a camber compensator, which totally corrected the pigeon-toe by keeping rear wheels parallel.You are spot on about the need for front/rear
      tire pressure being of utmost importance due to the non conventional light engine-less front end making control on slippery corners a potential
      off road “adventure” or much worse. Drove it for 90,000 great miles thanks to the combo of the above and decreasing the drag of the factory fan setup sucking horsepower. It became
      quick enough to embarrass an occasional cocky small block
      driver for 1 block or do. My first
      car love of many in 58 years of driving. Ron

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  8. arizman2

    I thoroughly enjoyed a ’63 spyder that I picked up in georgia back in ’64 for several years, the turbo was very sweet. I recently put a turbo on my current VW R32, 454 HP and I can easily discern the difference between it and the 150 hp the corvair had.

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  9. MD

    The wheels are not Fitch Hands wheels, rather a knockoff made by Western Wheel.

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  10. Mark

    I also had a 1963 Spyder. Great car. 4 speed and metallic brakes. Car handled well and would go in the snow when not much else was moving.

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  11. DayDreamBeliever Member

    Good going, Marvin! Post an update or two after you have had the car a little while!

    For those who didn’t see the post:

    “Marvin Dumbrow
    Dec 16, 2018 at 7:16pm

    I just purchased the car and seems very good condition”

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    • Tony, Australia.

      Marvin, did you take up the $5000 option, probably if you added up prices for all the parts you’d have to come out in front wouldn’t you? Not sure you’re gonna need 2 dozen carburetors though! Good luck and keep us up to date.

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    • local_sheriff

      Congratulations Marvin; cool car you bought there! As far as I understand the 64 was the only year GM offered the correction leaf spring to improve suspension caracteristics.

      Best of wishes

  12. Gregory Garon

    the 64 came with the transverse spring connecting the rear coil spring suspension to a boss in the middle bottom of the differential case. This minimized the roll of the rear end and sway felt in the earlier models. So this was a suspension upgrade the did improve the overall handling. I own a 64 convertible with a powerglide and it very enjoyable to drive, No real need for the 4 speed and readjustment issues.

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  13. Mark

    Congratulations Marvin. I think you got a nice one. Like “DayDreamBeliever”, I hope to see your updates posted.

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  14. 64 Bonneville

    Corvairs, love ’em or hate ’em, if you have owned or even driven one for any amount of time, you will understand how good these were. although I restored a 65 Monza Sport Sedan, (4 door no post) 110 w/ pg car was a blast. best $75.00 I ever spent for a non running old car.
    Give the Corvair a chance, own and drive one for a year or two, you’ll never want to give it up.

  15. DAVID6

    73 vw van project warmed over 140 hp close ratio, biffadiff. to old 2 finish

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    • DayDreamBeliever Member

      What part of the country are you in, David?

  16. Mark

    64 Bonneville, I have to give you a big “thumbs up”. You are right.

  17. Del

    Another Non Runner.

    Corvairs were not dangerous enuff, so build a Convert.

    Why am I so attracted to it ? 😁😂🤣

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