Orange Dream: 1970 Ford Mustang Boss 302


When it comes to Mustangs, some might say it’s all about the options. Others may argue simplicity is best, aiming for cars that came from the factory stripped down and protected from abuse. This 1970 Ford Mustang Boss 302 here on craigslist is a case of the former, right down to its desirable Calypso Coral over Orange color code that puts in very rarified company. 


What a striking car this must have been when new. The seller claims that despite its unfortunate repaint, it still remains largely equipped as it did when it left the factory. In fact, it might even be the most well optioned of the 34 Mustangs to wear this paint code combination. This was originally a Ford Motor Company executive car, which helps explain why it was so well equipped from the factory.


The 302 was paired to a 4-speed and Traction-Lok rear, and up front a Shaker hood and factory tach helps the driver monitor what was happening between the front wheels. You can still see trace reminders of the original paint all over the Mustang, which would make me inclined to seeing how much of that black paint could be stripped away to reveal the original coat. The seller does not say whether the engine is numbers-matching.


The rear louvers and spoiler are period-correct but no word if they were added at the factory. This Mustang also had the boxes checked for the Magnum 500 chrome wheels, Sport Deck rear seat, factory console and deluxe steering wheel. Overall, this car isn’t quite a survivor but it is wearing some desirable equipment and colors that demands it be brought back to original condition. The asking price is $28,500 – what do you think of this once-orange Mustang?


  1. DENIS

    Would be very kool but gonna take a lotta $$ to make it purty….

  2. John H. from CT

    If the numbers match and the engine turns this is a doable car. You’ve got almost $70K of room before you top out on this car. Love that it was Calypso orange, great color for a Boss 302..

  3. JW

    The Calypso Coral is one of my favorite Mustang colors, why anyone would change it especially on a Boss 302 car is beyond me. Well to each his own but $28,500 is a lot of cash for the work needed to bring this pony back to factory specs.

  4. Shayne

    I looked at this car recently. The ad does NOT show the rust and damage that is present on the car. By no means horrible… but it looks a lot better in photos. The gentleman who owns it is a numbers guy and has quite the collection.(Unrestored 69 COPO Camaro, 396 SS chevelles, GTO Judge, new COPO camaros) . He loves rare cars and does his research. But when i asked about this car, he claimed that he didnt check out the motor or transmission. Which i do find very odd considering..

    But anyways. No screw in freeze plugs, the motor to me seemed like a 351C to me instead of the BOSS motor. I am not a BOSS expert, so i looked for the obvious details. The car is too low to get under. And he has a lift in his garage… yet he doesn’t offer to put it on when showing the car. That with not providing info on the motor and trans… when purchasing a car for this price… shows to me that he is playing dumb. JMOP.

  5. Willy

    Looks like a 351C to me too. Doesn’t look like a wet intake.


  6. RicK

    Whomever pain black deserves a medal. Orange musclecars look stupid

  7. Ty

    Appears to be a 351 Cleveland with timing cover cast into block and upper radiator hose feeding into block instead of intake. Torque box appears thick due to rust at the seams. Still very restorable and desirable car.

  8. Trey

    Read the Marti again. It is 1 of 34 Sportsroofs, not Mustangs, to be built in this combination. How many are Bosses is anyone’s guess.

  9. Rob S

    It is a 351C. So knowing that, the price of this one is too high. BOSS engines can be found and sometimes the original engine can be found by doing some homework but very expensive! I spoke with owner and he knows very little about the car, kind of strange since he has all those rare numbers matching cars. I had to inform him that it had the wrong motor and he scoffed at me. Hes probably hiding something. I wonder if it has the original trans and N case rear. ..hhmmm

  10. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    So what are the 13 options ?

    • Trey

      It’s listed on the Marti Report in the original ad.

      • Rocco Member

        Well, the window slats & rear spoiler aren’t on the marti report.
        It IS a 351Cleveland. 100%
        It’s a cool car, but a little high without the BOSS 302 eng. He probably found out after he bought it, and want’s to unload it.
        Rob S;
        Actually I was trying to see the diff in the pics, and my first thought was 8″ housing from the silhouette, but can’t be sure.

  11. rich voss

    The slats and spoiler could be ordered from the factory and then the car was shipped with the holes already there and painted (trunk and rear window frame) and then packed in the trunk to be installed by the dealer. OR, they dealer had them in stock and installed them for you, OR you went to the dealer, bought the parts and put them on yourself. The slats fit all Sportsroof’s of this era Mustang as does the spoiler. Same one came with my Boss 351 and I watched them install it. Yes, I was a pest at the dealership when my car was finally delivered in April ’71. If this car actually was originally a “Boss” someone in it’s lineage blew the original engine and found out how expensive they were to replace. At least a 351C is better than a 351W….by a bunch.

    • JW

      rich I agree with everything you stated, our 70 Mach1 didn’t come with magnum 500s / window slats or rear spoiler by the marti report but someone added them and we have not had points deducted at car shows because they are period correct options. I also agree the 351C is better than a 351W.

      • rich voss

        Nice that you have a ’70 now and show it off ! As I mentioned, they “could” have been installed by the dealer pre-sale, to present better on the showroom floor. (And for a few more $$$). I had the “opportunity” to buy a ’70 SCJ that the young guy that ordered it backed out on after finding that his monthly insurance bill was more than his car note ! ! ! It was that special Orange with the black stripe package & interior (sport seats), slats & front & rear spoilers. Of course, it was an automatic. Traction-lock, the works. They really, really wanted me to take that car once they saw that I could insure it (and cheaply…Army officer). But although I liked the body-style more than the new ’71, I went ahead and ordered my Boss. The SCJ was still there long after my car arrived. I wonder what that car would be worth today ? ? ? What color is yours JW ?

  12. JW

    1970 ( Y code ) Chestnut Metallic.

    • rich voss

      JW – Great photo…two Mustangs ! Very nice ride, like the color too…very subtle.
      My Boss was the Silver (light) Metallic with matte black hood and stripes.Instead of ordering those nice wheels that you have, I chose to stay with the “steelies” that had a chrome ring and chrome “pie pan” hubcap. Our Winters are horrible & so are the potholes, figured they’d stand up better.

      • JW

        rich ours came with style steel wheels but the original owner’s son put the magnums on, I wish he had left the originals on. Like the magnums but also the style steel wheels. Your Boss sounds awesome, any old pictures ???

  13. rich voss

    JW – I’m lazy, so I “grabbed” this image off the ‘net. Nearly exact same vehicle, except for the wheels. This one has the styled steel wheels and mine had the ones as I described, chrome rings and hubcaps. Like I said, I can be lazy and didn’t search my boxes of old photos nor the ‘net for a more precise pic. It was an awesome car. Sport seat interior so the back seat flipped down (tiny trunk and opening) and the front seats fit me better. I’m 6’3″.

    • JW

      Yes at 6’3″ you would need this one over a 69/70 model. Ours has the fold down back seat option with trap door to trunk. I just finished reading a article in Mustang Monthly about how fast the 2nd generation Boss 351 was. Great looking car.

      • rich voss

        Yep. That fold down seat was a necessity. I’ve gotten in a multitude of Mustangs and other “pony” and sports cars over the years at the Chicago Auto Show. Went every year for decades, now not so much. I regularly embarrassed guys in ‘Vettes and bigger engined American iron with that Boss. It was lighter & had Traction Loc. I’d spin a bit & be gone….they’d really smoke ’em and “sit”. That Boss was my last V8. I’d gotten to know and love sports cars in Europe after living there. They could go fast, handle, AND stop. I did buy that Boss instead of a new Porsche, but have since owned the first 280ZX, a Mazda RX7, and 3 series BMWs…just not an M. Close to buying an M5 with a V10 though. I recently tried to “test fit” myself at the local Fiat/Maserati/Alfa dealership in a 4C Alfa. Laughable.

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