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Oregon Shop Stash: Citroen Safari, E-Types, and More!

As a wagon guy, it’s hard for me to resist the urge to add a vintage long roof to my fleet. The trouble is, most of the ones that appeal to me are fairly maintenance-hungry machines, from the Peugeot 505 Turbo estate to the likes of this barn find 1963 Citroen Safari. Now, this is a rare submodel of an already hard-to-find French entry, the Citroen DS, but there’s a lot more happening in this Oregon garage than simply the discovery of a wonky French wagon. Take a look at the Citroen here on craigslist where it’s listed for $7,995 in Aloha, Oregon with the cool roof rack included, and then take a gander at what else is in the garage below. Thanks to Barn Finds reader Rick P. for the find.

For starters, there’s numerous vintage Jaguars and Bentleys. The seller doesn’t appear to be an expert in any one marque, only providing basic information about the vehicles, but he sounds most comfortable talking about British models. What I’m guessing is the previous owner preferred British cars but dipped a toe into other models; the range of cars includes a late 80s Chrysler LeBaron Turbo convertible, a Ford Falcon station wagon, and even a Rover P6. The range of Jaguar and Bentley models includes Mark I’s and Mark II’s, as well as a Mark VII, a 1961 420 sedan, with right hand drive, and an XKE 2+2 body shell. You can see the British car listing here on craigslist.

This photo almost makes you do a double-take, as you don’t often see an E-Type shell just tossed on top of a stack of vintage cars in a private storage facility. Of course, “storage facility” may be too generous of a term based on what we see here, which looks like a shop that hasn’t been organized in quite some time. The seller mentions at least one other E-Type body in the mix that has had its VIN numbers erased, so tread carefully if you’re hoping to leave with a project that can be readily put back on the road. The listings all mention that the seller will be at the property this Saturday from 10 until 1, PST.

Here’s another interesting find, a 1957 Mercedes-Benz 220S with a rare Adenauer sunroof option. The seller notes there is no engine or transmission, and there’s more than one car in this ancient shop fitting that description. Given all of these vehicles reside in the dry, vintage-friendly climate of Oregon, I’d wager rust isn’t a huge problem, but you won’t know unless you go. The Citroen Safari wagon may be the most desirable project here, or perhaps some of the older British iron is worth chasing. You can find the Mercedes here on craigslist; which classic would you try and rescue from this collection of shop finds?


  1. Avatar photo alphasud Member

    The Citroen will not last long once discovered. They sell at a real premium in good condition.

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    • Avatar photo JohnT

      But its a 1963, which means it will have brake fluid in the hydraulic system and everything will be rusted solid…..

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      • Avatar photo Martin Horrocks

        Agreed, but it also means the eary single light look which s very desirable.plus the base ID spec is probably harder to find now than the DS. Add in the originality and colour combination, details like the roof rack and relative ease of restoration with panels which unbolt…..this could be a $70000 car at a Eurpoean show like Parias/Essen/Padova.

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  2. Avatar photo Rodney - GSM

    One of the saddest collection of beautiful cars that I have seen recently. Like kittens, I hope they all find “forever homes” quickly.

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  3. Avatar photo chrlsful

    That’s a life time of restoration wrk…
    Love to get in there w/a coupla buddies…

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  4. Avatar photo Rick in Oregon

    I knew the fellow who had amassed this collection, it was quite a tangled mess honestly. He would trade titles for cash advances to pay the storage costs each month to the point where he no longer actually owned anything. Would not part with anything nor did he ever have the time to actually fix anything. On more than one occasion I was down there helping him drag cars out of 1 of 2 buildings for fear the property owner would come and lock him out. A shit show to say the least. I lost $2500 in this mess when I helped him once, got a couple of titles to cars I am sure where not even there nor his. He died suddenly of Bird flu as I recall some 15 years ago and this collection sat dormant until it was sold to the fellow selling the cars now…..but there are some very cool, very rare and interesting cars there!! I’ll head down there and take a look, because I just can’t help myself!!!

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  5. Avatar photo Slomoogee

    Wow what a weird collection to some, but pushes many buttons for me. I’ve always appreciated French station wagons, having owned a 504 diesel with a automatic transmission. 0 to 60 in 2 hours. Once rolling though it was a superb ride. I can only imagine what that Safari would be like. The P6 Rover was another under appreciated nice cruiser here in the US. Went from Phoenix to Ohio after flying out to pick it up and visit my brother.

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    • Avatar photo Terrrry

      Measure the quarter mile time of that Peugeot with a sun dial!

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  6. Avatar photo JBD

    Nice Collection of rare cars!
    The E Type was mentioned as Serial Numbers erased. This does not happen naturally and I would love to hear the story behind it. Unfortunately, many will not make it back to completed, running cars.

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  7. Avatar photo Martin Horrocks

    Some of those MK1/MkII Jags would build intoo great competition cars for Carrera Panamerica rally or vintage racing. The price is right…..

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