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Original: 1928 DeSoto Six Sedan

Chrysler introduced the DeSoto in 1928 as a medium class car to compete with other car makers. It was very successful, selling over 80,000 cars. This DeSoto listed on eBay is described as a survivor, but it has not survived. There’s only a couple of days left and no one has placed the opening bid of $3,250. There’s also a buy it now of $5,250.  Thanks go out to Jamie for this find.

There’s apparently nothing left inside. Restoring it is going to be a challenge, but if you aren’t too concerned with originality you could just find some seats, make a floor and clean it up.

This is the 55 HP 175 CID 6 cylinder engine. It is literally stuck in the past.

It’s sad, but is this worth saving? The engine is stuck, the top is gone, it needs a complete interior and the wood body frame probably needs major work. Some of the original blue paint is under the brushed on black paint and it is nearly complete. Do you see any hope here?


  1. Mitch

    Normally I would say original restoration, but this one has so many issues, I wouldn’t have a problem with it being redone as a street rod. & if that’s done, keep the drivetrain Mopar! Don’t get lazy & slam an SBC in it. One thing that turns me & my friends away at car shows are people that have done that.

    • William Piwowarczyk

      People put small block Chevys in these vehicles because they want reliable horsepower. Last thing they want is some overpriced Chrysler or Ford product that doesn’t cut it

    • JACKinNWPA Jack NW PA Member

      Not worth restoring so….I’d move the back of the car up to the front door, use a model A reproduction bed to build a pick-up and a much later mopar drive train.Maybe just put it onto a Dakota chassis. Much easier restoring a cab than a sedan, even if it’s not correct it could sell for as much as the sedan in the same condition however I’d keep it and have fun.

  2. Joe Nose

    Wow. Talk about patina. Been underwater so long, it looks like paTUNA.

    Put the anchor chain back on it and say DeSINKo.

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  3. John B

    Barn find? Looks like a lake find. Are there bodies inside this creepy critter?

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    • Alex B

      I expected to see bullet holes.

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  4. Dovi65

    Tho I’m partial to keeping cars , I realize that the return on investment on this one would never be recovered. That’s a shame, as this DeSoto would be a really cool ride. Hopefully it gets to ride again with little mods.

  5. Irish Bill

    This would be a tough one to take on. Not a large following, too many doors, parts difficult to find and everything needs to be restored. I only hope the seller drops the price significantly to encourage someone to save this vehicle.

  6. John Bower

    You guys need to look at my listing instead of looking at the editor’s choice of the least appealing pictures. It is only missing the radiator cap and rear bumper. It may be the earliest surviving Desoto out there.

    I do early barn find cars (chiefly Auburns), this is solid, complete, with new and original title. Street rod? this site is trying to create content, not really relfecting the car’s potential. You guys are full of _____. Thanks for dissing an opportunity for someone to enter cheap and do some work.

    • nessy

      Say listen Mr Bower, first you said it’s a 28 and maybe the oldest DeSoto left which I know for a fact it’s not. Then you said it’s a 29 titled as a 28? Now, you insult our fellow barn find friends by saying we are full of—– and thank everyone here for dissing your car? You also insult our editor for not showing “the right” photos? Nobody is dissing the fine old DeSoto. Why are you being rude? We all get along fine here, we voice our views, have fun giving each other’s comments a thumbs up or down, we are not here to really insult anyone. We just voice the facts. Be glad your car even got on this great site and no, you are not exactly giving this project car away. You want over 5 grand for it which is not going to happen.

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    • Josh Staff

      Hi John,
      Sorry you feel we didn’t use the right photos, but David had to use the photos that are in your ad when he wrote the post up. If you had uploaded the one you posted in your comment or any others that better represent the current condition of the car, we would have used them! Heck, if you want to send me more photos now, we would love to put them in the post!
      BF Managing Editor – Josh

      • Woodie Man


        Yer lucky Howard A’s evil doppelganger didnt down thumb you!

    • Jeffro

      It’s also missing a floor. Just an observation.

    • Mark S

      Carefull John if you are to blunt in your disagreement or if you miss spell a word you will get hammered. Good luck to you selling your car.

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  7. Loco Mikado

    Serial #’s not what they are for “security reasons”? Where’s the gold? I want some of what he has been smoking, must be good. Takes away all reality.

  8. Duaney Member

    Restorable, but it would be a labor of love, just to save this car. Hopefully, someone will take it on. Much of the car hobby is restoring and preserving the past. It’s not a profitable endeavor, but done for the satisfaction of preserving some history, and if an individual is talented enough to do the work, a lot of satisfaction in the knowledge that you preserved and brought back to life what was thought hopeless.

    • Rod

      So true and well said. You need to have a true appreciation for cars of different periods and a real wish to preserve the past. It’s not always about recouping the money and more about the satisfaction of restoring grande old cars. I also hope someone takes this on.

  9. John B

    Call the forensics team, because somebody must have drowned in this car. Very best of luck to the “eternal optimist” that purchases it.

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  10. Keith

    In what way is this a “survivor”? The fact that it still exists? In that case, EVERY car on Earth is now a “survivor”. Most over-used term for a car these days….I guess it’s replaced “barn find” now.

  11. grant

    I love it but Mr. Bower you need a bit of a reality check. 5k is too high, when the Essex posted recently can be had for not much more, in drivable condition. I see about $2500 here. Hope someone saves it.

  12. Peter

    I know some Desotos [ bipeds] that would love this car ( :

  13. Jeremy

    My parents have a 1928 Desoto sedan that was a restored “survivor” turned into a street rod. Id love to post a pic here but don’t see a way to post a pic.

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