Original Paint: 1967 Pontiac GTO Convertible

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This 1967 Pontiac GTO Convertible is claimed to be a complete and original survivor that has 58,000 original miles on the odometer. The next owner could choose to subject the car to a repaint or to leave it as it is to wear its badge as an original survivor with pride. Barn Finder Ikey H referred to GTO to us, so thank you so much for that Ikey. The Pontiac is located in Chicago, Illinois, and is listed for sale here on eBay with no reserve!

According to the owner, the story behind this car is that it was purchased by a gentleman who went off to fight in the Vietnam conflict. He suffered war injuries, and when he returned home in 1970, those injuries severely limited his ability to use the car. It, therefore, sat for many years getting very little use. The current owner then purchased the car from that gentleman some time back and has undertaken the work to ensure that the car is in solid mechanical condition. The body has had no work and is said to be dry and free of any rust. The original Champagne paint is starting to look a bit tired, but the owner suggests that it might be worth finding a competent person to buff and polish the car, as it might come back to a decent standard without the need for a repaint. The external trim and chrome also appear to be quite good, as does the power top.

If you lift the hood, wht you’l find is a lovely 400ci V8 lurking there. This is the 335hp version which provides the GTO with some pretty impressive performance figures. The transmission is a 3-speed Turbo Hydramatic, while you also get power steering and power brakes. This a full, numbers-matching car, but the mechanical components have been given a check and refresh where needed to ensure that the car is operating at its best. He hasn’t had the cylinder heads lifted, but any gaskets that were suspect have been replaced, the radiator received a new core, the brakes have been refreshed, all fluids changed, and the car has also been given a tune-up. It is now in perfect health, with the GTO running and driving just as it should. I am also intrigued by the piece of paper stuck to the front of the Pontiac, and can’t help but wonder what that’s about. The owner has some original documentation that is included in the sale, including the original sale paperwork and the Protect-O-Plate.

The interior of the GTO is also original and is about as nice as you are ever likely to find. The owner says that it hasn’t been given a thorough clean, but says that it would be nice if the next owner had at least one task to undertake. The Parchment interior trim looks to be in great condition, the dash is unmolested, the pad is free of any cracks, and the center console with the “his ‘n’ hers” shifter looks about perfect. Give it a clean and you’re ready to go.

This Pontiac GTO Convertible really does appear to be a clean and original car, and if it is as clean as the owner indicates, it would be a great classic to own. The fact that it is original is a great selling point and will be a factor that really sparks the interest of a lot of people. When I look at the $32,500 sale price, I can’t help but think that this is a car that would be quite a good buy.

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  1. CapNemo

    The next owner could also have the car Repainted. In addition, the interior could use a thorough Cleaning.

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  2. Andre Joly

    Hard yes. Beautiful as it sits.

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    • Adam

      That’s a Texas sized 10-4

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  3. A-body Fan

    In my opinion this car is not original paint. It might have some remaining areas that weren’t repainted but when you enlarge the pictures it’s obvious by the body stripes, they are wrong. The stripes are wrong completely around both sides of the car. What we have here is a complete misrepresentation.

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    • Daleone3

      What is wrong with the stripes ? You say they are completely wrong but why? Those stripes would have been hand painted at the factory and I would be surprised if both sides were identical. Everything else about the car says original so inclined To think it’s an honest representation.

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  4. normadesmond

    The piece of paper may say, Fer Sale.”

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  5. 86_Vette_Convertible

    That’s from my era so “Yes I’d love to have it”. I’d leave it alone other than anything that requires attention.

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  6. JOHNMember

    When they painted the stripes, they did not go into the door jamb… they actually stopped just short of the ends of the panels when they were painted on. These look to be vinyl to me. But, a nice GTO!

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  7. John Ryan

    I ran the PHS, stripe delete car. Someone added them.

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    • Stillrunners

      Nice car – the engine bay is were I look for original claims….it looks that way.

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  8. Andrew

    Hi all, my name is Andrew and I own the GTO, what a honor to find it here on barn finds. Yes, the car was a stripe delete car and the stripes were added at some point. Moreover, the picture with the “For Sale” sign on the front was from the yard sale, where I bought the car. It literally had a “For Sale” written on notebook paper” on it when I found this gem.

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    • Mountainwoodie

      Lucky man! Just out of curiousity, as I have never asked the buyer of an original car like this found at a yard sale, why haven’t you buffed out the car and cleaned the interior? I ‘d be hard pressed to keep myself from doing so!

      That said, with the exception of the slushbox, it checks all the boxes.

      Good luck with the sale!

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  9. karl

    Its definitely been repainted at least in spots , the washer hose on the cowl is gold, as is the door striker and some of the screws that would have been unpainted ; I didn’t look much farther into it as the paint looks as dead as can be . If the guy isn’t honest about the originality of the paint , the whole Vietnam vet story could be a lie too . That being said, it is a GTO ragtop , and IMHO the 1967s are the best looking !

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    • JOHNMember

      My 67 GTO was actually ordered in by an Air Force sergeant while in Vietnam, he was from Alabama, I bought the car from him in VA, I worked with him, it still had AL tags on it. Since he was active duty for so long, it was registered, but never titled in his home state as is typical, he had multiple PCS’s. The paperwork I obtained from him included a General Motors “Statement of Origin” which listed the Exchange Service with the address in Saigon, where he ordered it. The day I picked it up from him happened to be the same day and month he returned stateside and picked up the car in New Jersey. I got a bill of sale, and all the paperwork and tried to register it in VA… DMV would not accept the paperwork and required him apply for a title in order to sell it to me! Some of these “Vietnam” stories do exist, but sadly, are made up to make a nice story. I passed on the all the information, copies of all paperwork, PHS documents, and a notarized statement regarding the history of the car. It was a 67 GTO convertible, Regimental Red, originally had a black top but a white replacement had been installed, red bucket seat/headrest/reclining passenger seat, 8 track, console, rally gauges,A/C, power brakes and no power steering, positraction 4 speed car. He didn’t order power steering because he was told power steering takes away from horsepower, but yet he added A/C, go figure! I now own a 65 GTO 4 speed Tri Power convert. I would be happy to have this car, nothing that can’t be easily corrected.

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  10. Mike

    Door strikers and fasteners were painted body color after April 1967, I believe this to be correct according to the GTO Judging manual,

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  11. ccrvtt

    “Owner” is a Dealer who buys cars to sell on, not to collect. His stories are entertaining. Caveat emptor.

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  12. A-body Fan

    The car has been painted. Karl is paying attention. There is overspray on components that do not get paint from the factory. Why not disclose the stripe delete and paint work from the start, it generates trust for potential buyer’s.
    Stripe delete will show on the PHS build sheet and should be verified. I’m collecting GTOs for 40 years and I’ve never come across a stripe delete car. I asked major well known GTO restoration shops and they never had one either. Of course they exist but are extremely rare.

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  13. A-body Fan

    How did the assembly line chalk notes on the firewall suddenly appear?
    They aren’t in the picture with the “fer sale” sign and how were the holes fixed on the passenger side fender where the added mirror was? If you’re going to use the phrase “A very honest survivor ” at least make an effort when you misrepresent, otherwise you’ll give used car salesman a bad name.

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  14. Eric_13cars Eric_10carsMember

    I don’t know about all the doubters WRT paint. Perhaps right, perhaps not. It’s definitely a nice looking version and the price is decent. These can run a whole lot more money. Since this is a Chicago car, I would want to look closely at the frame, especially the rear spring hangers. My Mom had this car in the LeMans version (3 taillights per side, PS, console, no his/hers shifter, fire engine red, 400ci engine replacing original 326). A gorgeous car that I loved driving, but her trusted and highly honorable mechanic told her that the frame had rusted in the rear to the point of being dangerous to drive. We were 25 miles north of NYC on the Hudson. Around 1980 or so, she offered it to me for free. My butt has callouses from almost 40 years of kicking myself for saying no.

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  15. Troy s

    Goes to prove not all GTO’s were optioned for being the king of the boulevard. Really nice car with plenty of power and sporty good looks but when I think of what else would have been around in ’67 this seems kinda tame. I never lose sight of what these super cars, or muscle cars, were really all about….heavy on the image with brutal acceleration to back it up.

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  16. SleeveeMember

    My yellow ’66 GTO convertible had 67,350 miles on the odometer with a 389/four speed set-up when I bought it in July 1973 for $375. What power the 389/400/421 engines developed!

    Before midnight one night that summer I was the only witness to a short race between a ’70 Corvette and ’66 E-Type Jag, owned by more well-heeled fellows who must be in their early seventies somewhere by now. (By 1986 I paid $3,250 for a ’67 hardtop in Huntington Beach, CA.)

    We caught the tail-end of the of 1960s cruising era in those days in northern Illinois. On the radio you could hear both “At The Hop” by Danny and the Juniors and TUSH by ZZ-Top.

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  17. TimM

    New paint and red line tires and away we go!! One of my favorite body styles from the 60’s

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  18. HoA Rube GoldbergMember

    Major Nelson drove GTO convertibles in I Dream of Jeannie. Little steep on the price, but try and find a decent ragtop Goat.

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  19. A-body Fan

    Andrew — could you please address the upper radiator hose being plumbed on the wrong side and the now removed passenger side fender mirror. How was that fixed? All the info helps before we bid. Thank you, Appreciate it

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