Original 340: 1973 Plymouth ‘Cuda

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While it is in need of a full restoration, this 1973 Plymouth ‘Cuda appears to be a solid car with a lot of points in its favor. While its original color doesn’t make it a unique car, it would still be enough to help it stand out in a crowd. The ‘Cuda is located in Everest, Kansas, and is listed for sale here on eBay. Bidding on the ‘Cuda has reached $12,100, but the reserve hasn’t been met. There is also a BIN option, which has been set at $17,000.

The ‘Cuda was originally finished in Mist Green, and while it is an unusual color to be found on a ’73 ‘Cuda, it did appear on other cars in the Chrysler, Dodge, and Plymouth range. There is some rust in the car, but even this doesn’t sound like it is catastrophic. There is an area of rust in the trunk pan, and another in the front floor on the driver’s side, but the rest of the car is said to be structurally fine. It isn’t surprising to find that there is rust in all of the usual spots, such as lower quarter panels, lower fenders, and the bottom corners of the doors, but it honestly looks like these issues could be addressed with patches rather than the wholesale replacement of panels.

Hiding under the ‘Cuda is the original engine and transmission. The combination is also a nice one, with a 340ci V8, and a 4-speed manual transmission. Given how much the newly-introduced emissions regulations were biting into the muscle car sector by this time, the fact that the ‘Cuda still delivered 240hp was nothing to be sneezed at and allowed it to still achieve a sub-16 second time for the ¼ mile. Now for the bad news. This car doesn’t currently run, but at least the owner does say that the engine turns freely by hand. As an added bonus, the owner does have the original Build Sheet, and this verifies that the engine and transmission are original.

When we look inside the ‘Cuda, we can see evidence of the original Mist Green paint. We can also see an interior that is in need of a complete restoration. The original paint and trim combination must have made for a pretty stunning car when new, and there’s no reason why it couldn’t be again. The floor console, which looks good, still has that wonderful pistol-grip shifter poking through, while the wheel and the dash itself also look to be in good condition. However, every upholstered surface, from the seats through to the dash pad will require work, so the next owner looks like they will have some money to spend here. Still, it should be worth it to see the white interior returned to its best.

I freely admit that this 1973 Plymouth ‘Cuda is going to need some work, but it is not the worst ‘Cuda project that we’ve seen here at Barn Finds by a very long way. If the engine and transmission are in reasonable health, it might not take much work to make this car a driver again. I hope that someone grabs this classic Plymouth, and really does a thorough job of returning the car to its former glory because it is a great looking car that truly deserves it.

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  1. TimM

    Nice little car needs some rust repair but a good set up with the 340 and the four speed!!!

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  2. Superdessucke

    Almost bought one in ’87. ’73 Challenger. Red with black vinyl roof she was. 340 with slap stick just like this. Way better condition. Dodge dealer had it in the back lot. Someone probably traded it in on a Daytona Shelby Z thinking they were stepping up in life.

    Couldn’t get the deal done. They wanted $3,200. I didn’t have it but threw down $2,800. No sale.

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  3. Gaspumpchas

    TimM sums it up nicely. lots of scratch at 17 large, but you would need to look at it closely to decide if its for you.Lots of plusses- 340 smogged down but still a 340- 4 speed pistol grip- numbers matching with correct air cleaner etc. minus, of course is the rust. Like I said, good comprehensive inspection to see if you want to take the rust on. would look boss with the orig green. You would be rebuilding the mill anyway, warm it up a bit. Guy says it turns over. Good luck to the new owner. IMHO, its a good one to bring back!

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  4. Troy s

    Exactly what are those rims called in the back of the car? Just realized I never knew them by brand or model and remember several cars having these I either bought or turned down…and those rims did not come with the car at point of sale. At least three cars I can remember, back in the mid eighties.
    ‘Cudas are bad to the bone looking cars no doubt, a comment above mentions “slap stick”…I always thought that refered to a floor shifted automatic. Beware the 340 in a light car like this…most weren’t stockers.

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    • Pat LMember

      These wheels are most commonly known as turbine style Troy. Western Wheel was a big manufacturer of them back in the day. You can still buy new versions of them at Summit Racing and on EBay.

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      • Troy s

        Thanks for the heads up on the wheels, Pat. For some reason I thought they were called cyclone mags, I wasn’t close at all, ha!
        I liked em back in the day and apparently so did the owners as they were not part of the deal…usually a set of old Cragars or knock offs were reinstalled. These also remind of the rims that came on some late 70’s Z28 Camaros.

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    • 82ndVet

      You are correct. Pistol grips came on standard transmissions, slap sticks came on automatic console cars.

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  5. Del

    To much rust for the price. Nada

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  6. stillrunners

    Hard to find matching #’s on any product – and with a 4 sp….priced right compared to the other makes on here – if that’s what yer looking for..

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  7. lawrence f kniveton

    Nothing beats the 1970, nothing, the pinnacle of styling.

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    • JoeNYWF64

      Some may argue with you vs. the unique 4 headlite ’71.
      But as far as the challenger goes, the ’70 is the best by far, front & rear.
      Did they offer the shaker in ’73 &’74 on cuda & challenger?
      If not, could it be because of the ridiculous(considering how loud today’s GT500 is) noise laws? Starting in ’73 – for the t/a, where THOSE shakers were closed up, except for ’74 gto, oddly.

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  8. don

    Mist green is a 1973 only color so it does have that going for it, ; not many of any model Mopar was painted that color . Its kind of a love it or hate it color not to mention there were 16 other color choices that year to choose from . Its rough, but for the right price it could be restored ; its a lot better than a lot of rot boxes shown on this site !

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    • PRA4SNW

      Mint Green must have been the color that my ’73 Barracuda was painted. When the cheapo paint job (a nice dark green) would chip off, this looks like the color that was underneath it.

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