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Original 409 V8: 1964 Chevrolet Impala SS

1964 marked the first year that the Impala Super Sport would be a series of its own. More than one-third of Impala sales that year were SS models with some 8,600 having the macho 409 big-block. The seller’s car purports to be one of those macho machines that is mostly original, although the engine has recently been rebuilt. It looks to have been babied and pretty sharp sitting in Albuquerque, New Mexico where it’s available here on craigslist for $40,000. Leave it to local_sheriff to come through with another great tip!

Chevrolet built nearly 1.6 million cars for 1964 and more than half on them were Impala’s – in spite of the successful launch of the new mid-size Chevelle. The popular Super Sport or SS could be had with just about any engine and could be identified by its different side trim, SS emblems on the quarter panels and unique SS wheel covers. Once inside the SS, you’d find all-vinyl bucket seats and a center console for either a 4-speed or Powerglide automatic. The shape of the cars was now more rounded compared to the 1963 models on the same platform, perhaps even a little bulkier in appearance. Thanks, Hagerty, for some intell on the 1964 Chevy.

There appears to be a lot about this car that’s original. The sheet metal, paint (except for a few spots), brightwork, interior, headliner, and padded dash. The carpeting and rear package tray have been replaced. The 409 and the 2-speed tranny are also original, although the motor was the subject of a through refurbish and some performance additions (which are not described). With a single 4-barrel carb, this engine should have been good for 400 hp from the factory. The car is currently wearing wire wheel covers, but the original SS spinners are in the trunk.

We’re told this Detroit iron runs and drives great, even though the odometer reading is not far from turning over (96,000 miles). Hagerty pegs one of these cars at something in the $35,000 neighborhood, so given the credentials this car seems to have would suggest it could be money well spent. As long as you have a spare 40 grand laying around.


  1. Rex Kahrs Member

    I love big boats, but it’s funny, nobody seems to regard the ’64 Impala as a big boat. With a 409 it’s regarded as a full-fledged muscle car. These cars were seventeen and a half feet long, and that qualifies as a boat in my book.

    I’m not criticizing the ’64 Impala, I’d love to own one. I just wish people would stop criticizing my ’67 Newport as a boat….it’s only 6″ longer than the Impala.

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    • Jcs

      I love big butts, too.

      Oh, sorry.

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    • paul

      exactly, I think my 62 Bonneville was longer 3 dueces and a 421!

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    • Skorzeny

      Rex, I would change the wheels and tires, but that is a sweet ride, especially for the money!! I love Furies so no problem here…

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      • Rex Kahrs Member

        Nyet on the wheel change. Cragars? NOT. Maybe steelies with original hubcaps, but I likes the reverse half-moons just fine (the previous owner put those on), and as BigFun says, the vibe is spot-on.

    • local_sheriff

      Funny you should mention that about the ’64 size Rex. In the world of fullsizers a ’64 Chev is not particularly large. This one is more or less the identical twin to my own ’64 SS down to its colors and all(but not the 409)however when driving it, it has never struck me as large probably thanks to its relatively short WB. It’s divisional cousins are way larger fullsize cars though they’re sharing the B-body architecture.

      Also; we all know Vistas and Sportwagons fall into the ‘intermediate’ category however they’re most the same length as a ’64 Chev…!

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    • Mike

      Much more style with the Newport hands down!!👍

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      • Jesse Alvarez

        I like the Newports the Chrysler especially the 57 Plymouth Belvedere two-door hardtop those wings were amazing but let’s get real guys nothing like a 64 Impala Super Sport I had one when I was in high school got rid of it for what I now think was the biggest status sale of my life it had a 327 original and the only thing wrong with this super sport is that it does not have the original Super Sport hubcaps other than that can’t compete with a 64 Super Sport Impala

    • rex m

      But it LOOKS 3′ longer!

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    • SourPwr Member

      Then why the factory anchor in the trunk? :)

    • Johnmloghry Johnmloghry

      Nice Newport Rex, how long have you had it?

      • Rex Kahrs Member

        Hi John, I found it on the street in Ohio in the summer of 2019, didn’t run. I left a note on the car, the guy called me right away. He was moving, but the car was dead. I offered $1250 and he took it.

        Towed the car to my buddy’s shop, got on a C-body forum, and found out that the ammeter in the dash was bad, a common Mopar malady. I bypassed the meter and voila! the 383 roared to life.

        Then came hoses and belts and carb re-build and fuel pump and water pump and brakes and tires etc. etc. Now it’s a fun cruiser. I had it up to 100mph on the freeway last Sunday….so smooth. I will say this: the build quality and engineering on this Newport is superior to my ’63 Riviera.

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    • Mike Williamson

      Love your Newport.
      Screw those who criticize. Do they even own a classic car?

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      • Johnmloghry Johnmloghry


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  2. Big_Fun Member


    It doesn’t help that I think of your Chrysler as the vehicle decribed in the song “Love Shack”. Your car is super sharp, with a 60’s vibe made stronger by the wheel and tire combo. It’s very hip. I think “I Spy”, “007” or something on those lines…
    This 64 is of a different vibe. I heard someone at a Chevrolet Meet call a 409 like this, with the automatic transmission, “just a 340 hp” 409 (the only way to get the auto and the 409 cid). This may be not the fire breather from the song, but is not just a 409…

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    • Bill D

      I guess I’m of a different generation, a ’64 Impala makes me think of Eazy-E “Cruisin’ in My 64”.

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    • Al

      you are right the only 409 with a auto was the 340 hp

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  3. Rex Kahrs Member

    Thanks Big_Fun. Myself, I feel like Mannix when I drive the Mighty Chrysler!

    But I get your point. My Newp only makes 275 horses with it’s 2-barell. And, it only cost me $1250, and that’s a true story!

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  4. Ken

    What a bondo bucket. Even the white paint can’t hide it

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    • Angrymike

      I don’t agree, I think that the touched up spots look hinky because the paint is a lighter color, plus New Mexico cars stay rust free for a long time (I found a 70 Road Runner from New Mexico in the late 80’s, no rust whatsoever). I think it may be a trick of the eyes because of the mismatch.
      I could be wrong though.

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    • Mike

      It does look like bonds over rust repair. It’s not just different paint. The texture and surface look a bit uneven.

      Nice car anyway, but I would want to check that out before spending that much.

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    • stillrunners stillrunners Member

      Agree…..just look at that drivers door…..just like my SS drivers door was broke funny……never fixed it.

    • JEFF S.

      My dad, a body repairman, told me to always keep a magnet in the glove box. That way, when ever you look at an older car, you can use it to check for body filler. It is a nice looking 64 SS, But the driver’s door and the area on the lower quarter panel, detract and there is no way, I would give up $40 K for this one.

  5. Jcs

    What cool cars. I admit that I am shocked that so many were equipped with the 409.

    Maybe it is just my eyes, but in the opening photograph all of the lower body lines and fitments seem just a little rough to me, from from to back. Also, usually the front bumpers are a little tight in the gap at the top from sling type towing back in the day, if off at all. This one appears a little tight at the bottom, more indicative to a hit at some point.

    On the flip side the engine compartment looks great and the interior looks incredible.

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  6. Gloin

    I thought all 409’s came with the built-in tach right behind the steering wheel?

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    • Terri Taylor

      Not with the automatic

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  7. mike henry

    That picture of the drivers side rocker panel, behind the front wheel shows a Bondo mound.
    I’ve ladled enough of the pink stuff into rust holes to see it a mile away. Moght be fun to walk around it with a magnet.

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  8. Rich

    You hit this thing with a bat and it will spit out bondo like a piñata. Looks like the bodywork was done by a crack head. 40K? Give me a break!

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    This Chevy should have had a Factory Tach on the column !!!!! My 327ci /SS had it !

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  10. MNGUY

    IMO the ’61-’62 models were much better looking. I had a ’61 convert and only wished for the 409. Also wish I still had it!

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    • Milt

      My brother Dwight had a 61 Impala convertible 348 tri-power PG on column white with blue top and interior. He always had the COOLEST cars!

      • Al

        now that was a nice car

  11. Mike

    The 64 chevy with a 409 came with a factory tach as standard equipment. It had 3 options 340, 400 and 425 horsepower. This one look like a 340 hp. There were no automatics with this engine. I owned one brand new in 1964. Great car, this car looks to be in sorry shape.

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    • local_sheriff

      340hp 409 could be ordered with the PG

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  12. Stangalang

    Definitely got some mud in it..not hard to tell either..wonder just how much is filler and how much is metal otherwise the drive train is right on the mark

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  13. EPO3

    That is one nice 64.Way under priced did I mention nice 64

  14. Jerry

    “mostly original”?

  15. Al

    you are right the only 409 with a auto was the 340 hp

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  16. gary

    I had a 64 impala with bench seat (not an ss) . Mine had the 409 340 hp with PG on the column. The TACH WAS NOT standard on the 340 hp 409, only with the 400hp and 425hp. if you had a tach with the 340hp it had a 6000 rpm and 7000 rpm with 400 or 425. Even with a pg I run all over almost all other big blocks with an auto at our local dray strip!!

  17. Ed Smith Member

    Rex I had a 64 Impala and it didn’t seem big while driving it . I love your Newport and would take it over the impala hands down It has so much style and the color combo is great .And by the way you stole it I hope you drive it way .

  18. robert lewis

    nice car…seems to be a paint miss-match on the left front fender & door but i could be wrong . The cars when they were built had the front clip & body painted at different times. One thing that really erks me is someone asking large & putting on temporary battery terminal ends.

  19. Don Mann

    You haven’t lived until you had one of these with a factory 6-cylinder, 3-speed on the tree with O.D. Still have the bucket seats and console and was sweet looking. It was a true classic!

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