Original 427? 1969 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray

“Hello,” says the finger writing on this dust Corvette in McAllen, Texas, suggesting this 1969 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray is nothing if not polite. Other vehicles make demands like “WASH ME,” or rudely show off phallic cartoons in their dust, but this one simply hopes you’ll say “You had me at ‘Hello.”  Tip your hat to the seller as the No Reserve auction here on eBay includes many pictures and a lengthy description thankfully written in brain-friendly mixed case. The details at least partially forgive the useless inclusion of other car names including “F100,” and “Bronco” in the subtitle, a tactic universally panned as disrespectful of buyer and seller alike. Whether the car includes its original 427 cid motor, or any 427 motor, is left unanswered, but a handful of bids has primed the pump, lifting the current value above $8000.

The turbine wheels hearken back to the ’80s, a time when even a small-block late-‘6os Corvette could lay waste to any new car you could buy. Autotrader’s Tyler Hoover called the 1969 C3 better than the 2017 Corvette for its styling and overall driving experience.

Bring a trailer, and some rubber gloves, and an N95-rated dust mask. The interior seems to have been re-upholstered in ’80s Mouse Fur and may have suffered some water intrusion. Use caution to avoid inhaling alien spores. The over-plush theme continues to the steering wheel’s squishy black sock, a K-Mart accessory that only an octogenarian could love.

Behold the mystery engine “thought to be” the original 427 cid (7.0L) L36 making 390 HP, the mildest of three available 427 options! Thanks to corvettemagazine.com and corvettemuseum.org for some details. The listing also states that “nothing” is missing on this “complete” car, so I’ll let our experts comment below on what that should include. I’d love to get this non-running ‘Vette back on the road and sort-out the mystery engine. I’d say either a. validate the engine in person or b. bid like it’s a truck motor. Is this engine controversy a scam or the possible deal of the week?


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  1. Corey Wadley

    Those look like SBC valve covers.

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    • Sean

      I was thinking the same thing. I am pretty sure that’s not a big block.

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      • Llouis200

        It’s not.

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    • Richard

      It’s going to take a lot money to get this back on the road when these cars sit for any length of time everything has to be replaced springs half shafts rebuilt all bushings we talking big money unless you can do it yourself

    • Shawn P gherity

      Those are definitly small block manifolds. The big block never used the rans horn style manifold.

  2. Timmyt

    Small block with add on ac

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  3. slickb

    when it came to writing on cars as a young lad I remember learning to write others names so they would framed:) Great car

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  4. Sean

    Seems like someone read the “427” on the trim tag and decided that was the engine code.

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  5. 71FXSuperGlide

    Nothing’s missing eh? Well, the distributor, valve covers, tail lights, hood and air cleaner are wrong for starters, not to mention the hideous side pipes and wheels. The seats also look incorrect but there’s so much dirt on them it’s tough to tell.

    983 is Fathom Green and 427 is a green interior code.

    If it is a matching numbers BB, then it’s worth a further look despite these items, but that’s a big ‘If’.

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  6. TimS Member

    Took a green-on-green and made it respray red. hoo-fricking-rah.

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  7. Arby

    I call that car-abuse.

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  8. Bikefixr

    That is a small block. Look at the valve cover and the ram-horn exhaust manifold commonly used on trucks prior to ’72. A big block car without the engine is just another hot rod. As-is, if it is rust free and the birdcage is solid, it’s an 7-8K car. If it is a Big block car sans motor, add another $1G or so. $10K max if there is no rot. Gonna take a lotta $ to make that car whole again.

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  9. Classic Steel

    Nice small block with distributor in rear
    Maybe it’s a rare distributor test car where they drilled a hole in the back of the big block Motor?.

    The holy grail rat 🐀 conversion 🤔😂

    Nice fecal car to boot 🥾

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    • David G

      The big block Chevrolet engines also have the distributor in the rear. The engine pictured is a small block, however.

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  10. Retired Stig

    No way to know if the seller is dishonest, ignorant, or just a dope, but this is obviously a small block, and unless the transmission was swapped, there is no “4 speed” auto from that year. As I recall (resident ‘Vette experts?) a plate on the console of cars from this year was attached, showing the engine size and HP., so even a non car guy should be able to tell what it is. Or about 10 minutes on the internet armed with the VIN, data plate and engine markings..

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    • Mike W H

      Well seller is a Texan, which is a buyer beware thing for sure. Texan culture dictates if you’re “dumb enough to get took, well, that’s on you”.

  11. George Mattar

    That is a small block engine in the car. The car was Fathom Green originally, a one year only color in 69. I almost bought a one owner 69 coupe 350 hp from a salesman I worked with at Ed Smith Chevrolet/Olds in Port Jervis, New York. I passed on it to buy a 71 454 air coupe. Big mistake. Anyway, from the wheels and terrible fur interior, I would say this car was modified about 1974. I have owned two C3 Corvettes and worked on many others. This car will need everything and it will cost plenty. I am sure the rear wheel bearings are shot. Nothing short of a big job. All the rubber bushings are probably more like burnt marshmallows. Pass. You can find better cars needing much less.

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  12. Gaspumpchas

    Whoever wrote on the car could have scratched the paint doing so. How about cleaning the car so the buyer can see what he’s getting?? I’m thinking the seller doesn’t know much about cars. Sure looks like a small block to me. Good luck, decent price if the frame is good.

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  13. Mike

    I hope the people that are bidding on the car do their research first. As others have said it’s not a 427 car it’s and it’s been repainted another color and the interior was green. A ton of other stuff is wrong or missing on the car.

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  14. Kurt

    Looks like mold on center console. That much moisture is very bad for everything including electronics.

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    • PatrickM

      Took the words right out of my mouth. For my pocket, it isn’t worth $4,000.00. But, bidding is at $14,100.00! Some people have really deep pockets and more desire than me.

  15. annomimous

    Now why would you not clean this thing? will the dust hide the truth?
    Vin number maybe and a little research might …..give some clues

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  16. Brakeservo

    Very humid in McAllen Tx.

  17. Tort Member

    If it did have a big block, four speed and the correct color it is just plain nuts to display a car that is for sale with the dirt, dust and filth this one has. Does it really have to be presented this way to prove it is a barn find?

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  18. John

    I’m a bit surprised that the owner allows this sort of thing to wind up on BarnFinds. This is not an uninformed group of readers. Its obviously not what its owner suggests it is. It seems unlikely that the misrepresentation from the owner is unintended. Sad.

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  19. Bing

    I am certainly not a corvette expert but have owned a few. Ten years back I bought a 63 coupe, unmolested survivor car. A recent NRCS sheet gave it an 89. As part of the refresh, all done with new old stock parts I replaced all the wiring on the car, the original harness was brittle and would almost crumble in your hands. The other was that every bit of rubber on the car was fried.
    Went front to back and replaced everything made of rubber. These two issues alone cost big $ considering all the labor to do the job professionally and correctly. That said, this car is a money pit in the making, if someone wanted to “restore” the car.

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  20. TimM

    Who buys a 427 corvette with an automatic transmission??? Nice car though!! Would be much more fun with a 4 speed!!!

  21. PairsNPaint

    All the mold and rust, Texas location – – this is a Hurricane Harvey car. Stay away, far far away.

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  22. Troy s

    It’s a great big small block dummo!! I can’t stand it when folks don’t even know what type, let alone size, of engine they have in their car.
    “What’s it got?”
    ” Uhhmm, an 8 cylinder…I think…”
    Get the f@?! Outta here!
    Writing hello is easier than washing it I guess.🐀

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  23. dogwater

    Will be a great project for someone the body looks like its in good shape( at the right price)

  24. bog

    Original “winning bidder” @ 18K plus backed-out perhaps after doing more research, or others drove price up recklessly. Now relisted and bid to over 9100 bucks with only 2 bidders. Ad now changed to reflect 350 engine and STILL vague etc. Hope whomever bought the Chevelle from this guy did their “due diligence”.

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