Original 428 Ram Air: 1970 Ford Mustang Mach 1

If you wanted a fast Mustang in 1970, Ford was happy to take your money and deliver something extraordinary. While it wasn’t the ultimate weapon in the company’s arsenal, a Mach 1 with an R-Code 428 Cobra Jet under the hood would command respect on the street. That is what the original owner selected when they ordered this 1970 Mach 1 that recently emerged after four decades in storage. It is an original and unmolested survivor that the seller returned to a roadworthy state, preparing it for a new home. It is listed here on eBay in Cudahy, Wisconsin. Frantic bidding has pushed the price to $52,100, although I’m not surprised that figure remains short of the reserve.

The seller claims this Mach 1 recently emerged after a previous owner placed it in storage in 1982. Four decades of hibernation have helped preserve this classic, which has no immediate needs. The car’s steel and Competition Yellow paint are said to be original, and while it would be stretching the friendship to class it as showroom fresh, it has no immediate needs if the buyer chose to preserve rather than restore this Ford. The paint is thin in spots and carries its share of chips and marks, but the shine allows the Mach 1 to remain presentable. The panels are straight for a vehicle of this age and type, and the exterior rust seems confined to some small repairable spots on the rear quarter panels. The seller provides a selection of underside shots, and these show nothing beyond the occasional light dusting of surface corrosion. The floors, rails, trunk pan, and torque boxes are rock solid. The trim and chrome are acceptable for a driver-grade car, while the same is true of the glass. The Marti Report suggests that the Magnum 500 wheels aren’t original, but they suit the vehicle’s character. Determining the correct wheels and locating a set should not be difficult if the new owner craves originality.

What a shame the seller doesn’t supply a better engine photo because it is the defining characteristic that helps this Mach 1 stand above mere mortals. Buyers faced a wide selection of engines in 1970, but the original owner selected the R-Code 428 Cobra Jet Ram Air producing 335hp. They grabbed the Order Form and ticked the boxes beside the three-speed C6 transmission, a 3.00 Traction-Lok 9″ rear end, power steering, and power front disc brakes. Ford may have offered faster Mustangs in 1970, but this car’s ability to scorch through the ¼ mile in 14.6 seconds made it pretty special. Potential buyers have plenty of positives to take from this classic. It is a numbers-matching survivor that only lacks a couple of original minor components. The snorkel, “S” tube, and heat shield were removed by the previous owner and have disappeared. The seller indicates the steering has some slight free play, but they feel rebuilding the control valve should address that issue. They replaced the master cylinder and water pump but retained the original components for the buyer to rebuild. The Mustang runs and drives well and is ready for the new owner’s immediate enjoyment.

This Mustang’s originality continues when we turn our attention to its interior. The White vinyl upholstery is serviceable, but time has taken a toll on the front seat upholstery and door trims. The seller suggests replacing those items would be a wise first move, but the dash, pad, and console all present well. There would be no shame in retaining the interior untouched to preserve the car’s survivor status, although lifting the presentation to a higher level would not be complicated or expensive. Thankfully, there are no aftermarket additions for the buyer to consider. It isn’t highly optioned, but the AM radio should provide entertainment on the move if the buyer tires of the tune being sung by that monster under the hood.

First Generation Mustangs will always attract attention in the classic market, but this 1970 Mach 1 takes that interest to a higher level. Its originality, lack of rust, and the R-Code monster under the hood have been enough to it to attract an incredible one hundred bids. Time remains on the auction, leaving scope for the bidding figure and price to climb significantly higher. Even if this car is beyond your financial means, watching the auction could be fascinating because it will be interesting to see what price a Mach 1 of this caliber commands. Does anyone wish to hazard a guess?


  1. James Quinn

    Cool to see a Mach 1 without the stupid useless wing. Hopefully the next owner will keep it that way.

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  2. Don H

    The 428 has to have more power than that,a390 has around 330 hp.

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  3. Dave

    I can only wonder what the top end MPH of that set up must be

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    • Joe

      These cars were not know for top speed. They were not high rpm engines and top out at about 120 to 125 mph.

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      • Toypartman

        I had a 390GT Cougar with a 3.00 gear and it would bury the speedo at 4600 rpm and would keep pulling to almost 5400 before the Accel points would start to bounce. It had F70-14 tires. You figure it out. BTW it wasn’t stock but it was no 428 CJ either. I’m sure this car has a helluva top end with that gear.

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  4. gaspumpchas

    More bogus bidding. Seems like one party is bidding against himself?? This is getting more ridiculous every day. I’m not sure what this bidding sabotage is all about, or what purpose it serves. Nice looking Mach, too bad its not a 4 speed. Good luck and know what you are buying. Is it me or does the mill seem to sit higher on the drivers side and lower on the right?

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    • Howie

      Yes, only 5 bidders and 101 bids!!

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    • robert semrad

      If you look at the top of the picture of the engine, you can see it’s not the engine that’s crooked, it’s the crooked picture that makes the engine appear crooked.

  5. Mitchell

    This was the real enemy of the contemporary Corvette with 454
    50 grand i think is a bit much as this example needs a good
    undercarriage treatment – mostly the front section – and the two
    rusty rails replacement. the interior some welding and a repaint.

    I saw one like this about 2 years ago in showroom condition the
    owner said for 100k and the owner was not liked to sell it.
    K-code Mustangs around this production year fetch about 60-90k,
    68-70 Shelby had their high point after 2008 with 220k and it
    was one in white on white. The others made good 120k what
    is for my understanding much money as i can buy for the same
    amount a classic Ferrari a Lambo a more precious Facel Vega
    or a rare Rolls Royce Continental flying spur.

    • Michael Berkemeier

      What’s your point? There are lots of things you can buy…you are comparing apples to oranges.

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  6. Jim Richards

    I’m going to get right to the point. I think it’s a great looking car and in great condition for the age and rarity.
    good Luck to the seller and the buyer again a great rare car in great condition.
    These are going to start commanding a lot more value as time goes on.

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  7. Howie

    Ended $52,100 reserve not met.

  8. FrankD Member

    Disappointed when I see an automatic in these muscle cars of this era.

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  9. Troy s

    Agressive looking, those tires fit in the wheel wells quite nicely, the ’69-70 Mustangs are one of Fords best in your face screamers with loads of curbside appeal. For those who still don’t know about it the 335 horsepower rating was purposely underrated,, closer to 400 hp, longer stroke FE kicked like a mule! I get why, maybe, but the standard 3.00 gearing is kinda boring.

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