Original 429: 1970 Ford Torino GT

With a rust-free body, and the original 429ci V8 sitting under the hood, this 1970 Ford Torino GT is only in need of some fairly light restoration work to return it to its glorious best. It is a stunning looking and very original car that is sitting in Clancy, Montana. If it is a car that really grabs you, then you will find it listed for sale here on eBay, and while the listing has been set to open at $18,300, there have been no bids to this point.

The Torino essentially wears all of its original Medium Red paint, except for one small spot in the lower quarter panel where it has received a minor rust repair. The rest is said to be original, and apart from that repaired spot, there is no rust present anywhere on the vehicle. The paint doesn’t look to be too bad, but the owner does suggest that it would need a repaint to return it to its best. The exterior trim and chrome all appear to be in good condition, while the original Argent steel wheels give the car an aggressive look. One thing that I did notice is that in some of the photos the beauty rings are present on those wheels, while they aren’t in others. That would be one thing for the next owner to follow up on.

As previously mentioned, under the hood of the GT is the original 429ci V8 engine. This produces 360hp, which is sent to the 9″ rear end via a 4-speed manual transmission. The original owner also ticked the boxes beside power steering and power front disc brakes when ordering the car. The engine is original, right down to the carburetor with tag, and when the owner purchased it, the vehicle had been idle for some considerable time. He undertook all of the work required to get the Torino mobile again, and he says that it now runs and drives like new. He states that it will set you back in the seat when you bury the right boot, which is something that doesn’t surprise me. He also claims that the car has an original 27,600 miles on the odometer, but doesn’t mention whether he actually holds any documentary evidence to confirm this.

The interior is definitely going to require work. It is the combination of the Argent wheels and interior trim features that causes the owner to refer to this as being a “1-of-1” car. The white upholstery, bench seat, and the ribbon tachometer is the combination that he uses to back his claim via a Marti report. The dash pad in the Torino is new, but the rest of the interior is going to require a total restoration. Thankfully, it is complete, so none of the original items such as the radio with twin rear speakers, are missing.

This Torino GT might not be perfect, but it is a classic that could potentially be driven and enjoyed largely as it stands today. If I were buying it, I would probably attend to its interior trim needs, and then get out on the road and enjoy it. It would look stunning once restored, but the beauty of it is that that work can be performed when the time is right for you.


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  1. Bakyrdhero

    $18k and the interior looks to have been dragged from the bottom of a lake…I have no idea what the value of this car is, but a new Interior won’t be cheap. I love the look of these Torinos and it’s a 429 so there’s that.

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  2. Big_Fun Member

    Hmmm…if I was a true Ford man, this is a car I would be lusting after. I’m all GM now, and that means GM spare parts…everywhere. If I go Ford, then I’d have to buy Torino spare parts…and lots of ’em. Spare headlight doors. And spares for those., etc. Factory AM/FM radio upgrade? Yes. I, mean, come on, it already has the rear speakers. Magnum 500s? They were an option…
    I’ve fought off the impulse to buy a ’74 Javelin (Mom had one), because I would do the same as described with the Torino above. Space and the pocketbook constraints already with the GM stuff.

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  3. Skorzeny

    I think this is the best deal I’ve seen in a while on BF. Sure it needs an interior but it’s all there, plus PS and PDB.

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  4. Classic Steel

    Its got potential but maybe its me as this yes is a 429 but the N code as shown on sheet thunder jet (used in the thunderbird) not the cobra jet.
    I like the four speed and it adds cash but not the starting as CJs are about ten-twelve more if one watches for it…with hidden headlights and shaker hood ram air

    Good luck 👍👀

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  5. MorganW Morgan Winter Member

    Someone painted the “original Argent wheels” red…

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    • Rick

      Yep.. lots of overspray on the tires…

  6. Troy s

    Sharp car here, plenty of style on the outside and decent power out of the passenger car version of the 429. It’s quick but not cobra jet quick.
    The four speed transmission in this is pretty cool.

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  7. Mike

    This is on E-Bay? Not taking the car cover completely off is such a Craig’s List move.

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  8. Chris M.

    Love these Ford designs. This looks like reasonable money for an original big block car. Although I’ve never seen nor heard of this version of a 429 being a force to reconned with on the street. I do know they are very expensive to build with the goal of increasing horsepower over stock. Really good looking car.

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  9. Del

    Very nice example.

    But I think its been around the clock on the odometer.

    Interior would be in better shape

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    • PeteMcGee

      Definitely, look at the brake pedal. Chrome ring is completely worn thru in one spot.

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  10. gbvette62

    I’m a Chevy person, but I’ve always loved the look of the 70 Torinos. I fell in love with a similar red 351 GT at a local Ford dealer in 1970, but in the end stayed true to my roots and bought an El Camino.

    I went to school with a guy who had a 429 CJ Torino Brougham. With it’s formal roof and ugly tan paint, it wasn’t as good looking as a Sportsroof GT, but with that 429 CJ, it was both a rocket ship and a Q-ship, even with a shaker sticking through the hood.

    The seller claims the 27K miles is correct, but if so I suspect they were 27000 really hard miles. Looking at the pictures I think the exterior was as rough as the interior, before getting a quick “resale red” paint job. It’s obvious from the pictures of the front fenders and hood, that not one body line on the car is straight or fitting right. This car probably deserves to be restored, but it’s going take a lot of time and money to make the paint and body right.

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  11. James Martin

    A flipper, why else would you part with this car? This is pretty close to being the holy grail of 70 torinos. He has a white one in the pics on Ebay, so he likes them, so why sell it. Only one made! And no way would the car look like this if it only had less than 30000 miles. Those seats alone says it all. And headliner and door panels all sagging. Come on man fess up and tell the truth. Nice car but hoping to make 10000 dollar killing.

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  12. Comet

    A nice car with tons of potential. But, how does anyone manage to tear a car interior up that badly in just 27000 miles? Perhaps he raised wolf’s. The homemade headlamp covers, yeah……no.

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  13. TimM

    Great car and plenty of power!! The hog leg on the floor really makes it cool!! Didn’t see to many of these with 4 speeds and bench seats!! Such a shame the interior is toast!! I would definitely bring this one back to original!!!

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